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as a young single christian, at times i become lonely, what can one do to avoid loneliness?, we study the bible, we have circle of friends, we even become actively involved in the church but still lonely? why?

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Loneliness is a state of mind. It's the mind really that we have to satisfy in order to continue living. There are people who died because of the lack of interests in life. We can use our mind to become happy or we chose to become lonely. Survival is primarily a state of mind. What you think will always be reflected to your daily undertakings.

We cannot avoid being lonely. What is the reason why Eve was created from the ribs of Adam? In Genesis, you can find that God saw Adam was lonely because he was alone. If you are alone, you can experienced loneliness. Before man committed sin, loneliness was Adam's companion. Loneliness was Adam's problem solved by the Lord God. Call upon the Lord in the days of loneliness and HE will answer you in His own term of reference.

How to avoid being lonely? Don't be always alone. Occupy yourself with whatever your hands findeth to do, do it with your might. In everything you do, put your heart into it. Let other people around you be happy with your presence. but do not be over exposed. Put into your mind the admonitions by Saint Paul- think others are more talented and smarter than you- It's just to check your ego. If you are over- exposed and popular, you might be overrun by it. It's another cause of loneliness because you might be looking for their flattering whenever you are alone. We can't avoid being alone sometimes so get used to.
It is an feeling of self. ake comfort from scripture. Even jesus was lonly when he was crucufied, and he looked upon the Father. May be God is preparing His people, through the wildernes journey of loneliness. When His presence is with us we are no longer alone or feel lonely.

Where your treasure is ther your mind be...
Well, loneliness can be a sign or one of the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or depression. Even christians can be sad, lonely, or depressed sometimes. However, someone with prolonged feeling of loneliness (2-4 weeks) needs to assessed or evaluated by a health professional.
Treatment for SAD or depression could include prayer (faith, hope, forgiveness, acceptance, christian activities), cognitive behavioural therapy, medications, light therapy, appropriate diet, and increased involvement in social, physical, recreational activities. A comprehensive evaluation could reveal the reason (s) for your loneliness.
Reading your other comments, if you have lost a loved one or a spouse you may still be grieving which can take months or years to get over. Loneliness, a symptom of depression, is one of the stages of grieving. It's normal to be depressed when grieving, but be careful of prolonged feeling of loneliness. You may need to go against the feelings of loneliness or isolation, and push yourself to engage activities that you enjoy in order to break the chain of loneliness (be with other people, exercise more, do outdoor activities, read fun books). Be also hopeful. Remarriage is an option. Let the Lord lead you.
what u've mentioned make a lot of sense, however i lost my husband 3 years ago, why cant i get over it? do u think the reason im unable to move on or remarry is because im still grieving? why this long ?
Most people by 3 years get over the depression stage of grief. The feeling lonely, feeling sad and depressed, lost interest in routine activities, trouble sleeping, lack of appetite or over eating, wanting to isolate oneself, worries a lot about various things, racing thougths, difficulty concentration or focusing, less productive academically or vocationally, feeling tired with low energy, all these symptoms of depression if you had them should have been gone in months or one or two years.
If you're still having the above symptoms, you may need to talk to a mental health professional, if could your local pastor if he is qualified, your doctor, a psychologist, a mental health therapist, Your doctor could be the point of access to evaluate you and tell you if you are still depressed from the loss. She/he could advise you or refer you to a therapist for cognitive therapy. Some cases with major depression need some medication sometimes on a short term basis. But depression from grief can be treated with cognitive therapy without having to take medications.

Oftentimes, this is how depression works. You get a lot of chronic negative emotions and negative thoughts from the loss. The negative thoughts cause you to have negative feelings. The negative feelings cause you to feel sad, lonely, depressed. The negative feelings cause you to be depressed. Cognitive therapy could help you to control the negative emotions and the negative thoughts. Plus an increase in activities such as exercises, doing things that you enjoy could help you to get over the depression. Not that you will forget the loss. but you will be able to control the emotions and thoughts if or when they come to your mind. The thoughts will have less an affect on you.
Continue to pray for the power of the Holy Spirit, for strength, for faith, for guidance. Since you are also human, you may need to seek professional help if you can't get over it. There is no shame in seeking help.
Hi Sister, Blessings to you. I lost a close family member several years ago. It came as a shock and I found my self depressed for several years after that even though I didn't know what it was at the time. I know it takes time to heal from a loss. Just remember that Jesus Loves you and knows how you are feeling. It is good that you recognize the problem. Spend time with good wholesome friends and get involved with children. This really helped me. Realize that the pain of losing him will not ever go totally away even when you do chose to remarry. When we get to heaven then all of our tears and scars will be healed. Sometimes when a certain song is sung in church or we are eating a certain food the pain comes back. But the blessed hope of Christ's return and our loved ones being raised to life again has been such a comfort to me and my family. May God bless you and strengthen you through this difficult time.
thank u my sister, may God continue to bless u
Dear Lebo
Study to know what the present truth is and share it and you will not be lonely. We need a cause to fight for; and purpose to be at the cutting edge. Truth is unpopular, always has been, always will be but it alone saves us. The judgment of the dead has been present truth since 1844 but it can't be present truth forever. Sooner or later sister White says it will come to the cases of the living; us. This is the most important part of the judgment. It involves God having a triumphant church with which to lighten the earth with His glory; the Ten Commandments of love; His character. See PK 725, 1T-189.2, EW-34, 63.
Also you can do a search for "Investigative Judgment for the living soon to begin". Hope this helps your life become more exciting and less lonley. May God richly bless your house with understanding, and joy and peace and love for our wonderful church family and whole world. We are to sow beside all waters.
loneliness is a sometimes normal feeling which we all go through its becoz we always need to be reassured that somebody esteems us more than we esteem ourselves.even married couples also feel lonely, did you know? its only God who can deal with loneliness matthew was create for companionship with both God and man but sin distorted that such that even when you have found the perfect match, you can still feel lonely. so its how we handle lonliness that matters the most
Right outside your door, is a whole earth full of people that are lonely some or most of the time.
When you start becoming lonely, reach out and help someone else with their loneliness;
if you are by yourself, cry out to God, and he will give you all the love you can hold. Don't let go of Him until
you are filled. Jacob understood this also Genesis 32:22-32
Love to you, my sister :)


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