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How long will the little time of trouble last?

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Well If Im not mistaken, Rev 13 deals with it when we wont be able to buy and sell.  That alone is a 'time of trouble'.  The great time of brouble would be after probation is closed on all and right before our Saviour comes. 

I agree its an interesting topic.

Its certainly leading up to it.  I dont have all the verses in front of me.  But there will DEFINTELY be a period of not being to buy or sell.  It will be bad.. but like the gentleman said earlier, God is still with us.  That said, I do recommend country living or anywhere you can grow your own food. 

The period of the latter rain is coming as well....and also the shaking.  (In fact, technically, the shaking has started but will intensify.)

The only think I have a timeline for is the great time of trouble.  Revelation talks about it being an hour (which means 15 days)...  So I was just curious how long the llittle time of trouble would be.


Mark, do you have any thoughts about the placement of the "peace and safety" cry? (i.e. where does it fit in the sequence?)

When you feel that urgency to pray, trust me... its the Holy Spirit.  I am seeing more and more people feeling the need to study.  I don't believe this is by chance.  Even the world seems to be talking about it.  Remember the first chapter of The Great Controversy called The Destruction of Jerusalem?  There was a guy running around in the city (I think for 7 years) yelling about the upcoming destruction...and he was lost in the destruction when it came. Even the theaters have I think FOUR apocalyptic type movies out now.

Colleen, we're close.  But more importantly, we should be living as if we only had today....then leave everything else to Him.  Lets concern ourselves with today's manna, and leave tomorrow's or next week's to Him.

Great question. Lets look at this 'prayerfully' (because He is the one who knows).  First of all we know that 'peace and safety' has been mentioned up to now...especially by leaders.  But we are coming up to a time where it will be cried more, especially by the false teachers.
I found a quote in Inspiration, (It may have been the Aug 26 manuscript):
"All who profess to be the children of God need now to realize that we are living in perilous times: The end of all things is near at hand. The signs are rapidly fulfilling, yet it would seem that but few realize that the day of the Lord is coming swiftly, silently as a thief in the night. Many are saying, Peace and safety. Unless they are watching and waiting for their Lord, they will be taken as in a snare.... "
Another quote:

"Men must be led to inquire with solemn interest, "What shall I do to be saved?" [see Acts 13:30]. False, unfaithful shepherds are crying, "Peace and safety," to soothe the consciences of those who need to be alarmed for their soul's sake. The voice and pen of God's faithful servants must be employed that those who are at ease may be aroused with the warning. "For when they shall cry, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them" [1 Thessalonians 5:3]. None will escape, save those who watch and keep their garments white."

In terms of timeline, I find that the book that comes closest to accuracy is Last Day Events.  I do know that 'peace and safety' is mentioned in the chapter The Close of Probation" which is right before the 7 last plagues and the great time of trouble:

"When ministers, farmers, merchants, lawyers, great men and professedly good men shall cry, Peace and safety, sudden destruction cometh. Luke reports the words of Christ, that the day of God comes as a snare--the figure of an animal prowling in the woods for prey, and lo, suddenly he is entrapped in the concealed snare of the fowler.--10MR 266 (1876)."

I recommend we pray strength; lets pray for each other.  Lets study to show ourselves approved.  It will do two things: a faith based on God's word, and Christ's righteous character through us.  Honestly, its really those two things that get us through.  We need to aim for the perfection mentioned in the Bible. 

Outside the Bible, I highly recommend The Great Controversy.  Even Sis White says that its like a manual for this time.

I think a classic example of "peace and safety" leading directly into "sudden destruction", is given in Daniel 5.

The Medes and the Persians had arrived at Babylon. Cyrus has prepared his "snare" for the city (the earthworks had been accomplished so as to divert the bulk of the river Euphrates), and then of course it was while Babylon was engaged in careless celebration and drunkenness that the city was taken.

Babylon "felt perfectly secure, and laughed defiance at Cyrus and all his forces". (E.J. Waggoner.)

... then bang, it was all over.

I think thats a wonderful example and fits with Last Day Events.  Moreso, there's a great parallel of that Babylon to the Babylon mentioned in Revelation.

Yes indeed. In the 6th plague?

"And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates; and the water thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared." (Rev 16:12)

The kings of the east, of course, parallel Cyrus and the various kings that marched with him against Babylon.

Spiritual Babylon will fall when she feels very secure, and I believe that the breach will come in a way that she [and probably we] don't yet anticipate.

Yes, but I think it gets even deeper than that.  Let me try and find it tonight.  But even the waters (which represent people) had a parallel.

The 1335 ended in 1843 A.D.  The papacy has done a number on the people with all this futurism.

So when, exactly did Daniel "rise to his inheritance"?


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