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Here is the scoop from a non-Adventist non-Christian Sabbath keeper.  If they are saying it then there is something valid. Scripture for this is: Philippians 4:8

There are a number of scriptures besides Phil. 4:8 that are excellent for being a guide for us, like ones that talk about not looking at worthless stuff or avoiding seeing evil, etc.  But not only just in theater going but also in what we watch in our homes.  It can be DVDs or YouTube and also what we spend time reading on the internet. 

But unfortunately the biggest majority of Adventists are much more interested in entertaining themselves than in actually doing what the Bible tells us.  If you can't tell, this is a battle for myself.

One rule, is that it has to be real and inform in an uplifting way.  I have hobbies and work related things I like to watch all of witch do not go against the Bible. Many things I watch on youtube are made by Christians so it is more about a community of believers staying in touch.  Movies and such are total junk with many occult signs in them along with sex and murder.  The people making this garbage know what they are doing.

Adventists don't go to the theater or view movies at home; the two are the same.  

But you don't speak for all Adventist's understand? 

Maybe those he does not speak for are not really Adventists anyway.

The link above is done by Little Light Studios, an Adventist organization that exposes modern forms of entertainment. 

Walter Veith also explains much of this but he is more for a generation that is able to sit still with out a fidget spinner and not go for shining flashing things.

So I leave you with a link to the video with shining flashing things. Sorry I could not embed this video.  



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