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My view is that we are too near to the Promise Land to be fussing about something that is not Salvific. It is Satan's subtle wiles to distract us from the weightier matters of these end times and lure us into hell quarrelling about foolishness. As an ordained elder it matters not to me, whether or not women are ordained. Women have been fully involved in the mission and ministry of the church, no ordination is necessary for their involvement. We are down to Rev 11:18. The nations of the world are angry about the bigger more serious matters of the crisis world- probation is about to be closed and the wrath of God will be poured out.  We need to get pass this. It is not necessary. Let us stop wasting precious time and go out to snatch sinners from destruction.

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So what do we do, all over the world feminism is demanding ordination? Should we just let it be? 

It is a waste of time right now. Ordination or no ordination we have a work to do as a matter of urgency. I believe we should spend the few hours we have left on this earth seeking the lost Jason. Satan is smarter than us he knows how to distract us. Pity we are so blinded.

So we should alloy gay pastors since this is another issue in the church? 

Not touching that because we are not fools- the two cannot be compared- being gay is perversion, is sin. We can't install someone living in sin / immorality to lead God's people.


What astonishing deception and fearful blindness had, like a dark cloud, covered Israel! This blindness and apostasy had not closed about them suddenly; it had come upon them gradually as they had not heeded the word of reproof and warning which the Lord had sent to them because of their pride and their sins. And now, in this fearful crisis, in the presence of the idolatrous priests and the apostate king, they remained neutral. If God abhors one sin above another, of which His people are guilty, it is doing nothing in case of an emergency. Indifference and neutrality in a religious crisis is regarded of God as a grievous crime and equal to the very worst type of hostility against God. {3T 280.3}

I get you Jason and I have added .....
Ellen White defined conscience as “the voice of God, heard amid the conflict of human passions; when it is resisted, the Spirit of God is grieved”1 She counsels: “The Lord requires us to obey the voice of duty, when there are other voices all around us urging us to pursue an opposite course. It requires earnest attention from us to distinguish the voice which speaks from God. We must resist and conquer inclination, and obey the voice of conscience without parleying or compromise, lest its promptings cease.”2
“The greatest want of the world is the want of men—men who will not be bought or sold, men who in their inmost souls are true and honest, men who do not fear to call sin by its right name, men whose conscience is as true to duty as the needle to the pole, men who will stand for the right though the heavens fall.”9

It may well be right Redva. But newer the less the Church needs good leadership that is in Keeping with the Bible.

True, improper leadership is never going to have us heading in the right direction.

What do you refer to as improper Heisen?

What violates the conditions set by God.

Heisen what thee church needs now is unity, an upper room experience, a one accordness (coined) not a fussing and quarrelling and division over position. We have enough of that in our political arena etc.

I believe you want this reference but everyone has a different interpretation but I tend to be a literal minded person.

1 Timothy 3:1 - 7(KJV)

This is a true saying, if a man desire the office of a bishop, he desireth a good work.

A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach;

Not given to wine, no striker, not greedy of filthy lucre; but patient, not a brawler, not covetous;

One that ruleth well his own house, having his children in subjection with all gravity;

(For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God?)

Not a novice, lest being lifted up with pride he fall into the condemnation of the devil.

Moreover he must have a good report of them which are without; lest he fall into reproach and the snare of the devil.

Should we have unity through the dismissal of scripture and the acceptance of sin?  Then how can we blessed by God?  That is the conditions God has set.  So, how can we be in open rebellion and expect a blessing?


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