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In another thread, I suppose I SHOULDN'T even put this on here, but I'm looking for ex..., one of our sisters brought the question of a prophet and his truthfulness to the forum. There were some careful, some instant believer's comments and some full scale critics. The author herself stated: "I do and cannot say this is of God, I DO know it has happened very often since the first "vision", and is still happening. Someone please give me something I can understand."

I believe that God at all times through history and today has servants that fully give themselves to Him so that He may speak to individuals, the church or even mankind through them. We are also aware that Jesus personally emphasized the warning that false prophets will arise who will deceive many. (Matth. 24:11)

So I'd like to post a biblical way to test prophets. Ellen White had to "take" it and I believe it is in place for any one of our brothers and sisters who use the name of the Lord as a signature to their writings. The following is taken from one of Heinz Schaidinger's Bible studies (German language), a teacher from our Adventist seminary in Bogenhofen, Austria. I will try to update this if any of you find and post other key criteria.

Tasks and Testing of True Prophets

The tasks of a prophet of God is not alone to predict things to come but also to guide and lead (Hosea 12:13ff) and to bring the people of God to repent (Jeremiah 26: 1-15, 23:22).

  1. How to recognize a false prophet
    1. Jeremiah 6:14, Ezechiel 13:16, 2. Timothy 4:2ff : They say what people want to hear, not they should be hearing
    2. Micah 3:11, 1 Timothy 6:5, Titus 1:11: They are motivated by personal profit
    3. Isaiah 28:7, Jeremiah 23:14+32: The way they lead their life tempts people to sin
    4. Deuteronomy 13:1-5, 18:20: They lead the people away from God and not to Him
  2. How to recognize a true prophet
    1. Matthew 7:15-20: By their fruits you shall recognize them...
    2. Isaiah 8:20, Romans 12:7, 1 Corinthians 14:32, Galatians 1:8ff: There must not be any contradiction between a prophet's message and any past revelation of God. Jeremiah 26:16-19 illustrates this, also 1 Thessalonians5:19ff.
    3. Jeremiah 28:9, 18:7-10, Deuteronomy 13:1-5: Prophecies must come true - but they may be conditional, such as Jonah 3:10, 1 Samuel 2:29, Isaiah 2:2-5. These prophecies never came true and yet Jonah, Moses and Isaiah were no false prophets. The conditions or requirements for the prophecy were not met. Also there may be false prophets whose predictions do come true. These then need to be recognized by their message.
    4. 1 John 4:1ff: Jesus must be at the heart of their message.
    5. Jeremiah 23:16-22: A true prophet does not present a gentle and slumberous "gospel" but rather a clear call to repentance. Who would dare to quiet the voice of the Lord?
    6. Deuteronomy 18:15, Numbers 12:3: Moses was humble. A real sign of a true prophet is that he is not vain or proud. These verses show how every future prophet will be tested against Moses.

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I don't think we have anything to fear from other prophets or opinions.  If we are firmly grounded in Christ we will always see the counterfeit.  I believe Christ should be our focus and we should not be too distracted by the study of evil or worldly conspiracy theories.  Yes, we know these things exist and should be aware.  But the study of Christ Only will keep us immersed in His presence.

I believe there will be more true prophets of God before the end of time.  So our duty is to test each prophet.  The original post of this discussion gives good methods as well as a book I was introduced to in this discussion:  A Prophet Among You.  I've just finished reading it and it's good.  It's mostly about Ellen White's ministry but gives a good introduction to the gift of prophecy as well as testing a prophet.  I recommend all those interested in this topic read it.

Blessings and prayers,

we had a prophet show up at our church ages ago and everyone dismissed her cause she was wearing lipstck

and it didnt match her complexion  either


we had a prophet show up at our church ages ago and everyone dismissed her cause she was wearing lipstck

and it didnt match her complexion  either


ROTFLMBO!!!!!!!   *much laughter*


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