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  It looks like there's a good chance I'll be heading back to school.  It's been over 20 years, but it appears that God has put me in a position to return.  Of course there are some things that still have to fall into place.  Those things will remain between God and I, since I'm waiting until I am positive it is His will for me.


I did take one placement exam and prayed about it and without studying math in over 20 years, I placed exactly where I needed to for the degrees I'm looking at.  I believe God helped, because as I took the exam I began remembering some of the things that I'd learned when I was a teenager and haven't used since. 


It was just a blessed feeling and wanted to share.


God bless!

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:) God bless

=) keep the faith

I second that, LadyC... Im currently back in college also!!!

May the Lord bless all efforts towards His guidance in furthering our education for ultimately His, and lastly our causes!!


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