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Good day brethren, and sistren, 

Given that there were other women in Mrs. White day who were receiving visions/dreams from God, shouldn't they be considered as being "inspired" as was the case with Mrs. White? Second, given that Mrs. White's work were drawn from other sources, do you think it feasible to trace these sources and cite from them? 

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Elijah, the Bible does not say that the test of a prophet is that they reform everything.  Ellen White did not reform everything either.  Could William Miller be a prophet?  Yes, we never know for sure but he would appear to meet the tests.

You may well be right Shannon but EG White was tested and passed all the criteria. She herself did not relish being called a prophet she rejected the Title, so they found ways around it like "The Lords Servant" and so on. 

The one thing about W Miller is that E G White says that he will be found on the streets of Gold not many have that endorsement of assurance. 

I don't think its necessary for one to call himself a prophet to be one.  Most people who claim to be prophets are kooks.

Yes Shannon you are right when you say kooks my thoughts went straight to our resident happy clapper. 

I agree with you on the above. It is ridiculous to think that only SDA has the only prophet in the body of Christ,
The SDA did not exist until very recent history. Talk about high minded ego. Some SDA are spiritually "stuck up."

So tell bout Happy Clapper Prophets so we can learn.

You Elijah will maybe never learn, if a man wants to remain ignorant, let him.

I prefer not to learn anything from those who displays fruits of the flesh. 

There is a big difference to talking about it and doing it. The manifestations of Holy Spirit are operated in love, by faith and complete trust and obedience to God by walking by the spirit.

Speaking in tongues, healing and casting out spirits and prophecy or interpretation are all wonderful and builds more faith, and brings deliverance to people's lives. Hearing messages from God on a daily basis is great, uplifting and revelation has saved my life and others many times.

Go ahead Elijah, mock and cry counterfeit, but you have not walked with God to much with what is possible.

Man O man more displays of fruit of the flesh.

What do you actually know about the manifestations? Zero or close to it.
Have you ever healed someone in the name of Jesus Christ or any other manifestation? You are the champion spiritual arm chair general, never been in the spiritual warfare, and I bet your life has never been in danger because of a stand for God. Mr. Big critic, tell us all about what you have done for the kingdom.

You are like the big talkers in war who are safe far away from any war who are critical of those in the fox holes facing bullets and bombs. If you had to face off a demon, you would be the first to wet yourself I believe. I can't stand your hypocracy, and total lack of loyalty to the spirit of God and disrespect for the power of God. Your faith is all talk and criticism, as Paul said to the Corinthians that when he came to them in the demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit.

Your distain for the manifestations is directly in opposition to God and his gift.

You are completely ignorant and appear you will stay that way.

James what do you think you will gain by bragging about what you may and maybe not have done. Humility is the mark of Gods people. Bragging belongs to the Devil. 


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