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The news had a special bulletin on the passing away of Micheal Jackson...

"...Pop icon Michael Jackson died Thursday after being rushed to the hospital after suffering cardiac arrest. Jackson, 50, was taken from his Los Angeles home to UCLA Medical Center where doctors worked for more than an hour to try to resuscitate him,..."

..yet other than a few songs, what will he be remembered for, with so much promise in youth what did he do with the talent he had, with so much influence and money what did he accomplish?

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This Reply at the Beginning of this BLOG Described it all for us.
Reply by Samuel on June 26, 2009 at 5:21am
Michael, from his very tender youth, achieved stardom, fame and greatness, as an entertainer; without question.
As eccentric as he may have been, there were people around the globe who were seeking to emulate his every action. He was an industry leader, par excellence.
Given his peculiar circumstances of upbringing, we understand somewhat, his idiosyncrasies and his multiple attempts to retrieve his youth.
If one is not unreservedly submitted to God, all the talent in the world can at best bring us fame. Michael is world renown as an entertainer-- singer/dancer. He was the king of popular music; and did he sit on his throne.
I get the sense that you are probing into the eternal issues. Everyone, of course will have an opinion based on their limited knowledge. God alone, in the final analysis, will be able to make a just pronouncement. I am able to offer no more.
Oh please stop this nonsense, will u?

Enough incense offered on Lucifer's altar.

What one may call "popular" music is nothing but Satan's worship.

Brother Sky, the truth hurts my friend. Why when someone dies, they think they may,or will go to Heaven?
Michael Jackson did not use his talents to Glorify God,but himself. Yes, I know God is the final judge.
I liked the guy,especially his love songs when he was a boy.Jesus is coming very soon, we all have to make our calling and election sure. The bottom line is, if you are not worshipping God, then one is serving Satan.
I am a Michael Jackson fan, but I have to speak the truth,he was no saint
I hear you brother. Thanks for that. But how could u be a fan of his if what he did could only be incense on Lucifer's altar? especially the last 20 years of his life?

back to you brother,

What I meant to say my dear brother, that I use to be a fan of Michael Jackson. He was Lucifer's puppet as far as I'm concerned. We need more trumpet blowers like you my brother. You speak the plain truth. Keep standing up for Jesus. God bless you and keep up the good work brother Sky.
In ourselves we are sinners but in Christ we are righteous.

Amen my brother, we are covered with Christ's robe of Righteousness
Yes. When He covers us with His Robe .... even though our life is one of evil works ... HE counts us as righteous. Yes. IN Christ we are counted as righteous.
Raquel, love your scriptures, we need to read the word and not our OPINIONS, let me also add 2 Timothy 3:1-5.
We have an individual responsibility since "you cannot have an inclination to come to Him unless He sets in motion influences and impresses His Spirit upon the human mind." F.W.73. This is true of every one who is born into this world for "If there is a man upon the face of the earth who has any inclination toward God, it is because of the many influences that are set to work to bear upon his mind and heart." F.W.73.

It is true that those to whom the precious light of truth has been revealed should by the grace of God present it to others but if we neglect the opportunities to continue in our search for truth, and reject any ray of light presented to us, the responsibility of our being lost will lie at our own door.

Exactly and exactly to Raquel and Jeff.
well he accomplished by being first human who went throu all three culture , creed from blk amercian at young age to white and ending to be islamic well now cause he moved on well he be rich still with all photo scoops etc well hey shows that been famous aint all cracked up to be


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