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Can we still waiting for revival or reformation if the musical habit still too close to secular style and beats and is kept a strong habit in our daily life?

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Well, secular music is everywhere and not much we can do about it anymore than the secular auto we drive. There is a lot of music I choose not to listen to when possible.

Secular car?  By that motto most of the possessions you own are secular.  

Music has words and we know how important words can be. Through beholding we become. Often the children are surrounded by violence and rebellion in music and television, games. When they grow up this is what they become.

There are some harmless music groups but I think the list is short.

Everywhere in officials documents or SDA periodic ,article , its read SECULAR music style not be use! The church have being changing it own statements?
According with this guidelines..75% churches darkness anout music! Serving the enemy. .

Interesting link Christian

Principles to Guide the Christian

The music that Christians enjoy should be regulated by the following principles:

1. All music the Christian listens to, performs or composes, whether sacred or secular, will glorify God: "So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God."--1 Corinthians 10:31 This is the over-riding biblical principle. Anything that cannot meet this high standard will weaken our experience with the Lord.

2. All music the Christian listens to, performs or composes, whether sacred or secular, should be the noblest and the best: "Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is pure, whatever is right, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things."--Phil 4:8 As followers of Jesus Christ who hope and expect to join the heavenly choirs, we view life on this earth as a preparation for, and foretaste of, the life to come.

On these two foundations--glorifying God in all things and choosing the noblest and the best--depend the other principles listed below for the selection of music by Christians.

Maybe for non believers, the above statements are fine, but real Christians should avoid all secular music, and stick to music that edifies God only...

For example, John Denver writes really good songs about God and living with God in the mountains, but recently I discovered his moral life was not good enough for him to be a spirit filled person for a practicing Christian, for non believers and backsliders yes, his music is helpful, but for a strong Christian wanting more power from Jesus, such music is not helpful ....

If ye seek more and more power of Jesus flowing in your life, your praise in music must be more and more edifying His Name and glory.... thus all forms of secular music and some spiritual music must be tested for its content and beat.... spiritual music does not have beat, it has words spoken, the feelings of power come when the mind by faith accepts the power of the words that flow in the soul, not from the beat that make our feelings.

Shalom Rob , I my being a star in this.summer a North.England Camping Meeting! Thank u Rob !
After knowing About Sir Elton John.. cant apreciate any longer his "nice" lyrics!


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