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My view is that we are too near to the Promise Land to be fussing about something that is not Salvific. It is Satan's subtle wiles to distract us from the weightier matters of these end times and lure us into hell quarrelling about foolishness. As an ordained elder it matters not to me, whether or not women are ordained. Women have been fully involved in the mission and ministry of the church, no ordination is necessary for their involvement. We are down to Rev 11:18. The nations of the world are angry about the bigger more serious matters of the crisis world- probation is about to be closed and the wrath of God will be poured out.  We need to get pass this. It is not necessary. Let us stop wasting precious time and go out to snatch sinners from destruction.

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 ZJ, you are a blessing to this forum, your like the Spirit police to me... with the pic of that offroad truck, lol... your like RoboSpirit Cop.. When discussions take on a wrong spirit you let it be known.. I agree, Redva is in full compliance with The Spirit code laws. But for real, thank you!


 Heisenberg, lol.. aka Walter White, I know you have your stance on ordination for women, but you can give some ground and say sure it's fine for a men to cook, clean, change dipers to help his wife out. If a wife is a stay at home mother, then it's fine for her to start a business from home to help out with the bills. The point Sister Redva was making is that husband and wife are to help each other.

 Still, that doesn't take away from the husband as being the head of the household.





Praise the Lord my brother. You are a blessing. Blessed are the peacemakers for theirs the Kingdom of Heaven. This applies to you ZJ. Continue to walk the Christian pathway with your encouraging, motivating influence. Blessings ZJ. 

No, just in full compliance with your imagination.

Reasoning, what other ground would you like to give up in scripture?  How about we give up on the Sabbath?  After all, that is some ground the rest of the world would also like us to give up, and we could just have an easier time complying with society just as we now are complying with feminism by denying the clear word of God.  Why not ignore other things to fit in?  Why not drink wine, or have a nice ham?  Eating ham is more ambiguous in scripture than Woman's Ordination by far.  Do you have a nice Christmas ham?

Also, as far as vegetarianism, far less supported by scripture than the clear set of rules for Ordination.  So, let's all lift out wine glasses, sit down to a nice ham with our wives (again more ambiguous than women's ordination) and have a nice ham together?

And not forgetting the weed 



 Daniel: "Reasoning, what other ground would you like to give up in scripture?  How about we give up on the Sabbath?  After all, that is some ground the rest of the world would also like us to give up, and we could just have an easier time complying with society just as we now are complying with feminism by denying the clear word of God"




  Daniel, what are you talking bro... what have I gave up in scripture? show it, prove it, if not, don't say things that aren't true. So no strong drink, no hams, lol.. like Jason said, can't forget the weed.. but none of that becomes admissible because of what I wrote.


 What did I write? in a nutshell, if your a husband, it's fine for the man of the house, the leader, the head of the family (which the Bible supports the husband being) to do thing around the house to help his wife.

 That doesn't mean I'm giving something up in scripture for a husband to clean the house,  cook dinner, do laundry, to help a wife with some things around the house.

 Just like it's nothing wrong for a wife to come to home depot with her husband to pick up some 2/4's and helping with some work around the house. Helping each other, in doing that, good time is spent together, which is always good for a relationship... It's calles QT!


 It's not going against the Bible brother Daniel.. it's o.k to cook for your wife and family after coming in from work, it may be a day a wife wasn't feeling good and didn't get around to cooking as she usally does, lol.. most husbands would get take out, but it might be a husband who likes to cook, and he cooks dinner for his wife.


  Lets flip it, what if the wife is the money maker, she's going out working the 9 to 5.. do you think that is wrong Daniel? 

 The husband has alittle more free time, maybe he's into real estate or something that allows for this free time, or maybe a stay at home dad.. he drops & picks the kids up to/from school, he makes a snack for them, he gets dinner ready, he cleans areas of the home (lol.. or get the kids to do it)... the wife comes home gets settled and starts helping out with whats going on, till things get done.


 The point is, a husband and wife are helping each other, if you have kids of age they can help as well.. A family helping each other is how it's suppose to be. This doesn't take away the husband as being the head of the house, in other words, it doesn't "give up ground in Scripture".





True Heisen and al you go down that pathway will certainly be dammed- destroyed. Let us ensure that we do not go that route neither push our brethren over the edge to destruction. We will keep praying, praising and encouraging as we go- pulling up the weak and falling or fallen.

Permalink Reply by Jason M. on Tuesday

And not forgetting the weed 

Redva Responding

I understand what you mean Jason, since Heisen mentioned the wine and ham etc. he shouldn't leave out the weed at all.

Permalink Reply by Heisenberg on Thursday

Redeva, I would retort that you are bent on being the lead no matter what scripture says, it is about your ego and need for control.  In fact the sin is yours.  My point, is if you are going to justify sin, you may as well be all in.

(Redeva, no  Redva)

Redva Responding

You are accusing, judging and condemning me please be reminded-

Romans 8:33-35King James Version (KJV)

33 Who shall lay any thing to the charge of God's elect? It is God that justifieth.

34 Who is he that condemneth? It is Christ that died, yea rather, that is risen again, who is even at the right hand of God, who also maketh intercession for us.

35 Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?

You are going too wild with your statement Heisen.


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