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I find myself making an impression to be another person when I submit and exam for a friend (I act to be the person I submit for). Getting something for someone at the post office I also tend to act to be them. After I have thought its like lying, would you agree? If yes do you think its neccessary to go back and ask for forgiveness? Most likely Ill meet someone else there working in the post office, and I dont even remember who was working when I came... But if I remember who, then would I need to go back to that spesific person? Sometimes Ive also admitted to be the name of the other when the staff asked. I want to stop it, but wonder how to become righteous from the root...

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Repentance is more about changing a behavioral pattern than it is dealing with individual acts.  It will also be important to remember that these acts you have described have numerous victims, and not just the person you lied to directly.  God requires that all judgment have an element of mercy to it.  The Babylonian system and its subjects rarely judge with mercy, and since it appears you have repented and placed this matter in God's hands it is up to him to decide what level of discipline is necessary.  While it is not impossible that God expects you to submit to Babylonian punishment (there is very little discipline in the penalties Babylon imposes, and without the teaching and mercy factors these penalties are punishment, not discipline) it is not very likely that God expects this of you.  You are already seeing and acknowledging the error of your ways and seeking to correct them.

Here are things you must consider.  You have not given enough detail to know the precise level of the wrong doing you have done in either of these two examples.  Taking a test under someone else's name is at the least academic fraud.  There is seldom a criminal penalty for this, but the academic institution can punish both you and the person whose test you took, and that person at the very least is likely to fail the course as a result.  If they feel the problem is egregious enough both of you can be expelled.  If this is a test for a government or other certification body the matter can be prosecuted as a felony.  The professional license of all involved can be suspended or even revoked (meaning you can never be licensed in that field again; and you may also be barred from being licensed in other fields as well.)  These are very serious consequences and unless and until you have retained a good lawyer it would be unwise to confess publicly to this unless God reveals that he requires this of you.  In addition to professional or academic censure you could also be charged with identity theft.  I don't know where you are located, but in the US you could also be charged with identity theft, a felony with criminal penalties.  I do not know the penalty for this, but I suspect you could face prison time if they chose to charge you in this way.  Then again, what you have done may not be considered that serious.  I am only giving worst case scenarios since you gave no real details.

The matter with the post office may or may not be less problematic.  For most postal transactions the addressee can send any agent they desire to pick up the mail that has not yet been delivered, or anyone at the address may sign for it.  In this case you should use your own name, but there probably would not be any penalties for having claimed to be someone else if there is no theft involved.  This would even include signing for certified letters.  However, if the mail is registered, only the addressee may sign for it.  In that case the person at the counter of the post office is supposed to ask you for a picture ID.  In this case pretending to be someone else is mail fraud, a serious felony that can result in prison time.  For it to work you would also have to have a convincing false ID, something I doubt you have and I doubt you used.  So here I would say it is simply something that does not matter much in the big scheme of things.  Next time you pick up mail or purchase other postal services for a friend use your own name.  They worst that can happen is they tell you that you are not authorized to do this and tell you what is necessary for you to act as your friend's agent in this case, or if no one can act as your friend's agent.

Ok, thank you Mr Myron! Its like they dont ask for ID if I manage to convince them thats "its me" even when they should have. And about the exams, we have something called "home exam". That means we write an essay as described in the exam at home and submit the papers in an office at a spesific hour. My friend wrote the exams herself, only I submitted them that hour cause she was working. About the babylonian punishment I never heard of it before, but I think I got the idea. So I think my lying was less "severe", but the Bible says; if you stumble in one command you have broken them all... James 2, 10. So I was wondering how to start that strait righteous path again without jumping over the necessities....

Sounds to me like you did no wrong in this case.  As for "Babylonian" punishment, Babylon is the world system that has been in place since the days of Daniel and Nebuchadnezzar.  The image takes its name from its head, just as the church takes its name from its head (Jesus Christ).  So the entire image is a Babylonian system.  I just didn't know which subdivision of that system you live in, nor does it matter much.  They all answer the the Mystery Babylon head.

Yes, if you stumble in one commandment you have broken them all, and that is really quite easy to prove.  However, God also teaches that the punishment must fit the crime.  That is the true meaning of eye for an eye.  The standard restitution is 200%, but God also makes arrangements for mercy (120% restitution if you confess) and for stealing something that causes additional loss of income (500% restitution for the theft of an ox -- in other words your tractor).  Furthermore, Jesus took the penalty for all our debts upon himself, and is much more concerned with repentance than with restitution.  Even if he required some restitution to bring you to repentance, or to teach you to be honest in the future, he also shows mercy and forgives much, if not all, the debt once there is true repentance.  I'd say your contrition for these acts has probably fulfilled his requirements. 

The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise.  Psalm 51:17

Hehehehehe... My suggestion is not to do that again. If you have to do something for another person, let it be in a right way, get the agreement letter and sign by both parties, if it bothers them to make it officially for you then don't do that favor to them. God bless you, Nina.

Ya, will do that! ;)

yes you have the answer if your conscience has pricked you its lying...ask God for wisdom in dealing with it


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