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Muslims are very hard to get people,why?because they are very allergy of the words Bible and Jesus,even the doctors of theology couldn't win their hearts thru bible study,Qur'an study or whatsoever,but God said,you can win their hearts thru love,i have something to share you,but it is only a part of our approach here in tawi-tawi,Philippines if you have yours pls. share it alsö here...

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I am n0t saying that muhammed saw is already in heaven,am so fool to say that,
By d way,brethren who did n0t agree with my statement about our existence as sda,i want to clarify that it was n0t muhammed,but it was God {Allah} thru muhammed who preserved the sabbath keepers,if you read God's word in the Spirit of Prophecy books,it is clearly said that thru muhammad,thru muslims the people of God was preserved during the 1260 years dark ages.
I am mistaken? Oh!, well, maybe so, because you are just so prejudice with this religion, because you think this religion is evil, if u could only kn0w how this religion being used by Jesus and how it became corrupted, if you only understand the msg. of the two crosses beside Jesus, maybe your tears will fall fr0m your blurd eyes.

Jelmar. Makes sense to me and well worth looking into. thanks for this info.


Chilllllll out.... You are getting way too defensive. The whole point of these discussion forums is having a civilized debate among brotheren until we can come to a consensus for the benefit of all... You can not expect everyone to agree with you, and you can also not reasonably expect everyone to walk on egg shells for you either...

It is like this on every forum on every topic, and actually from what I have read this is not nearly as heated of a debate as often happens.. Many are obviously toning it down quite a bit in an attempt to be sensitive even though they may feel passionately on the subject. So try to keep that in mind...

You have needlessly attacked me in the past on this very forum, when I was going out of my way to be respectful and even had many good things to say about Muslims... You need to calm down and stop assuming that everyone that disagrees with you is prejudice.... 

i suggest you all to read these books,
Daniel and Revelation (Moslem world in Prophecy)
The Great Controversy (John Huss)
and,the presentations of Stephen Dickie,

Revelation 9. The Muslims

read also statements of Martin Luther about the Muslims.
Im n0t here for debate,because i dont have kn0wledge like you, I am just sharing you how to approach these kind of people as what God taught me, if you say I am wr0ng, its like you're saying God is wr0ng because I have all my basis fr0m the bible, you kn0w if you have time you can visit here and i will explain to you the message,and if you find s0me mistakes according tö the Holy Scripture,i will recognize you as a true servant of God.

you can say,feel and belìeve that i am absolutely wr0ng, i understand because what you think n0w is what i thought yesterday!

you said;   "if you say I am wr0ng, its like you're saying God is wr0ng because I have all my basis fr0m the bible," 

Are you serious ?

try to understand what i mean. YES I AM SERIOUS! oooops dont get me wrong! read my previous posts

Well, maybe some of you do not understand what i mean, the Spirit of Prophecy tells us that it is not deception if you would not tell all the truth in one time, and it teaches us how to approach these kind of people who does not believe in the Bible, we have to win their hearts first by telling them all the good things they have done(no evil things that they did), i hope you will understand me sooner.

Can you imagine, after we have presented to them this kind of approached we have, we can talk to them about the Bible, about Jesus, and about Heaven? shocking even in our part! How could these kind of people listen to you while you are talking about the matters i have mentioned above? But God has given us ways, try to read the book EVANGELISM and let God teach you. I hope you will understand me sooner because we have but a little time left, we have to warn them not to receive the Mark of the Beast (Sunday). HOW? maybe you can give them a bible study, or just give them a Bible and SOP, or you can make a crusade, but if you have tried all these, try this one that i have presented to you or visit my on growing website and please if you have something to help We are happy to receive. Godbless every one


My brother Jelmar. God has placed this burden on your heart of reaching out to muslim people. May God continue to bless your efforts.

@barbee, have you studied carefully the Holy Scriptures? If yes, then why have you said that muslims were organized by catholics? Don't you know that it was your Father in heaven who raised them to protect and preserve the truth? Don't you know also that they are the identical of the old Ishrael? These and many more questions you need to research.


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