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Hi!  I've been asked to do a brief write-up about the beliefs held by the various off-shoots of Adventism.  Obviously, Shepherd's Rod and Branch Davidians come quickly to mind, but there are others who view themselves as "historic" Adventists.  I just don't know what they call themselves, so I'm having a hard time doing any research.  Do any of you know the names of some of these organizations that are, basically, independent reform movements of Adventism?  Thanks so much!!

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You may be better off sticking with the more easily definable groups. For example, in Australia there were/are the "CBs" (short for "Concerned Brethren") who were conservative members of the church who were concerned over the direction the church was taking in that country and were vocal about their fears. Camp Meetings were held, itinerant speakers invited and slowly books, tracts, magazines were produced and distributed, outreach series were held. However, it was not an organised movement as such, rather a homogenous group of people spread across the nation. If you were to attempt a write-up of beliefs you would have a problem as, whilst there was broad agreement amongst them in some specifics there were huge disagreements, i.e. trinity, holy names, feast-keeping, the SDA church as Babylon, etc.

You could look at what is known as "Firm Foundation". Despite the allegation being made this was the title of a magazine, not a group. However, the "historic " Adventists grew out of the combination of Hartland Institute and Hope International who, along with Prophecy Countdown and the ministries of the Grosballs and Bob Trefz. Even amongst the "historic" Adventists there were doctrinal disagreements so it is still hard to speak of them as a group.

Personally, I would recommend looking at the Reformed Seventh-day Adventist Church. They have a very interesting history and make a good case for being the real SDA Church (they claim that the rest of the denomination moved away from the original position of the SDA Church and left them as the remnant).

Thank you, JohnB.  That's very helpful.  I appreciate the time you took to give such a specific and detailed reply. Thank you!!


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