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Is it wrong to marry someone outside our religion???Or may be you dont share the same traditions?

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Not wrong but the chances of backsliding the truth is of high percentage. What about the children..which faith are they? That's why Paul writes in his epistle "Do not yoke with them..."
There is good reason to be 'equally yoked'. Many good reasons. The Bible is wise enough to suggest this.
Why are Steven and Evelyn agreeing that it is not wrong, while in the same breath, saying, "but the chances of backsliding the truth is of high percentage" and "but it is bound to have problems". Both statements are internally inconsistent. They are really saying that 'it is wrong' because....
What makes it wrong is that the two persons, having vowed to become one, are now headed off in opposite directions, at different speeds on several issues, that are non negotiable, since they are matters of faith.
One, or both is bound to compromise and lead to frustration.
Marriages that are most likely to succeed are those that have the fundamentals in common. Egs of these are:- religion, education, culture, race, wealth, interests,etc.
Paul was addressing a faith issue, so he spoke to conviction. The others are equally important to the success of the marriage since 'man' is multidimentional and can experience enough trauma in any of these area to put sufficient pressure on the union, to cause it to come apart/dissolve
That is why GOD said, through Paul that we should not do it.
Even God instructed Hosea to marry a harlot in Hosea 3:1 for an object lesson to be taught...Is God wrong in instructing Hosea to marry a pagan harlot ...
I think you answered your own question. It was just what you said--an object lesson. God wasn't wrong. He deliberately did what He did to teach a very pressing lesson. And didn't that show us what it can be like to be so unequally yoked? Look at what Hosea went through after he married Gomer. Proves the point perfectly.
im a catholic, and my boyfriend is an adventist, at first it is so hard to have a commitment with him, but eventually i get used to your beliefs and doctrines, i also go with him at church most of the time.. i loved him so much and i learned to love sda's.. im not that active religiously but i have a strong faith in Him.. the problem is when we talk about marriage we always argue with it, i dont want to leave the faith that i grown up since birth besides it willl be so hard for me to do it, my family will disagree and im afraid that il just violate your doctrines.. but if i dont do that our long and serious relationship will be shattered.. i dont wanna lose him.. it is so hard to stick with a person that im not sure that i can be with till the end because of our religion..
Sounds like you should each go the way you feel is the truth. Don't let religion destroy your marriage. The marriage is the most important. And following what you feel is truth is also very important.
Based on the other testimonies I've seen in this thread, I can't help but say that you really should think long and hard before going into marriage with someone you don't share beliefs with. If the arguments have started even before you have walked down the isle, imagine what it will be like once the vows have been said. Your feelings are strong and you want to hold on, but, it would be best to follow what the Word of God says and not be unequally yoked.
Sorry for getting involved in this discussion so late.
If you think that things are 'bad' now, with the 'fights', you haven't seen anything yet.
When the charade of courtship is over (no apologies) and the rubber hits the road. When you two begin to stare reality in the face and have to deal with all those bills every day. When the challenges of life assail your marriage and you want to recoil to your comfort zone(s), will you be in the same place (together)?
Marriage is the human experience that will bring you closest to heaven or hell, while you sojourn on this earth. Before you plunge into it, THINK CAREFULLY about the social, economic, emotional, religious,physical etc. implications that will result from your choice of mate.
Your happiness and peace DEPEND on it.
Can two walk together except they agree?

Excellent advice Sam. Thanks.
i have been married to a non-adventist for 26 years. the first 15 years he was not tolerant of me being spiritual, which he then proceeded to be with people he was comfortable with (smokers, card-players, etc..) i was alone much of the time.
during this time, we had 3 children. they were in church with me and at every church function we had. they went through sda church school and academy, were baptized.
two have become adults, they no longer keep sabbath, they smoke like their father, and follow after the world.
now my husband comes to church every once in a while, but believes since he is basically good, he has a shot at going to heaven, even though this is not what the bible says. yes, my faith is stronger, but my house is not a piece of heaven, it is a battleground where every day, every moment, i need the Lord to keep me from temptation.
our last child is 15. she still comes to church with me, and i homeschool her. she loves the Lord, and i pray it will last forever.
that is my life. is this what you want for yours? Love to you, kim :)
THANK U KIM FOR THIS TESTIMONY .. it was very enriching . I been a 7th day adventist for 28 years n I also have seen many that have married out of their faith and most have left the church , unfortuniately our nature is bent on sinning and it is easy to get distracted too and lose out because we neglect the truth and our spiritual life is non existant or at the very least look warm.. .
.Look many times those we meet outside our religion will put on um a act or appearance of change ok? The heart ,aka,, the mind , though is basically unchanged and as soon as trials occour off they go. I know a 7th day that married a muslim (albeit } he is not a one that fully is involved with it.. and she had 4 children . // all of her children ages 11 thru 17? chose for themselves the adventist faith maybe because the mom is so submissive to their father in love. . she done moved to another state and I have not seen them but i know the kids a s best they can now will be faithful. ..It be Rare yes God is abundant in Grace n loving mercy.


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