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What do you think about "Marriage in the New Earth?"

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Mum told Little Mary not to open the cover, she is on her way to Market and will be back soon. Little Mary is left alone in the house. Why should Mum tell me not to open this cover? I wonder what is in it? Since Mum is staying longer, let me just open quickly and see. As soon as Mary opened, A RAT JUMPED OUT AND RAN AWAY.  Aha, I am in trouble, she says, She closed the cover back...but couldn't get the rat. When mum returned, she opened the cover and said Mary, WHY DID YOU OPENED? Mary confessed.....


CURIOSITY!!!! It is nice to think out of the box.. but let us beware that we will give ACCOUNT for everything, either good or bad. Man always want to know about the future, I just discovered that, almost everyone that saw vision about heaven (both Bible Times and Now)) described heaven differently. Deteur 29:29. What God wanted us to know, He has revealed to us through the Prophets. EVERY SECRET THING BELONG TO GOD. So, I will hold fast  TO WHAT JESUS SAID ABOUT MARRIAGE. Since I am still single, If Jesus comes today and I am not yet marry, I dont think, it will be a lost on my part.  I BELIEVE THAT GOD HAS IN STORE SOMETHING BETTER THAN MARRIAGE.

people dont stick to their pertners



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