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Muslims are very hard to get people,why?because they are very allergy of the words Bible and Jesus,even the doctors of theology couldn't win their hearts thru bible study,Qur'an study or whatsoever,but God said,you can win their hearts thru love,i have something to share you,but it is only a part of our approach here in tawi-tawi,Philippines if you have yours pls. share it alsö here...

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Good Point Mr. Espinoza

@sir Rodrigues thank you so much for your comments, you kn0w brethren, i don't care about the origin of the Muslims because i kn0w God loves them also as He loves me,thats why i need to minister unto them, i suggest you all to try to read the writings of Edward Gibbon and you will kn0w that Muslims are came fr0m God.

Actually they are ancestors of Issac half brother, whom Abraham had with Hagar.. God prommised to make them a great nation in a different respect than Issac for the sake of his love For Abraham, and his mercy on Hagar.


God as usual kept His promise, and they turned form Him eventually the same way the children of Israel did...

So I really don't see what people think is the big difference people make here... God knows every hear on their heads just as He does mine. I just cant help but hind it sad how many people are afraid of being contaminated by those "uncircumcised Romans"

Jelmar the Adventist message is the only true and consistent massage from God to the planet. The Quran teaches that Jesus did not die for our sins because he did not die on the cross. Yes, we should reach out to all men and preach the doctrine we have to the whole globe. Like I said the Adventist doctrine is the only true and consistent doctrine from God.

Religion or no religion who cares  about  that,people will be judged to what they thought was right according to Laws of God

Religion or no Religion! What are you saying? Are you saying that a atheist can go to Heaven? The Bible was clear, Jesus is the only way through which we can get to God (through which we can be saved). The only name under Heaven. He is the only Saviour of Mankind. Man will not to Judged by what he think was right but he will be judged by the light received. There is a big difference. Because there is a way that seemeth right unto every man be the ways thereof is death. 

I have watched the Walter Veith video and saw some intersting connections between the presence of mosques and Catholic cathedrals (Spain being one example). I have also come to understand Muslims use some kind of rosary that's very similar to the Catholic one.

Allah is so merciful,because if He did n0t raised Prophet Muhammad,we, Seventhday Adventist did n0t exist today. That's the fact that pushed me to work for their salvation,so as to other religions. How about you? What are you doing now? We have here a DvD,movie that touches the heart of the Muslims and recognize us as the true religion of Allah {God}.

You want to explain this one for me? "if He did n0t raised Prophet Muhammad,we, Seventhday Adventist did n0t exist today." That statement makes no sense to me, because the Bible is the reason we are SDA's.. Mohamed had nothing to do with it's writing...

I agree with you Pauly. 

Jelmar , are you suggesting that Muhammad is alive and is in heaven ?

Very interesting thought Jelmar and it makes a lot of sense to me. I would like to look more into it.

I am n0t saying that muhammed saw is already in heaven,am so fool to say that,
By d way,brethren who did n0t agree with my statement about our existence as sda,i want to clarify that it was n0t muhammed,but it was God {Allah} thru muhammed who preserved the sabbath keepers,if you read God's word in the Spirit of Prophecy books,it is clearly said that thru muhammad,thru muslims the people of God was preserved during the 1260 years dark ages.


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