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The news had a special bulletin on the passing away of Micheal Jackson...

"...Pop icon Michael Jackson died Thursday after being rushed to the hospital after suffering cardiac arrest. Jackson, 50, was taken from his Los Angeles home to UCLA Medical Center where doctors worked for more than an hour to try to resuscitate him,..."

..yet other than a few songs, what will he be remembered for, with so much promise in youth what did he do with the talent he had, with so much influence and money what did he accomplish?

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Michael, from his very tender youth, achieved stardom, fame and greatness, as an entertainer; without question.
As eccentric as he may have been, there were people around the globe who were seeking to emulate his every action. He was an industry leader, par excellence.
Given his peculiar circumstances of upbringing, we understand somewhat, his idiosyncrasies and his multiple attempts to retrieve his youth.
If one is not unreservedly submitted to God, all the talent in the world can at best bring us fame. Michael is world renown as an entertainer-- singer/dancer. He was the king of popular music; and did he sit on his throne.
I get the sense that you are probing into the eternal issues. Everyone, of course will have an opinion based on their limited knowledge. God alone, in the final analysis, will be able to make a just pronouncement. I am able to offer no more.
Yes, God is the Supreme Judge.
I agree with Samuel comment, ..... we are always ready to judge but the last say is always with the relationship that person have with God and I guess we will never know.
He'll be remembered in many different ways I'm sure. For the most part, now, it seems people will try to remember him for the "better" things. Great talent for a long time. I can only imagine with as dedicated as he was, as I've heard mentioned, if he had focused his efforts in the church instead of secular music.. and that that global effect instead. Woulda been nice huh.. But hey, like all have said so far, God does have the final word.

One thing I do think though, is that I think this is getting WWAAAAAAAAAYYYY too much attention. The coverage, the comments by people everywhere.. I think its very unecessary and greatly exaggerated, the focus on him.. who no longer exists. There is so much more going on. This in a way is showing to for many, be another distraction.
Well, that's expected. The media is going to keep the news going for a while.
This is pretty much the same way I see it too. As well as how Godsqueen put it.
True we are in no position to condemn, it is not our job to do that and there is much warning against judging others. Matthew 7 is a good example of that. I do think some good advice is being given. Michael may be among those in heaven, or he may not be... when Jesus returns, it will be seen.

As for the question of "what did he accomplish".. we've seen good and well, not so good. I'ma say this though, to the fans of Michael's. Michael is no more, but his music is not going anywhere. His influence, lyrics, style is still gonna be around, and personally, I believe that is something to be very careful about.. maybe even something thats better to simply avoid and not surround yourself with. Am I judging..... NO. But it is written:

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. -Philippians 4:8

I feel for the family. A loss like this is never easy. Be very.... VERY careful as to what you allow in your life, generally speaking, including myself.
I am going to miss him.
Soriya, why would u miss him? what did u like in him that was so representative of the life of Christ? Do you remember what Jesus said about winning the admiration of the whole world and yet losing one's soul? How can we for a moment think that God was pleased with his demeanor, his dancing, his music, his lifestyle? The Bible says that what the world esteems so highly is an abomination to God. So let us be discerning. Personally I believe he was inspired and gifted by the enemy of all righteousness to lead the youth to worship that which they know not!

Brother, I think he is talented, but I never did pay so much attention to him. I don't know if he did anything for God. I will miss him, the more positive things about him.
One thing I like about this church is that it gives me closure on death. I think it is mentally devastating for the families of the decease to not know where their love ones are going.
I like the song "Heal the world" (Written and composed) by Michael Jackson ;-D
What about his drug use, and behaviour with children, does his music excuse or give him a pass on that..?


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