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Missionary dating is a phrase used in a Christian context to describe when a person of one religious persuasion dates a person with differing beliefs for the purpose of converting him or her.

Synonymous phrases include "dating for Jesus" or "flirt to convert". The concept of missionary dating is sometimes used to justify or rationalize to one's self, family, or religious community, romantic interest in a non-believer, if the relationship might be frowned on otherwise.

  • I have got a lot of my SDA brothers and sisters doing that, what do you think?
  • How would you advise a missionary dater?
  • If you have a brother/ sister in Christ and is doing that, has been advised and refused to take counsel what do you do? I will be grateful if any of the above questions are clarified from a diverse group.

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Yes. We as Christians are able to keep ourselves pure. And this is what those IN Christ will do. Very Good Gabe. You are to commended.
Sometimes I think you folks if you date for fun, then it's scary. Ok 4 Him you are married, but I am worried of my brotha Gabriel, because a normal working man at your age hormones are at their peak and even just a touch from a lady can fire your battery! Are you sure stuff (Central Gov) functions normally? Sorry about that!

Yes. The batteries may be firing. But you dont' have to be engaged.
You certainly do deserve it Gabe. You are the man.
My brotha,
You can't play with fire, and it's not good to burn with passion, when you marry you become responsible, so my advice would be to marry now than playing with fire

As long as their manner and ways of dating is according to morals and what God's ordains without compromising our spiritual convictions and religious principles. I'm not 100% it's okay but maybe as I go with this thread i can see a clearer light on this issue. It's just my simple share on this important topic.
It really doesn't matter how you want to define the word "date". The commonly accepted meaning infers a romantic inclination. So, one may claim that when they say "date" they actually mean "meeting to convert you to Christ whilst behaving as if this is a mutually-agreed platonic liaison with no particular spiritual emphasis until you realise that in fact the entire and sole purpose of this meeting was to get you to become a Christian and hopefully baptised before you work out that I was actually being deceptive when I first suggested that we should go on a date and oh didn't you realise that was what I was doing well it wasn't my fault that you didn't realise that I'd redefined the word date in my head I just assumed that it would be ok because the motive was so good it excuses any sin".

Considering that the synonym is "flirt to convert" it is very obvious that the other party will have no idea that the meeting is for any other purpose than a romantic one.

So... who was it in the Bble that began his approach by lying?

Same as the young Muslim boys who are paid for every Hindu girl they marry and convert to Islam.

I didn't think that deceit was the acceptable face of Adventism.
May be you mean making friends but not dating.
Because dating is different from making friends.

I don't see the difference.

Dates can be of a variety of kinds.

I make dates with my wife. I am not trying to marry her. I am already married to her.
I would never consider dating a non-Adventist. I think it is dangerous for me to date non-Adventist men. I rarely date for personal reasons, but I had read things on relationships by Ellen White, I would use Ellen White as reference when talking to my Adventist brother or sister .I would also pray.
Thanks for your reply Soriya, Be blessed.

No problem. Have a nice Sabbath.


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