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Since so many people here seem shy about "complex" discussions and would love to live in a black and white world as opposed to the HD colour world we live in - I'm going to dumb this question down to it's simplest point.

Show me a verse in the Bible where it says either "women cannot be ordained" or "only men may be ordained".

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agreed Deborah:) we have conservative rebels for God in here vs liberal's corner-it is okay to sin, God excepts you anyway, even if you Don't change, he just sprinkles a little sugar on it ;)

She accepted those credentials with no problem....

Alexander, I'm afraid we have to stick to facts. We know that the word "ordained" was crossed out on two of the extant credentials but we do not know that Sis. White crossed it out. It may well have been church officers who scratched it out, we do not know.

David you've not cut to the chase yet? Please give even one verse that says either "women can be ordained" or "not only men may be ordained". Gal 3:28 and I Cor 12 are not cutting to the chase.

On that basis may I assume that there is no objection to the ordination of children as pastors?

Sorry, seemed to have missed the answer in all the "responses".

Is there any objection to ordaining children or not?

If it is possible for anyone to actually answer the question that would be preferable to another response that just avoids the question.

 but true!! alexander.

DWL, you guys crack me up, wow you all really pause long enough and really listen to yourselves? LOL

Really Marcia, if you think that people are wrong, why are you mocking them. I can't think of a single time when Jesus, or his disciples openly mocked someone for being sincere but wrong.

Shouldn't the starting point be that we have no reason to suppose that anyone is not being sincere?

Unfortunately, these derisory posts (like the OP as well) do more to reveal the spirit in which the person is making them. When one scorns someone in this way there is nothing Christ-like about such behaviour. It is simply the praising of self - perhaps the most unChrist-like way to be.

"You guys"?

Who or what are you referring to? Just another way of avoiding the issue by lumping together any who oppose as "them" and then making derisory comments about "them" so that "us" feel better? Another symptom of the big problem: a failure to address individual concerns and a preference to attack individuals rather than the arguments.

Or, perhaps you agree with Marcia that a Christian response is to laugh in people's faces because they hold a view different from your own? I was engaging with you because I thought you have more integrity than that. If I am wrong I will disengage.

A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger


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