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Narcissistic Personality Disorder vs Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder vs. Narcissistic Personality Disorder:  How are They Different

Though the two personality disorders share some common symptoms, they are distinct disorders with their own set of diagnostic criteria. For example, both BPD and NPD deal with conflict in a way that is unhealthy to themselves and those around them. It’s the expression of the anger that results from the conflict that is different.

Symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Just like Borderline Personality Disorder, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) lists nine symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. If you exhibit five of these nine symptoms in a persistent manner, you meet the criteria for diagnosis of NPD:

  • An exaggerated sense of one’s own abilities and achievements
  • A constant need for attention, affirmation, and praise
  • A belief that you are unique or “special,” and should only associate with other people of the same status
  • Persistent fantasies about attaining success and power
  • Exploiting other people for personal gain
  • A sense of entitlement and expectation of special treatment
  • A preoccupation with power or success
  • Feeling envious of others, or believing that others are envious of you
  • A lack of empathy for others

NPD and BPD: Similarities and Differences

Narcissistic Personality Disorder can exist on its own, but can also be found co-occurring with Borderline Personality Disorder. Mix and match five out of nine symptoms of NPD with five out of the nine symptoms of BPD, and you get someone who will likely be described at least as “difficult” or “high maintenance,” and who certainly is having a tough time in day-to-day life.

Both people with BPD and with NPD deal with an intense fear of abandonment. Enhancing that fear of abandonment is the fact that sustaining relationships with others in the face of these symptoms is a challenge to say the least. “Intense and stormy relationships” is, in fact, one of the characterizing symptoms of BPD.

In an article for Psychology Today, Susan Heitler, PhD, author and Harvard graduate, describes emotionally healthy functioning in the absence of BPD or NPD: “Emotionally healthy functioning is characterized by ability to hear your own concerns, thoughts, and feelings and also to be responsive to others’ concerns.”

In the world of the narcissist, that second part just isn’t present. Narcissists are unable to step outside of themselves to imagine any weight behind someone else’s opinion. This renders someone with NPD socially and emotionally ineffective, and affects their ability to maintain relationships.


The hallmarks of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) are grandiosity, a lack of empathy for other people, and a need for admiration. People with this condition are frequently described as arrogant, self-centered, manipulative, and demanding. They may also concentrate on grandiose fantasies (e.g. their own success, beauty, brilliance) and may be convinced that they deserve special treatment. These characteristics typically begin in early adulthood and must be consistently evident in multiple contexts, such as at work and in relationships. 

People with narcissistic personality disorder believe they are superior or special, and often try to associate with other people they believe are unique or gifted in some way. This association enhances their self-esteem, which is typically quite fragile underneath the surface. Individuals with NPD seek excessive admiration and attention in order to know that others think highly of them. Individuals with narcissistic personality disorder have difficulty tolerating criticism or defeat, and may be left feeling humiliated or empty when they experience an "injury" in the form of criticism or rejection. 

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Well well seems like you must have found a way of walking with God and the devil at the same time. To my recollection, Jesus said it was not possible. Or is it as we see the most obvious answer is just madness.  

While in the military we were taught to respect the "chain of command".  God has a similar order because God is a God of order.  The Bible teaches that Jesus is our Elder Brother", which means he is above us, not our buddy.  Everything about God teaches that he is above everything, then the angels and then us.  It seems James who calls us fools does not understand this and can order God about with a loud King James speaking preacher tone.  Does it say some where that we are to be humble????



"Thus saith The Lord: I speak by the spirit to mankind, but many of you defy and do not believe that I the living God speak to man through the spirit that I have given believers even to this very day. Where do you think my written Word came from? It was given by prophesy in old time not by the will of man, but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the spirit that inspired them.

You mockers, railers and blasphemers, who despise the spirit and the Words that I inspire; Surely unless you repent, you shall answer for such, for you say you believe, then why don't you believe? You say you follow my Son, but why don't you follow my Son both in Word and deed?

Hypocrites, despisers of the spirit and devoid of love, having a form a godliness but denying the power thereof. It shall wax worse and worse for you. Now, for those that have a kind heart, though you lack understanding in some things, as all men lack in understanding as no man knows everything, but are seeking and striving to do good and seek my will and truth, I understand and want to continually teach you from not just my written Word, but my spirit as well. But most of your leaders do not know how my spirit works, nor how to hear my voice. Nor do they teach you, for one who does not know cannot teach what they do not know. All you have to do is desire to hear, be humble to my voice, and listen, and I am there.

You do not have to be perfect, without sin to hear my voice, for there is no man other than my only begotten Son who was and is without sin. He came to deliver you from death through eternal life and to allow you to fellowship with me and with my Son, which is what I have always desired. But you need to press in and seek my voice, and I will be found, seek and you shall find. But mockers, railers and blasphemers, they never listen nor seek my voice, but love to stand in opposition to my spirit, deliverance and comfort that I give only through my spirit, and Words that were written long ago from my spirit and those that I give in these times as well. I am not a God that cannot and will not speak to His people, but they must listen in order to hear, and seek earnestly my voice." You say you believe in the spirit of prophesy, but the spirit nor is prophecy dead, but lives in every believer if they would only understand that?

This the beginning of times of peril, and those that listen and obey will have ability to stand against the wiles of the Devil, defend and aggressively oppose and obstruct the wicked. But there is not a lot of time to wait. I wish that my people would endeavor to be moved by my spirit, instead of it lying dormant, not utilized or even desired to be made known and manifested. There is a great spirit of apathy among many people, who think that they do well, when they refuse to act against evil and stand for the truth both in Word and deed. One can say the hungry need to be fed. That is good, but is it not better to say the hungry need to be feed, and then find food for them to eat? It is good to say, walk by the spirit, but it is better to say walk by the spirit and do so, day by day?

Many of my people do not eat of my spiritual food as they should, as my spirit is a fountain of living waters, flowing and available to all who wish to drink of it."

"The more you mockers mock, the more the spirit will have something to say of it. Go on then, hew out your broken cisterns that can hold no water, and do not quench the thirst, but you do quench the spirit which you defy and despise. Surely, your crocked paths shall not prosper, nor your steps lead to peace and tranquility, but lead to darkness and death. Your mouths speak swelling words of unbelief, professing to be wise, you are fools, devoid of the spirit, striving against the spirit and performing dead works of the flesh, touch not, taste not, handle not. Perfecting of the flesh and judging by the flesh. It is not profitable to you or anyone else. But the manifestation of the sprit is given to every man to profit withal. I would that you walked by the spirit in love, but you do not. There be some here that strive to walk by my written Word and as inspired, I commend such and encourage you to do so more so."

I see you, like the Watchtower members use caps for Devil but refuse to for the Holy Spirit. This is one of the ways we know that the Watchtower is controlled by the Devil. They put him above the Spirit of God as you do here.

The diagnosis is better than being a child of the devil... Js.
That's your ignorance, holy spirit lower case signifies the gift of God, but capitalized Holy Spirit should be used to signify the one true God, the Father and Creator. Capitalization has been used interpretively without authority and wrongly, as all words originally were capitalized. The context reveals whether it is the gift or the giver (God) is the subject. Bullinger even though a trinitarian recognized the significance and distinction of the gift and the giver. If you had studied this scholar and not rejected it out of hand you could have learned something instead of shooting your mouth off in writing.

I think rather the one who is ignorant is you, James. Thinking you can use the Holy Spirit as a tool to do your Humanistic bidding. God gives gifts to his people to grow the church. Not to be abused by selfish persons like you for his own ends. 

Well, I would revise that statement somewhat.  You can pray for the presence of the Holy Spirit and the very acoustics of a room will change.  When I have been called upon to preach in the past I ask, like Elisha of Old, for a double portion of the Holy Spirit, that only what He would want said will be spoken.  I have prepared sermons before, and the Spirit nudge me not to give that one, but another the night before.  Despite my handicap, or having a vicious migraine.  When I am speaking from scripture in a sermon, the Spirit sustains me until I am done, and then my infirmity washes over me like a violent wave.  My style is different than most, because it is scripture after scripture.  When I am preparing a verse comes to mind, and another follows, then another and another.and so forth.  But, I think that is what was done in the Synagogues both for Jew and Gentile, to read and explain from scripture, rather than simply story telling.

I understand Heisenberg your post regarding being led by the holy spirit (the gift of God), as I have experienced similar things. Those that don't are sadly not doing what God wants believers to do. This thread was started to accuse me of NPD not being named initially but later admitted by Elijah.

These are most dispicable and disgusting and totally demonic and totally UNCHRISTIAN, and inspired by demons. This especially hurtful as I had to defend against false charges of mental illness in court in relation to being my mother's caregiver brought by my own relative in attempts to force involuntary psychiatric evaluation. I won the 5150 case. My relative behind my back told everyone including agencies and medical people that I was mentally ill.

My wicked relative was in collusion with a conservator and attorneys who were continually making false charges against me, as my relative had turned on my mother and I in attempts to both put her in a home to sell her house and defraud me of my inheritance, which I did receive. There were numerous wicked acts and details of evil devices, perjury, and eventually my mother died a terrible death caused by or contributed to by these people involved despite my attempts to keep my mother in her home. There was tremendous money making by the licensed attorneys and two wicked conservators.

JasonM and Elijah falsely accusing me and discusing this brought back terrible events which are too long and detailed for here, as well details of corruption of the worst kind.

These two individuals are worse than Pharisees and have no decency whatsoever, nor did they aoologize for this wickedness. Interesting that JasonM and Elijah's discussings me in such manner, without being trained, licensed, experienced or qualified whatsoever to diagnose mental illness could be evidence of them with mental as well as spiritual and moral illness as a NPD, BPD and delusions of grandeur, but instead I will just give them the benefit of the doubt, they are just plain wicked and dispicable to the highest degree.

Their ignorance and unlearned and inexperience regarding the holy spirit and the manifestations equally disqualifies them as experts in that area and has as much credibility as their opinions on mental illness.

Just as Ellen White predicted so long ago.  People will mistake the Holy Spirit for an evil one and deceive themselves.  The local church did just that.  Two of the Children were in the attic and saw two demonic entities of the rented church that frightened them.  The Head Elder said, 'Are you sure they weren't angels'  Every bad decision they make to glorify evil and eschew good they blame on the 'Holy Sprit,' but clearly there is nothing Holy about the Spirit they follow. 


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