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Missionary dating is a phrase used in a Christian context to describe when a person of one religious persuasion dates a person with differing beliefs for the purpose of converting him or her.

Synonymous phrases include "dating for Jesus" or "flirt to convert". The concept of missionary dating is sometimes used to justify or rationalize to one's self, family, or religious community, romantic interest in a non-believer, if the relationship might be frowned on otherwise.

  • I have got a lot of my SDA brothers and sisters doing that, what do you think?
  • How would you advise a missionary dater?
  • If you have a brother/ sister in Christ and is doing that, has been advised and refused to take counsel what do you do? I will be grateful if any of the above questions are clarified from a diverse group.

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I don't see it in any way except witnessing. When you make an appointment (date) with someone with the purpose to tell them about Jesus ... I just don't see anything wrong with that no matter what label you apply.

IF however ... this leads to marriage before they are converted ... then I have an issue.

Also ... I would be concerned with the issue of sexual morality. Does the person you are dating have the same morals? If not ... there could possibly be trouble brewing.
Correct me if I have understood what you meant.
Do you mean that they are free to date until the person in question gets converted?
Thanks for your contribution Margaret.

Now what if you have a friend and is doing that, and you have tried to inform them what the Lord desires of us and they refuse and as a matter of fact start avoiding you what do you do?
I think there are some people on this board who might ... just might say that you 'bother' them!! Ha Ha ....

To say that you never bother anyone is stretchin' it don't you think?

Even I am willing to admit that I bother some. Just ask Joseph.
I Agree with Gabriel, we have freedom of will and we should be able to choose what path to take. In the end its between the person and God.
Thanks for your advice Margaret
@ Gabriel and 4 Him,

It's always to care and watch out for our brothers and sisters, but we have to make sure we have good view before we help out the others. So in Christianity there will always be that brother or sister who watches your developments

Are you your brothers keeper?

Hello Joseph,

The first thing that must be understood is exactly what these terms mean so let's start with the core word here. The word "date."

The word "date," as used here, is used to describe a social time that is planed between a male and a female. It has absolutely no spitritual conotation. It is most unlikely that you have ever heard, or will ever hear, someone say that they are making/or have/or have had, a "date to attend a church worship service.

The use of words, such as "missionary," have no scocial conotation nor is it a social activity. From webster's New World Dictionary: missionary, noun. [plural -ies] person sent by a church to make converts abroad. Since I doubt that anyone has ever been chosen by their church to be sent on a "date" it would appear that it is not a good word to use in conjunction with the accepted use of the word "date."

The use of the name of the source of our salvation, JESUS, in reference to a nondiscript social activity, such as a "date", is at the very least profain and should be considered blasphemy. Form Webster's New World Dictionary:
blasphmy, noun [plural -mies] profain abuse of God or His name. blaspheme, verb. blasphemous adjective.

Next let's consider you statement for the use of these words. "The concept of missionary dating is sometimes used to justify or rationalize to one's self, family, or religious community, romantic interest in a non-believer, if the relationship might be frowned on otherwise." If one is to use coginizant reasoning it should become quite clear that your statement is clearly a rationalization for a person's personal choice of activities. In this deffinition, as you have given it, we have the missuse of all the words surounding the prime word of this disscussion which is "date."

With all of the above in mind the answer to your original post/questions must be an unequivocal no!

I pray that this answers your questions and the needed response requested.

Respectfully, your brother in Christ,
Perhaps there is a misunderstanding here.

Dating someone does not mean that you are looking to marry them. It just means that you want to socialize and have fun together. It is fine to witness with them under these circumstances.

Now if you were to get serious and did not have serious intentions ... yes ... you would have to withdraw and not date any longer.
Gabriel and 4 Him,

Cambridge dictionary defines dating as:

to regularly spend time with someone you have a romantic relationship with

1 a social meeting planned in advance, such as one between two people who are or might become sexual partners
2 US a person you have a romantic meeting with.

So dating isn't only having fun, but to be romantically involved.

Date and not think or fantasize about that person, well that's a new rule!


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