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Got moved by this story this weekend. God spoke to Moses, and this time Miriam was not pleased.She went complaining......God was angry and called them out.....She was cursed and turned out white...

someone say something on the story

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Yes, that was a very good lesson to all of us in this generation.
I learned that it displeases God when we complain negatively against his chosen leaders.
In our generation, we may not get leprosy just like Miriam but there are consequences for our behaviors. Every time we complain, we reject God (according to last week`s lesson)
Lets, encourage, motivate, strengthen and pray for our leaders instead of criticizing them now and then.
Thank you Susan for the good lesson there
Miriam spoke against Moses and his wife - moral of the tale God has not time for racism or jealous moaners...
Miriam may not have approved of Moses' choice of wife, but I think the main lesson is that she - and Arron - felt they should have a position and influence next to Moses. Seems like there is a story about and angel that felt similarly in another context.......

God made them "male and female." He does not say he made them any specific color at all. When did we think that some were better than others?!! God accepted Moses' wife; there was no sanction against his marriage at all - when are we going to accept God's judgement in even family matters?

This is a sore subject with me, so I'll get off of my soapbox now.
Miriam, she is the one who took care of Moses, right from that river-bed where He was hidden as a safe harbor from the killings of the First born's.She taught Him how to grow in stature and knowledge from God.....

So here she did not expect the Moses to marry the Ethiopian Woman,which the Lord had already spoken to Moses about it in absence of Aaron And Miriam.

So Miriam's problem was that the Lord spoke to Moses in their(Aaron and Miriam) she kinda got angry
Yes she was.


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