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"Victims often have very strong feelings and emotional ties to their abusers. Often the abusers are seemingly overcome with “guilt,” and apologize profusely, proclaiming their love and commitment; thus making it even more difficult to walk away. Sometimes cultural or religious beliefs influence a woman’s decision to stay with their abuser. Victims often stay because of fear—fear for the safety of their children, fear of homelessness, fear of breaking up their homes, and fear for their lives. Sadly, most domestic violence homicides usually occur after a woman has fled—with 30 percent of female homicides taking place at the hands of a husband or boyfriend."


Love Shouldn't Hurt

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ABSOLUTELY RIGHT, thanks for posting some great points; from lots of personal experience it's very true.

 I not going to let this end just yet  their is more that needs to be defined. Psalms 139 just stated those that be dangerous are those that can quote scriptures backwards and forwards well that leaves me out  in part .  I not wanting anyone to bEnd  to what  I THINK SCRIPTURES STATES  NOR BE THE HOLY SPIRIT .

What  i hate is those that state God told me to do this when scriptures show otherwise and if God speaks to us by what is written will he tell someone in their dream or when they  pray to do something other then what he has written?.  my peave is also  against those that say  a-men that is true and this is true  but refuse  to follow this action themselves  later .

 it is like  I FORGET WHAT  i SAY I was just  caught up in the moment and it not really something I am willing to go along with for it too big a sacrifice on my part,  MAYBE  In my imperfections and  my disobediance I expect God to work miracles in others lives just because   I see the truth but have a hard time following all that  I know is true.

 I know when  i read this backwards it does not seem right but nevertheless things in our lifes experiance  are not always according to how we should act as a loving child of the Most High,, natural and even super natural events are at work and if we give in or give up  we may neve know what could of been  if only i had??????

you've got a shot!


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