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Good day brethren, and sistren, 

Given that there were other women in Mrs. White day who were receiving visions/dreams from God, shouldn't they be considered as being "inspired" as was the case with Mrs. White? Second, given that Mrs. White's work were drawn from other sources, do you think it feasible to trace these sources and cite from them? 

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Hello Garth

Ellen White and her editors wrote as if most of her writings were transcribed by God. When she did quote and borrow from others, they were not sourced because it would conflict with the isle ad that Her work was from the hand of God, Rather the her own.

Ellen White admitted that not everything she wrote came from God, she said she used human sources at times - I don't think she meant to imply that her works are all from God; but some Adventists treat them as if they were.

"Little heed is given to the Bible, and the Lord has given a lesser light to lead men and women to the greater light." Colporteur Ministry, 125 (RH 1-20-03).

"Many times in my experience I have been called upon to meet the attitude of a certain class, who acknowledged that the testimo- nies were from God, but took the position that this matter and that matter were Sister White's opinion and judgment. This suits those who do not love reproof and correction, and who, if their ideas are crossed, have occasion to explain the difference between the human and the divine.

"If the preconceived opinions or particular ideas of some are crossed in being reproved by testimonies, they have a burden at once to make plain their position to discriminate between the testimonies, defining what is Sister White's human judgment, and what is the word of the Lord. Everything that sustains their cherished ideas is divine, and the testimonies to correct their errors are human--Sister White's opinions. They make of none effect the counsel of God by their tradition." Selected Messag- es, 3:68 (MS 16, 1889).

"The Holy Ghost is the Author of the Scriptures and of the Spirit of Prophecy. ...
(Letter 92, 1900 [Manuscript Release #136])

"I have faith in God. . . . He works at my right hand and at my left. While I am writing out important matters, He is beside me, helping me. He lays out my work before me, and when I am puzzled for a fit word with which to express my thoughts, He brings it clearly and distinctly to my mind." (Letter 127, 1902 [Manuscript Release #119]).

God sets no man to pronounce judgment on His Word, selecting some things as in- spired and discrediting others as uninspired. The testimonies have been treated in the same way; but God is not in this" (Selected Messages, 1:23).

My work . . . bears the stamp of God or the stamp of the enemy. There is no halfway work in the matter. The Testimonies are of the Spirit of God, or of the devil." Testimonies for the Church, 4:230.

"Weak and trembling, I arose at three o'clock in the morning to write to you. God was speaking through clay. You might say that this communication was only a letter. Yes, it was a letter, but prompted by the Spirit of God, to bring before your minds things that had been shown me. In these letters which I write, in the testimonies I bear, I am presenting to you that which the Lord has presented to me." Testimonies for the Church, 5:67.

Shannon I am still looking for this statement
Or are you referring to the time when someone told her that there were 40 rooms when in fact there were 38 rooms?

Yes, she acknowledged using experts instead of God for the number of rooms..  Looking at the quotes your provided though, some of them appear to be misleading.  We know that Ellen White used human sources fairly often.

Smh God will not reveal this to her, she could simply ask. Don't mix the common with the sacred.

There are many examples of Ellen White using human sources, the number of rooms is only one instance.  It's ok, she is still a prophet, but we should acknowledge that not everything she wrote came from God.

You persist in spreading Lies Leon. 

Garth Happy​ to hear that you attend our service. The Bible is clear that we should not wear jewelry; although it is more explicit in SOP, an adventist should be able to support our stance with the Bible.

E G White had this to say about her writings. 

When you find men questioning the testimonies, finding fault with them, and seeking to draw away the people from their influence, be assured that God is not at work through them. It is another spirit. Doubt and unbelief are cherished by those who do not walk circumspectly. They have a painful consciousness that their life will not abide the test of the Spirit of God, whether speaking through His Word or through the testimonies of His Spirit that would bring them to His Word. Instead of beginning with their own hearts, and coming into harmony with the pure principles of the gospel, they find fault, and condemn the very means that God has chosen to fit up a people to stand in the day of the Lord.{1SM 45.1}

There may well be some who think E G Whites writings are above the Bible. All Churches has their fair share of fanatics. But in general most Adventists believes as E G White herself wrote:

The Lord has sent His people much instruction, line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, and there a little. Little heed is given to the Bible, and the Lord has given a lesser light to lead men and women to the greater light. Oh, how much good would be accomplished if the books containing this light were read with a determination to carry out the principles they contain! There would be a thousandfold greater vigilance, a thousandfold more self-denial and resolute effort. And many more would now be rejoicing in the light of present truth. {CM 125.2}

There certainly are other post-Biblical prophets (but not the ones you named).  In the Bible the gift of prophecy does not appear to be so rare that White is the only one.  That's why official SDA beliefs are based on the Bible only.  Some Adventists consider White's writings equal to the Bible, but they are wrong.


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