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This board is unique in its design and can be frustrating to use, but for this purpose the set-up is close to perfect.  :)

The subject is, The Imagination of God Heaven

The idea is to associate whatever comes to mind when thinking of that.

For me, the next would be the Angels which surround the throne of God.

Then there would be lines shooting off in various directions for all of our great God's creation.

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i love this!

this so cool

i went to the websight

i dont know why i thought it was too complicated



u picked quite a topic!

the imagination of GOD



im thinking of


before eternity past

just before HE creates the very first thing

just the three of the


loving and loving and holding each other in eternity

just looking into each others eyes

embracing each other

for zillions and zillions of years

and like a husband and wife

wanting to expand that love

needing to share what they have

it will require sacrifice

the GOD FAMILY who for eternity held each other with unfathomable love

and now something is set in motion

 ONE is going to be ripped from the other TWO

once they create the first being

what are you on about? I don't get the fun.... Lol. I'm always careful when i read anything you post! Since your mind works alone.
Teresa, blessings.
Let me be clear with you. There was a long discussion about evolution, and you were on about the fact that God did not break the natural law. He used an earth quake to destroy the walls of Jerico. So i got the idea that you are lost, and you need help. You said God used evolution to create the world. You went on ahead to call people unlearned in your church, since they believe in God. I want to tell you that the things you post are seen by millons of people. And some of these things unsetle the faith of some, even though they are not commenting. You only take what you like from SOP. You see yourself as intelligent to a point where you think of yourself as supreme. So when i see anything you post, i first want to know why? You hate Walter Veith with a passion since he disprove many of your evolution theories. And you also plant it in the mind of others, when you have not done even half the work he has done. If i may ask, how many people have you won for christ? So my being carefull is the result of your work. So now you think you know the mind of God? Wow. What blasphemy!!! You can't even explain your body. How your brain is able to store information... Yet you are telling us about the mind of God? So forgive me for being carefull. A little leaven, leavens the whole lump. This is the picture i have of you.

Teresa, grace and peace.

Joh 8:17  It is also written in your law, that the testimony of two men is true. 

Deu 19:15  One witness shall not rise up against a man for any iniquity, or for any sin, in any sin that he sinneth: at the mouth of two witnesses, or at the mouth of three witnesses, shall the matter be established. 

Please allow me to be a second witness to Paul's post as I give a resounding AMEN !!!!!


she needs a lot of help. May the God of heaven open your eyes that you may see. No one hates you, I just hate highways to hell. And you seem to provide. Knowledge is not found in erring mortals like you and I, but only can you find it in God.

This last series of comments break our Site Rules and Guidelines many times in many ways. This is not acceptable behavior. It is unbecoming to Christians and is not Christ-like. We wish for all our members to do better. Our rules are in place to help our members interact with others in the most Christ-like way possible. Even those members who think they are "right".  :-)

@Paul Macevle:

First, you told us what another member is saying. You did not quote her. You put words in her mouth that she did not say. You publicized what you thought she was saying but not what she actually said. Since you are not her, you cannot possibly know what she is thinking. The best you can do is to rebut her actual quotes. But you did not provide any quotes. Putting words in her mouth with your interpretation on them is not acceptable or truthful. You did this repeatedly throughout your post. Doing this breaks Site Rules and Guidelines #7: "Don't put words in other people's mouths that they have never said. (This does not, of course, prohibit quoting their words from previous posts.)"

Second, you brought up information that was completely off the topic of this thread as a way to disparage another member, her credibility, and her ideas. There is no need to bring up your perception of another members views as shared in a different topic. Doing so breaks our rule 8: "Don't post on the public threads personal differences, arguments, old grudges, hearsay, private messages, etc." We at Adventist Online have no issue with you disputing anything you see as false. But please do so in the discussion thread where you see the false view expressed. If you have an issue with what is being discussed in this thread, then by all means post that here.

You said "So i got the idea that you are lost, and you need help." This breaks our rule 6: "Only rebut issues, NOT the people who write them. Do not negatively characterize others' positions or beliefs with your own value judgment. Simply state how you think the belief is wrong and what you believe the true interpretation is, while giving your basis for your belief."

You then proceeded to list instance after instance of what you see as the shortcomings of another member. None of these were loving. This breaks our foremost rule: "Be loving. Discuss issues with Christ-like love for your brothers and sisters here." They also break our very last rule 14: "If you ever feel justified for being negative or antagonistic toward another person... prayerfully see rule #1 and DON'T." It also breaks rule 4 ("Don't call names, make personal attacks, or use negative stereotypes against other people or groups of people.") and 5 ("No belittling of individual people, their character, or their motives.")  We also don't need to point out your inability to do anything but "look on the outward appearance" so sinners judging other sinners is always problematic.  We leave our judgement of salvation to God alone.

@Scott & @Mark:
Giving your support to a post with all the problems of the one outlined above is probably not wise or Christ-like. We would suggest you do not condone such behavior toward others - no matter how much you agree or disagree with the theology of those involved.

To all: Please, read our Site Rules and Guidelines again AND the basis scripture and SOP we have for them. Conforming to these site rules will help all of us act in a more Christ-like way.

May God bless us in all our discussions here and help us to always reflect Him.


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