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The news had a special bulletin on the passing away of Micheal Jackson...

"...Pop icon Michael Jackson died Thursday after being rushed to the hospital after suffering cardiac arrest. Jackson, 50, was taken from his Los Angeles home to UCLA Medical Center where doctors worked for more than an hour to try to resuscitate him,..."

..yet other than a few songs, what will he be remembered for, with so much promise in youth what did he do with the talent he had, with so much influence and money what did he accomplish?

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Hello my friends..... I just wanted to say that he was a Professional Music Artist !!
Michael Jackson ……… "We Are the World."

We Are the World." Most of Americans were never that crazy about the song, We Are the World", but at the time most Americans didn't know where Africa was either ! ! I don't think Michael Jackson understood the issues, the politics and economics; it didn't interest him, but when he was asked to help, he did. He helped curb the Hunger that took place in Africa in the 80’s.

He also was currently supporting 36 Charities World Wide , which no one is talking about at this time……………….Granted he was not a perfect Model Citizen in Society, but he did make some " Great Humanitarian Contributions around the WORLD" ……..
Thanks for mentioning this Em. The world knows everything about Michael's wrong doings but little about the things that he did right. He did support some charities.
What do u think the Bible means when it clearly says that even if someone gives ALL HIS POSSESSIONS to the poor, if he does not have the love (righteousness of Christ) formed within him, it is all in vain, it profits him nothing. 1 Cor.13:3.

As far as I know Michael Jackson was no follower of Christ. If he had been he would not have lived the way he did.

We must be careful here not to think or teach that the rich and famous will make it to heaven just because they have given millions to the needy, to charities.

That will count for nothing in the day of reckoning and if anyone thinks of attributing merits fo anything they do for the salvation of the soul, they will be accused of treason before God's tribunal. Only the merits of Christ will be recognized as it is written, "God accepts us through the merits of His Son." A.A.333.

Right on Joan.
My thoughts exactly.

Well, to be quite honest with you, we as Christians have to give some respect to the Family of this person in a Christ like manner. We are to always remember that your (our) Salvation is a Private & most Sacred choice that one makes.
So far as anybody passing Judgment on ones Spiritual Walk & the last breath choices that a person makes no man, has the Right to Judge. We are to not be so Judgmental of People even though they may have lived a Worldly Life. No one on this Earthly planet can Judge Truly what one mans walk with GOD has been……………..

Chap. 3 - Individual Responsibility and Christian Unity. SP Testimonies to the CHURCH (1907) & Gospel Workers, Pg. 445

To every church I would bear the message that man is not to exalt his own Judgment, Meekness and lowliness of heart will lead men to desire counsel at every step.

"Let us diligently cultivate the pure principles of the gospel of Christ,--the religion, not of self-esteem, but of love, meekness, and lowliness of heart. Then we shall love our brethren, and esteem them better than ourselves. Our minds will not dwell on scandal and flying reports. ["GOSPEL WORKERS," PP. 445] {SpTB09 35.3}
This isn't about judging the motives of anyone. We are talking about trying the spirits, "you shall know them by their fruits," trying their teachings, their lifestyles, as we are admonished to do.

Hello let me explain exactly what was meant. As a Musical Genius there is Respect due to him as a Human Being. Just like Quincy Jones, James Brown ,Ella Fitzgerald,Marvin Gaye & a number of many more. We can all say he had this problem or he had that……. Also I'm pretty familiar with the Video he “Sold his Soul to Rock & Roll”, so there’s no need for me to look at that Video!!!. I just hope you have learned something from it.
You can also say that about almost all of the Actors. He added another Dimension to the Musical Entertainment Field back in the 70's 80' & 90's.Especially for Minority Entertainers. We can all just set back & point out things that may have not been handled in the correct manor in LIFE (Fault Finding). I can tell you one thing for sure His MUSIC will be here for a LONG TIME. We need to give some closure & respect to the Jackson Famiy at this time.
Also you must also consider that all types of WORSHIP Services/Music that incorporates “Drums, Guitars, Drama & Plays” are not Orchestrated by the Devine Angels either. Why do so many of the SDA CHURCHES want to have Celebration WORSHIP Services every SABBATH? Now we have a New Topic to Discuss!!!
God gives everyone talents, and how they use it is what makes the difference. At least Elvis made it a point to sing some of his gospel songs that he loved..
Everyone has a vice that evil can use to bring them down, that one is not one of mine..
Gabriel, you are merely philosophying. What is the good of that? Christianity is what we need. The Holy Spirit can make us Christians. He can enable us to live the life of Christ. Do you not believe that? Of course you don't believe that! Yet it is written,

"Jesus revealed no qualities and exercised no powers that men may not have through faith in Him. His perfect humanity is that which all His followers may possess if they will be in subjection to God as He was." D.A.664.

This is the Bible standard. This is what we, through our connection with Jesus, are aiming for, nothing less.

There is nothing impossible to God.

Well said my brother, thank you for letting us know about"As God has shown us by turning stone to bread" Which God did not. God bless
Theres a song w/ those lyrics? I mean I recall the song somewhat but wow.. Honestly I never cared all that much for the tings pertaining to Michael Jackson, and now??? much... much less.

Btw, Ian, do u mind if I repost that somewhere else?


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