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As a new Adventist I was given a book called "Even the Angels must Laugh" and found it very heartwarming to know that best laid plans don't always work well...

Well, a couple of years ago a friend of mine had married a Russian gal whom was doing fairly well with the English Language. They were in a small older congregation and since they had children of their own they often helped out with the youth of the church. During Easter time, her first year in the states, she was asked to have the children's story. She decided to talk about Jesus riding into Jerusalem.

As she got to the part about the donkey, she used the King James word for donkey... Only she added one horrible syllable to it... She told the story that "Jesus came riding on an .... ass... but added the syllable "hole" to it.... Her husband was sitting in the back and was mortified shaking his head silently and motioning to stop with his hands.... She ignored him and continued the story using the wrong term at least 5 more times....

The members were very gracious about it and one older gentleman commented to him that it was the most interesting children's story he had heard in a

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LOL yes, language can make one easily slip-up as I know for myself the Scandinavian languages as well as English. It would be best if you consult with a native before you get into such a situation.

Hah, lost in translation innocence. A funny one I remember involved my cousin and a baby.  

The baby was initially behind my cousin but someone decided to pass it over his head I suppose for comforting since it had been crying.  As the baby approached it's target my cousin who had ducked looked up to make sure it had cleared his head.  I don't think a blowout could have a more perfect timing...   right on the side of my cousins upward looking face.  

The look of horror, shock and disbelief on my cousins now painted face was priceless. True to his mild mannered self my cousin spoke no words but my friends and I had to bury our heads in our chest in order to contain our emotions as we were being scolded by some lady who possibly wasn't fully aware of what we had just witnessed.


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