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People, take a look at this and then make sure you take appropriate action,


I recently read in the news that a young boy watched a violent video game and when it got to a nude scene, he turned it off, walked down the street, and wavered outside a young girls house, whom he had seen playing. 
After summoning up the courage, he broke in through her window and wrapping her in a blanket, he took her out, strangled her and threw her down the drain.  Onlookers thought it was someone he knew as she lay calmly in his arms.  They said, he cradled her. 


As christians what can we do?  We need to be on our knees, praying the Lords prayer.  Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven, and keep us from evil.  Please take the time, today and everyday to be a Daniel, praying 3 times, nay, in these times, 33 times a day for your loved ones, for those who are ignorant, that Jesus will place a hedge of protection about them, intercede for sinners, that Jesus blood will cover them until they be brought to the realisation of a saviour in Christ Jesus.  Ask God to set about a chain of events to bring them home to the fathers house and for us??? come my people, gather into your chamber and shut the door about you, till the indignation be overpast.


Re-read, earnestly the Chapter entitled:VISIONS OF FUTURE GLORY & then PSALM 91   in Prophets and Kings.  Read Psalm 91 and pray like you have never prayed before.  This is surely an evil time to be living in.  Take courage.  Be on your knees and under God's mantle.  Choose ye this day, whom ye will serve and plead and intercede for those "who know not what they do"


The day of the Lord is upon us and alas for that day is great, it is even the time of Jacob's trouble.

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Indeed, they are.  I went to a series of health lectures this evening on the colon.  Afterward, realising I had let a few things slip, I headed for the store.  I noticed Liz Taylor is now dead and thought she is fortunate to escape...however, I did think it all seems like business as usual and yet.... it is certainly not.  Things are crazy and I can only think that keeping my nose in the bible, and my knees well exercised, is the only thing I know to do and train my children...but even there, the net and the phones, that they are supposed to need... I say Jim Hohnberger ws right when he said, if folks you don't heed this message of walking with God and perfecting your character character, you will have to do in a few short months what it has taken us years to do (walk with Christ in a moment by moment surrender.) 

we are told that even satan himself falls prey to his own temptations in the end. 
What a world.  But Christ is all sufficient.  Cling to him and his promises, is all we can do.

Bless you and may God be with you and yours.  Stay true.




Since that is true, why do so many who claim to be Christians seek to follow it?  God has called us to be a percular people,  The world will call us idiots, but when it is applied to being unique, as the Greek word that our English word comes from, means.  That will be a compliment.  Being different from the world will be a blessing, not something to be ashamed of.

That is one reason I have chosen to sign off with:

Maranatha :)  (The Lord is coming!)

Well, Ray, that is so true.  I for one, am waking up and making so many changes.  The human heart is desperately wicked and deceitful above all things, who can know it.  It shocks me sometimes when I have an awakening and realise I am still in self - deceit.  Just yesterday I watched the film that is on the main page of this site, re: India and persecution.  I then watched several relative films and I was in tears.  I was crying:" these are God's people"  and the realisation that Jesus and all he stands for is not acceptable in this world.  The last 44 years of my life, he has been kind of acceptable, but underneath, oh no, there is an enmity lurking, and when it shows itself, it is evil.  For me, I looked around my home at what I have.  I have been complaining that my home is dark and cold.  After that I realise I have too many blessings and God has begun to remove some so i can get a reality check.  We seek to follow the world because it is inherinent in us to be naturally evil.  it's only by reading and obeying the Word and accepting what the spirit tells us in prayer, in the private place of the heart tht we can be changed. "be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God"

I was in the store recently, and I met these people who had "Jesus is Lord" on their foreheads.  I knew the Mother from the days I went to Homeschool Expo's.  I chatted with them and the look on their faces, was so gentle, their clothes, totally way out for our era and yet, the next day we couldn't stop thinking about them.  These days, wearing that get up with that sign, in a muslim filled country could see them killed... and yet, when I said to him, I love the courage you show by wearing that sign, he said, he is beautiful isn't he? And you know what, his eyes showed he meant it. 

God help us to be more and more assimilated to him and to live, moment by moment in his will. 

Resistance to obedience is a curse to all of us, yet we must continue to lean on God to be overcomers.



i beleive with the current coming of age, cell phones, internet, video games, the ipad, eating fast foods that for the most part has been altered foods, like corn, beans, rice, basic staple foods, the famous french fries being altered, the cooking oils being used for the fast food industry, how they clogged our arteries, our money that is almost worthless here in the USA,

how every person here in the U.S. is indebted by $50,000 due to our struggling economy and our past wars we had to finance by borrowing the money. Is there a possiblity  that the image of the beast is slowly forming, and the sunday law is not even here yet. are you ready for the bubble to break?  we just witnessed the biggest bubble broke when the real estate sector, took a massive dive at our expense, the american people to pay for the real estate mess tha almost broke our economy, i believe an economic collapse is still in the horizon, please give me your take on this mess we are in dee.

Sir James, are you indeed knighted?


Well, we are told that slavery will return.  We are also told our homes will be taken from us.  We are told to be out of the cities and on a parcel of land with vegetables growing.  For me, every marriage failure took those things from me, but I can see it coming.  We are in strife... However, take heart.  Read the last chapter of Prophets and Kings.  Then get out your bible and read Psalm 91 and the comments from Voume 7 that go with it.  These things are our only hope.  Jesus is our only hope.  Let's strive to be among the 144,000.  Pray,pray, pray without ceasing.  If Daniel prayed 3 times a day in his day, we should be praying 7 times a day in ours.  Remember one thing, though, Paul saw our days and wished to have lived in our time... I wonder why?  I suppose he was willing to take the heat in any generation for the love he had.

I personally think that the lifestyle we are accustomed to has gotten us into the massive debt we now have.  I did Interior Design and I can tell you, for millions the accent pillow and the lamp and the rug are the all important thing.  Whether the tiles co-ordinate or whether the lighting is the right amount of centimetres from the dining table.  It's insane I tell you.  Insane, but that's the world we live in.  Self, Indulgence, Display, Gaiety, Amusement, Owning this and that... and yet, we are forced in some ways into the current.  If you wanted, for example to live in the bush in a hut and live simply, you would be accused of neglecting your children, etc., so the push to get into the system is great.  I myself, am home educating without any government assistance, because if you are not in the state system now, there is no assistance.  years ago there was, but not now. 


take heart because God has said, I will never leave you nor forsake you.  If you have clean hands and a pure heart, angels will love to dwell in your presence and in your home and you will be led of God.  Only see to it, that nothing stops you from obeying his will.  Make any changes that you need to now!  CHOOSE to stand under his auspices so that in that day, you can see him in peace.  The image is nearly finished being fashioned.  The people are being called to gather.  For us, we think that the image is sunday worship and it is, but it is more than that.  It is choosing whom we will serve.  Every day we are making that choice.  Every day we are slighting God and choosing to resist his calls.  If he asks us to speak kindly  or hold back that evil response, or keep a gentle demeanour and we know he is asking and yet we resist, these things are forming our ability to obey him. 


To illustrate what I mean.  Last night, a friend bought into me 6 designer cushions, one wall print and two cut glass candle holders, the type with broken coloured glass glued in.  Now I have always loved those and yet, I have chosen to stop buying decor and I have sold much of what I had and put that money into the offering plate for God to use as he sees fit and for me to be self-sacrificing and to learn to let go.  So, last night they arrive and they are beautiful.  My daughter (21) puts her hands inside the tall goblet style candle holders and for a joke takes off Inspector Cleuso (which I hate) and then puts them down again heavily on the glass coffee table.  Crash.  The stems break.  I was incensed.  I said to her, small thing amuse small minds, Priscilla, why do you always play the fool? I got upset. and then I heard God say to me, "let it go, stay on your course"  I immediately recognised his voice and I had to calm myself within and say to her, "Honey, all those movies you have watched are what comes out in your actions.  You must put in better material.  go now and do your studies," and for me, I loose the glass... ah well, I gained God's blessings.  In every small thing and in every large thing, every single choice we are making that final choice.  The choice is whom will we serve? And will it be with a willing heart of love, or because we have to?  That's the issue.  many who recieve in the mind, believe it, but those who receive it in the hand are not deceived, they just choose the easy way.  They know, or else it would not be stated the hand... that is the actions, but not the mind.  The choices are made in the heart, let Christ rule the heart and the choice is made for him already.  Be strong and of good courage... let not your first love fail you now.


In this world you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.  JC





Nice to have you back on the forum.  Please allow me to share just some of the information that has been comming to me from various sources regarding the end of time in the last few weeks.


Before I comment further, I believe and still do believe that the most important signs are those seen within the church and in our lives.  Your experience is one example.  But, there are more.  Just because the main ones are what is happening in the church, the heresies, etc. we must not forget what is happing in the world.  So, I present these as just points of interest, not that they are the most important of all.

Here in the USA we have a conservative commentator on FOX News, Glen Beck.  This afternoon, he had a most interesting program.  I beleive God wanted me to see this, becasue after I ate lunch, I promptly went to sleep.  The TV was playing on FOX News, but I was sound asleep.  A visitor came and I was so sound asleep I did not even know they had come and gone.  I learned that later.  Well, I woke up at 2 PM and the Glen Beck show was just starting.  I was still half asleep, however, when the topic was started, I came wide awake and was amazed for the next 1 hour.  I'll try to condense the important parts as well as add in some other information that has come to my attention.  I'll try to do this in 1,000 words or less. LOL


The premise that he repeated, and I also repeat, was:

"It makes no difference if you belive these thing or not.  The important thing is that others beleive them and are acting on those beliefs."

So, keep this in mind as I continue.  I am not asking anyone to believe anything.  Only sharing what others beleive.


There are three basic religious streams of thought that have been in force all through the ages. 

  1. Christianity - Both protestantism and Catholic.
  2. Muslim - a blend of Christianity and Spirtualism.
  3. Spiritualism - unadulterated Satan worship.

Starting with Spiritualism/paganism, there is the "Myian Calendar" found in South America.  This calendar, as I recall, ends in either 2013 or 2015.  Many believe that is the extent of this worlds history.


Muslems come from the desendants of Ishmael and Esau, both are descendants of Abraham, just like the Christians.  They have a system of belief that is similar to that of Christianity, but with some very unchristian overtones.  This is not a discussion of that religion, so I'll stop at that point, except to share that they believe the world will end with the 12th Aman (sp).  The 11th Aman has passed on and the leader of Iran believes that he is the 12th Aman, but has not come into power yet in that respect. 


The important thing to note here, is their theolog is very close to that of the Christian's in regards to end time events.  They believe that the 12th Aman cannot do his work until the earth is washed in the blood of the infidels and made clean.  Of course, infidels are all who do not beleive in Muslim.  So, the major Muslim leaders, including the Taliban, have launched a campain to eliminate the infidels.  The first major attempt was 9/11, then other attempts, many of which failed.  Not it is the uprising in the Middle East that we are seeing right now.  As soon as the nations now being attacked, Syria, Lybia, Saudia Arabia, etc., are all brought under Sharie Law, then there will be a massive attack on; first Israel and then the western, i.e. Christian nations. 


Israel is obvious first, as this conflict between Isaac, the Jews and Ishmael and Esau, the Muslems, have been going on for millinea.  As soon as they can bring all the Muslim nations under Sharia law, then the attack will be made on Israel and a blood bath is anticipated.  Then the western nations will be next.  Add to that the fact in the western lands, a plan has been underway for a number of years.  They are encouraging Muslims to move to these places in order to get a base to work from in these countries.  All western countries have a major minority of Muslims at this time.  They believe that they can take over the world by having large families and will not have to fight.  When they get control, the blood bath starts.


Christianity believes in the Anti Christ, the Christian comparison to the 12th Aman.  Virtually all other "signs of the end" are idential, only with Muslim labels. 


In the USA, the liberals have been working as best they can to bankrupt the economic base of the USA.  Obama has openly expressed kind feelings for Muslims, so he is not opposed to their advances.  Which is one reason he has participated in stopping Lybia from succeeding in being overrun by the more fundamentalist Muslims, i.e. Taliban.  This helps the way to be prepared for the 12th Aman. 


So, both Spiritualism/paganism, Muslims and Christans are all pointing to a return of Jesus or the 12th Aman, in the next year or so.  They believe the 12th Aman will appear in 2012/3, if I recall correctly.


In addition, there is a world wide radio network, Family Radio, founded by Harold Camping, a contractor who used his money to start Family Radio back in the late 50's and pretends to be a theologian.  He has predicted at least one, and I believe two dates, before this one on May 11, 2011, for Jesus to come. 


This is a most difficult one to speak out against, since we, as a church, also predicted a date in 1844.  We deal with that, and I believe accuratly so, with having the right date, just the wrong event.  SO, Harold does the same thing to excuse his mistakes.  However, they do not really believe that Jesus will come at that time.  It is an advertising ploy to get people to send their money to them.  No, I am not being negative, for they are still asking for money as if nothing were going to happen.  When they stop asking for more money, then it will be obvious that they believe the world is going to end. 


This is a very abreviated presentation of the events we are witnessing.  I'll stop heree as to not make this post any longer.  This is only FYI, not trying to prove or defend anything.


Maranatha :)


Ray, all these new FYI and other abbreviations take me by suprise.  I finally work them out though.


I was on the edge of my seat waiting for you to continue and bring to a head the first statement that I was to remember.... you left out the ending, didn't you?


And,,, do you thinkthis bloodbath is what is prophecied in Matt 24?  you will be hated by all nations for my name sake... is this what it means?


I have just have this ? as to what is actually prophecied.  There are rumours of death camps, and guillotines, etc., and now the muslim threat, which if you watch the first page on this site alone re: India, you can see for yourself... and cry many tears for our people, our brothers and sisters, in Christ.

So... how do all these things interlock?  It begins to get blurry from here.




I started a response and was interupted.  My aunt had a strange idea that since she had fixed a meal for me that I should come and eat it.  Then someone else came along and felt I should help them.  Needless to say, my answer did not get sent.  See, you were last in importance. ROFL 


Not really, I deceided to in fact open a new thread with the response I was going to post here.  I'll probably call it something like Current Events in prospective, or something like that.  I am closing down on finishing it, so hopefully I'll get it posted tonight yet.


Happy Sabbath!


Maranatha :)


its a blessing to have you back as well dee, as far as being knighted by our Lord and Saviour, King Jesus

truly i have been knighted to serve and be His servant all the way to the new earth.  the many james on adventist online, is but many, so as to stand out in my own humble way, i just added sir to my God given name and lo and behold, sir james is formed. thank you for being a strong dee-ciple of Jesus, both ray Phillips and me, welcomes you back.

Thnk you sir James, it is good to be among those who believe in verity.




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