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In the lesson study for this Quarter, the author posit that that there were two messianic prophecies, and that the first century Jewish Messianic expectation was one-sided. Can this argument be substantiated? Are there two Messianic prophecies? If it is found that there isn't two messianic prophecies and that Jesus had not fulfill any of the prophecies given by God, would you give up the Christian walk, or would you continue to have a relationship with God and look for Jesus to come? How do you reason.

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Garth this is Christianity 101...

Unlike Christianity, Moslems have no messiah. Moslems have a similar story that Abraham offering his son although the Moslems make it Ishmael while Jews and Christians have it, Isaac. A false religion with a false god and a false sacrifice for sin cannot compare to the true Messiah of the Judeo Christian religion. 

If you study the Christian Bible you will find that Jesus will come twice first as the Man of sorrow and second as the King of Kings Christ defeated the Devil first at the cross and at the second coming as the King. Satan will meet his ultimate end in the lake of fire.    

As we have discussed before where you think Moslems can go to heaven by their own good works. In the Christian Bible we find that we must believe in Christ to obtain salvation!

Elijah said, "Moslems have no messiah."

This is not quite correct. The Messiah is referred to 11 times in 9 verses of the Qur'an and 3 times the Messiah is referred to specifically as Jesus and another 5 times he is referred to as the son of Mary. The phrase in Arabic, Isa' al-Masih, means: Jesus the Messiah or Jesus the Anointed. 

However, it is correct to say that most Muslims do not understand what the term al-Masih means and therefore are ignorant of the fact that the Qur'an proclaims that Jesus is the Messiah. Particularly when talking to non-Arabic speaking Muslims the complaint is often voiced that there are words in the Qur'an that they do not understand (as they are Arabic words) and al-Masih is a commonly quoted example.

So, in fact, that the Qur'an does clearly mention the Messiah and therefore there is a Messiah in Islam. We need to point this out to Muslims and introduce them to the Messiah of the Gospels.

That's a good and interesting thing to point out JohnB.   A lot of Muslims I speak to will acknowledge that Jesus exist within their religion. However, they seem to simply view him as a good Muslim prophet.  They also discuss him with less reverence than Muhammad which seems to indicate they aren't aware or don't correlate him to the isa' al-Masih (new translation to me) reference in their Quran.

Despite that it gives me hope the message of Jesus Christ will find a place in all of their hearts over the angry Muslim clerics and religious leaders that would rather incite some of their believers to violence when things like Muhammad's name or character is presented in a way they view as disrespectful.

Rabbittroup said, "They also discuss him with less reverence than Muhammad"

A piece of sad truth there, Rabbittroup. Jesus is actually the greatest of the prophets of Islam and the only one who the Qur'an says did not sin. 

Muslims are challenged as to whether they can create even a fly and are told that the created is not like the creator. Yet, at the same time they are told that Jesus creates life, heals lepers, restores sight to the blind and raises the dead, all of which is "a sign to the believers".

A sign of what? That Jesus (Isa') is "kalimatullah", the Word of God. This is why they are told that the Bible is corrupt (something the Qur'an does not say - in fact it says the opposite) so that they do not read it (something which the Qur'an tells them they should do).

If Muslims followed what the Qur'an says they would become seventh-day Sabbath-keeping followers of Jesus. Sadly, they follow their priests instead.

Thanks, JohnB for your comment Yes I have heard that there is a messiah for the Moslems, but the average Muslim clearly do not know this as they are convinced that the only thing that can get them to heaven is their good works. And as we know the cross is not the central part of the Quran as it is in the Bible. with the exception for the sacrifice of Ishmael the son of works by Abraham. As we Know Muhamad wrote the Quran with the help of a Catholic monk that may have guided him in some respects, as it seems the monk did not care that Ishmael was substituted for Isaack, the son of Promise was substituted for the son of works. 


Greetings brethren,

From my perspective, when I assess the biblical passages when I assess some gospels and the verses that the authors of these attempted to use to show that Jesus was the Messiah to come, brethren it really not looking good. In the Sundays lesson of last week what caught my eye is the use of Isaiah 53, which when assess has nothing to do with Jesus, and more problematic is when the lesson author use the story of the two disciples on Emmaus. As such, this is what I call the dark side of the Bible that God has work miraculously in not letting Christian followers who are steep in the faith be expose to. As such, given this dark side, will it affect you negatively, or would you continue,as the Jews do, turn to God - serve Him, and await for when His Son is coming to fulfill what is said the Messiah would do. For me and from the evidence produced, though the information was hard at first, I am going with the latter.

As we have said many times spiritual things are spiritually discern. You said: from ''from my prospective...'; ' I assess' etc. 

So you don't believe in the Bible ? 

Hi Jason not all segments of it. I look to glean and apply principles as God shown from it. However, my brother what do you mean that spiritual things are spiritually discern in respect to the subject matter.

Garth what you need to understand is that the Same Spirit that Guided the writers of the Bible is also needed to understand those writings. That is why we should pray to God to guide us in understanding what we read in the Bible. As we have seen on posts you have made here it is clear that the Holy Spirit does not guide you in your understanding of what the bible says what so ever. 

But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. 1 Corinthians 2:14

you cannot understand the Bible 

Ok gentlemen, help me to understand this fact made by the Bible authors. It is said that Jesus would resurrect on the third day. Jesus was buried before Sabbath, rose Sunday morning, and the third day he was taking a 7 mile journey with two of disciples. How do you reason that case? Does one have to be in God's Spirit to understand this situation, when it is clearly stated in black and white? 

I am cognizant of the fact that God's Spirit came upon the prophets to speak, warn His people to repent and turn to the living God, who is the giver of life and creator of all things seen and unseen. For Jehovah alone deserves worship and honour.  Well look forward to hear from you all.


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