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I envisioned this discussion to share our personal testimonies of how Yahweh is working in our lives. This will encourage the rest of us who read to hold fast to the faith He has begun in us.

Not just our one time personal testimonies but any time we see Yahweh working in our lives. Maybe even a daily thing.

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As for me, I grew up in an Adventist home. I had four older brothers. Two of them put up pictures of bikini clad women in their rooms and I wondered what these were. I would stay at my grandparents house for four to six weeks in summer while I was a preteen. At that time they got satellite TV. They new nothing of parental controls so I could watch anything I liked. Also at this time a family friend introduced me to some unwholesome games that involved a lot of daring to do things that were not good with his sister and others of her friends that came over.

Suffice it to say that I became a sex addict before I was a teen. I was too shy to "go all the way" but my mind was there. I began to feel that what I was doing was wrong so I tried to stop. I thought that since it was easy to start it would be easy to stop. Boy, was I wrong. By the time I moved out I was lost in sin. I sang in an urban gospel choir and helped out at church but I knew I was lost.

When I got a little older I thought that if I could get married that the temptation would be "released" with relations with my wife. I got married and it got worse. We were invited to some meetings that stressed the importance of putting family first. I learned a principle I call the "Good, Better, Best Principle." Basically it goes likes this. As Christians we try to eliminate the evil from our lives so we try and do only good. The devil realizes this so he brings so much "good" stuff our way to get involved in that there is no time for the "better and best" things.

When we got home we immediately trashed our TV and DVD player. This was a major turning point in my struggle. However, I still had internet and I could not kick the habit. All along I felt Yahweh was telling me to share my struggle with others but I was too ashamed. I went to a Sexaholics Anonymous meeting a few times. It helped only a little. I was caught by my wife many times. She threatened to separate. I tried everything... that is everything but what Yahweh impressed me to do. Finally I confessed my fault in front of a large group of people at a camp meeting. I also confessed to our mixed Bible study. I did receive freedom from not only the outward acting out... Yahweh also cleaned up my mind! That's POWER. I know that there is a "god in [spiritual] Israel."

Since then I have shared my testimony with the young men I work with in construction and just about everyone that will listen. This is what I believe Yahweh wants of me to maintain my humility. I am constantly reminded of my need of a savior. He is GOOD!

Also there have been men who have come and talked with me seeking help for the same problem. I now believe that Yahweh wants us to be much more open with our faults because in doing so we can encourage others.

Praise Yahweh I have not acted out in over 15 months. He is good!

I hope you all are blessed by my testimony and spurred on to seek first His kingdom.



Very powerful brother.  God creates and he re-creates.  He can work wonders in our lives.  We just have to allow him.

i too have been exposed to material i should have stayed innocent of

my parents had porn under their bed and i had a steady flow of new material to go carzy about

decades and decades of porn

deep deep trenches in the brain of habits that entertain and escapes tha thave to be healed and new paths in the brain to form of looking away and bouncing the eyes and not going to websites or movies that show men uncovered

as men we can compartmentilize things easily

to masterbate and fantasize then a lil time lapses and prayer and scripture we pretend its beat and go to church with a smile

over and over again for years

ignoring and  sweeping it under the rug

then u go to a 12 step group at another church (SDA dont trust each other as a rule so we cant have an honest group in our own church) and out of a town of 120,00 people- only 12 men suffer thru this!


its called EVERYMAN'S BATTLE for a reason


internet /radio christian counseling

The Gift of celibacy is a precious gift that God gives

it is only thru HIM with the aid of men who admit honestly their struggles that we can be healed and have a Purity of Heart

it took years for us to be damaged

it will take years to be healed completely

and some will go to their graves with facets not perfected on this issue

and thats where Christs blood covers! so take heart my friends

it took people to hurt us

it takes also people to help/heal us

with Christ as the foundation

Bear each others burdens and in this way you will fulfil the will of God Galatians 6:2 thank u for your testimony I am reminded of a hardship I've recently undergone and my pastors words ringing in my head to my husband and I if you had x ray vision you would be able to see how many people have problems but are so good at covering it, they put a face on and when they go home the mask is removed, it is good to share your struggles so others may be encouraged and see Gods goodness and working in your life and take stength from it, sometimes in life we feel as though we are the only ones going through a particular problem this prevents us from getting the help we our selves need or can give others, I believe satan uses this then to our own deterement and downfall, God bless you and your wife in this time I believe their we're pra warriors praying for your deliverance as well as your family and wife, when we are able to share wether it's problems or Gods blessings we can get the help God wants to give us

Thanks Will, for sharing this personal testimony with us, it can't be easy. I have never been a sex addict but I have had my addictions and addiction is addiction period. You are helping so many by sharing this, and it does help not only to talk about it but to hear others struggles as well. And me saying you are helping others doesn't mean I have any prophetic insight or anything:) Thanks again for your candor.


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