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Good day brethren, and sistren, 

Given that there were other women in Mrs. White day who were receiving visions/dreams from God, shouldn't they be considered as being "inspired" as was the case with Mrs. White? Second, given that Mrs. White's work were drawn from other sources, do you think it feasible to trace these sources and cite from them? 

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This is what I am trying to find out from you.

Like I said, most likely the Protestant reformers along with civil rights, poverty and peace advocates.  Remember a prophet is expected to:

1 Corinthians 14:3
"But he that prophesieth speaketh unto men to edification, and exhortation, and comfort."

they are not perfect people or infallible.  Take two issues, Sabbath and race relations.  Perhaps God spoke to Ellen White on the Sabbath and Bishop Tutu on race relations.  Tutu can still be a prophet even though he is not an expert on the Sabbath.

Agree Shannon that no human is perfect saving one Jesus, newer the less I think you are drawing a long bow in comparing Bishop Desmond Tutu and Ellen G White. 

Elijah, besides Ellen White who would you consider the most likely post-Biblical prophets?

Shannon no one comes to mind to my knowledge. We know that there was many inspired persons like Luther and Knox and so on, but I do not think any of those would qualify as prophets. 

I disagree Elijah, those men provided counsel in areas that are stated by the Bible but ignored by church and they provided edification, and exhortation, and comfort just like Ellen White did.  If you look at the fruits of their labor they had an even bigger impact then Ellen White did.

What test of a prophet does Ellen White pass but Martin Luther fail?

Shannon yes I can agree that those Reformers had a profound influence on reformation. And had it not been for them we may still be burning candles to Mary and walking trough the bronze doors indeed.

But if we break it down a bit maybe we can see that there was things those men did not reform. Did Martin Luther institute the Sabbath for example? You left one reformer of the list and his work is mentioned in the bible Rev 10 the man being William Miller. If Martin Luther deserves a ranking as Prophet so does William Miller. But no one to my knowledge ever wanted to make William Miller a prophet. His message was right and true but where he failed was to understand where it was going to happen. 

The Thing we need to ask when an event is to take place is those Questions that we know so well. "When, Where and Who" W Miller got the Who right he got the when right but sadly he did not get the Where quite right, did he? 

Elijah, the Bible does not say that the test of a prophet is that they reform everything.  Ellen White did not reform everything either.  Could William Miller be a prophet?  Yes, we never know for sure but he would appear to meet the tests.

You may well be right Shannon but EG White was tested and passed all the criteria. She herself did not relish being called a prophet she rejected the Title, so they found ways around it like "The Lords Servant" and so on. 

The one thing about W Miller is that E G White says that he will be found on the streets of Gold not many have that endorsement of assurance. 

I don't think its necessary for one to call himself a prophet to be one.  Most people who claim to be prophets are kooks.

Yes Shannon you are right when you say kooks my thoughts went straight to our resident happy clapper. 

I agree with you on the above. It is ridiculous to think that only SDA has the only prophet in the body of Christ,
The SDA did not exist until very recent history. Talk about high minded ego. Some SDA are spiritually "stuck up."


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