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Sabbath Blessings Brethren.

I have a concern:
It has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt that the New International Version (NIV) Bible and some others like NASB are corrupt, and that more than 64,000 words have been removed and other verses tempered with or completely removed.

And now the question is, why does the SDA Church sell and use the corrupted NIV BIBLE? The Bible that steps Jesus underfoot while lifting up the Antichrist, Why?

Can some Pastor, Evangelist or theologian help me understand please.

Waiting to be helped.

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Some find it easier to understand. We encourage people to use various Bible translations and versions since all have problems

Pastor Dr. Derrick Morris & Pastor Dr. Dwight K. Nelson both say any translation you want to use is OK with them.  They all have strengths and weaknesses.  And you can find Jesus in the bible


Be careful with both of these preachers 

i get more out of reading different versions than just one.

What bible do you think is best to read Joseph Mwila Bwembya?

All Bibles have some fault even KJV, but what MFG says is a good advice reading the same passage in several translations makes it more clear what the original author had in mind when it was put down the first time. 

What Andrew Says may be true to a point but in reality there is no perfect Bible not even KJV as some tend to claim. 

If you want to read some more about how and why different translations came about and why KJV is the most trust-worthy translation read this sharing book from the AF site 

I grew up using the Good News Bible. It's far worse than the NIV and has some added books including Sirach, Bel and the Dragon, Prayer of Manasseh etc. Still, I found God while reading it, So NIV is cool

Good for you but I won't say they are fine. We encourage people to use various versions

The KJV I believe is the best bible and not corrupted, but at times the old English can be difficult to understand. In those instances I will refer to New Living Translation or NIV versions, but then I go right back to the KJV for better clarity. Sometimes the NIV has some things translated quite well, but I have certainly come across some lackluster changes in it. Why does our church sell the NIV? because our church has fallen into compromise and quite frankly they care more about making a dollar than saving souls these days. If they are going to sell it , it should be sold with a disclaimer such as " this NIV bible has some corruptible changes added in by modern scholars but can be used for modern English clarity in some cases. Please refer to the King James version because it is a  superior and a more complete bible translation."

How does everyone feel about the New KJV and New Living Translation?

Hello Ross the KJV is a great version as its 400 years reign as the best version atests. But I must disagree that KJV is superior it has faults as it was mainly based on the Latin Vulgate who was a catholic translation filled with bias to the catholic faith. I am not saying that it is a translation totally based on the Vulgate as the influence of a english reformer did make a contribution also see GC chapter 5 . “The morning star of the Reformation.” John Wycliffe, did have some influence on KJV as they used portions of his translation. 

One of the most troubling things about NIV is its attempt to deny the begotten sonship of Christ. In several key verses like John 3:16, it drops the word "begotten".

Joseph said:  "Can some Pastor, Evangelist or theologian help me understand please."

   "Satan is constantly endeavoring to attract attention to man in the place of God. He leads the people to look to bishops, to pastors, to professors of theology, as their guides, instead of searching the Scriptures to learn their duty for themselves. Then, by controlling the minds of these leaders, he can influence the multitudes according to his will. {GC 595.2}
     These opponents of Jesus were men whom the people had been taught from infancy to reverence, to whose authority they had been accustomed implicitly to bow. "How is it," they asked, "that our rulers and learned scribes do not believe on Jesus? Would not these pious men receive Him if He were the Christ?" It was the influence of such teachers that led the Jewish nation to reject their Redeemer.  {GC 595.3}


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