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Since so many people here seem shy about "complex" discussions and would love to live in a black and white world as opposed to the HD colour world we live in - I'm going to dumb this question down to it's simplest point.

Show me a verse in the Bible where it says either "women cannot be ordained" or "only men may be ordained".

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AMEN!!! EZRA! We have to be diligent and not read in to what we 'think' it does say. There is a whole book on it- Titus.

This is not appropriate.  It does not matter that it appears you might be attempting humor.  No where in the Bible does it give men the right to go out in public and tell random women to "Shut up!".

Thanks for understanding.  Blessings and prayers,

It does not exist.  =)

Written by a 7th Day Adventist woman. This is my fastest cut to the chase I have found on this topic! Hope it helps!

Androgyny has nothing to do with treating female pastors with the same respect as male pastors are treated. 

And the biblical teaching of headship in the church is that Christ is the head of the church, not any man or woman. And He bestows the gifts of the Spirit as He sees fit. 

Inge hi!  Did you read all 4 pdf's?  Or are you making your statement based on the word "androgyny"? The case is that Satan has been on an all fronts attack on humans ever since he was booted out of heaven.  He has been working hard to blur the differences between men and women, via clothing, and all of the women's rights, women's lib movements etc.  Earrings on men, you get the picture.

The destruction or attack on the family, which designated by God has as it's head the dad, then Christ, then God the Father.  Or... God is the husbandman, Jesus is the vine, and we are the branches  according to Scripture.  It is set up this way.  Satan did not like the way things were set up in heaven and he rebelled (wanted to do it his way) (sinned) and was cast down.  What is happening is a slow but sure process of creeping compromise.  The ole frog in warm water slowing being turned up over the years!  

With Satan  blurring the differences between men and women he has been effectively over the years breaking down the institution of marriage, the family unit, the head of the household, the morality, and so forth! 

The Scriptures tell us that an elder needs to be a good husband.  If we take in the patriarchal system God set up, I believe it is clear that as Ellen White stated our sisters and wives are so hugely needed to raise up the children and teach the family as no man could do.  The Bible is clear that an elder needs to be a good husband, so I believe that would help us to a correct decision, along with no women being pastors in the past, that this is really not a men versus women situation at all, as there are millions of men not able to be elders or pastors either, it is rebellion against God and how His order has been laid out.  This is how I see it scripturally, and historically, and in the sense that this is a mirroring of Satan's dissatisfaction of his appointment behind Jesus, set up from God's authority.

It's not that millions of women can be much better leaders and pastors than men, because I know they can, it is just that it has been set up this way.  If it was not, then why is it now an issue in these end times?

Alexander, there is much truth in the saying that "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing." 

Your understanding is based on a faulty interpretation of Scripture that has crept into the Adventist church via the evangelicals and goes back to the Roman Catholic Church.

The Adventist pioneers knew that male headship theology and a female prophet could not exist in the same church. Thus they renounced male headship rather vigorously.

It is the highest irony that the same male headship arguments are cropping up again in a church that was co-founded by a female prophet.

You ask why it is an issue in these end times? It's because Satan is bent on crippling the remnant church in the end times not only by keeping as many female pastors as possible out of the ministry but also by keeping men from understanding what true male headship is all about in marriage. And marriage is the only context in which male headship was ever taught. A husband is to love His wife with the same self-sacrificing love with which Christ loved the church and gave Himself for us. That's the command for husbands. And any Christian wife will gladly submit to a husband that demonstrates love to her the way Christ demonstrated love to the church. There is not the slightest hint of force involved in such a relationship. 

There is no command anywhere in the Bible that tells husbands to rule over their wives. The fact that men have taken on the role of "kingly power" over their wives was prophesied to Eve. The gospel is to restore the order that was in Eden: Both male and female were equally created in God's image. The closer we come to Christ, the closer we come back to the Edenic ideal.

The idea that all men are to be "head" over all women is simply preposterous! Just imagine (or don't) the chaos that would cause in marriages!!

Our only hope is found in going back to the pure teachings of Jesus Christ, NOT in male headship theology smuggled into the remnant church from other sources. 


You do know they (James and Ellen)  were separated for years, right?

I posted an article here on this (although it is suddenly unlocatable)....and it is very well documented in the EGW Estate and Archives--and known in the SDA Church.  I will keep looking here on AO for it.

When James and Ellen White Separated

Amen!!! preach on Sister Inge, preach the word!

lol the water is boiling and they did not notice ;) because they are cooked. Moral- don't get put IN the pot.


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