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I'm no prophet! But could obamacare just possibly be the start of the reaping season for the generations of sowing by the abortion industry. As medical costs go higher and higher and what we are seeing with obamacare in that people are not buying it, indeed many are claiming they will just pay the fine, is it not possible the answer for the unsustainable spending for medicine would be euthanasia? Irony of ironies. The survivors of the abortion generation deciding the fate of the perpetrators by declaring there is no quality of life; just put them to sleep. I know it sounds like something out of a bad movie but we live in an age of godlessness even among many professing Christians. What do you think?

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Jesus is coming extremely soon.  We've already had a "time of the end" prophetic event which signifies that everything is going to happen rapidly.  In the Millerite time period their "time of the end" was in Dan. 11:40 part A.  And it was the collapse of the RC church by "communism."  In Jesus' time the time of the end had to do with Daniel chapter 9.  In our day, it's dan. 11:40 part B, which happened in1989 with the fall of the Soviet Union.  dan 10:40-45 are the events connected with the close of probation, and the next thing to happen, vs 41, is the King of the North, Rome, comes into the glorious land (USA) and overthrows many.  This is the National SUnday Law.  It could happen any day. 

I believe the latter rain is sprinkling, the 7th trupet has sounded, the 3rd woe has started, the judgment of the living is happening, the shaking is happening and probation is soon to close.

CORRECTION, France wasn't communist, it was atheist, and that spirit then migrated to the Soviet Union, and so it was atheistic communism in the Soviet Union which was the ideology representing that power.

No!  smh

POINT 1: Semantics: Let's get our terms straight: This is NOT health care and it's not health insurance, it's a sick tax---You, myself, and everyone else in this country will be progressively taxed for other peoples' sickness, even if you are healthy for your entire life.

"Health care" is what one does in the comfort and privacy of his home and in his activities of daily living. Good health care comprises those things done in order to lessen the likelihood of developing certain bad illnesses -- that is, one cares for one's health. In many ways, health care is like integrity -- it is how a person behaves when no one is watching.

“Sick care, or medical care, is what the sick care delivery system provides. The system operates within the language of illnesses/conditions and procedures related to those illnesses/conditions. The essence of the sick care system is repair and rescue. A person perceives or has an illness/condition and enters the sick care system to have the problem fixed.

With a repair and rescue industry, it is reckless to believe that there is a cost savings by opening it to more broken products to be fixed at more repair shops and by hiring more repair technicians. This is the essence of the attempts at sick care reform -- proliferating people-patching.”

POINT 2: Obamacare is a TAX. It's not a benefit and it's not free.

“The Supreme Court has ruled that the program is within the powers of the government as a tax. This ruling essentially rules that the healthcare program, de facto, is a tax program.”

'You know who' argued strongly that it would not be a tax. He lied.

POINT 3: Obamacare is Socialist: Government Legislated Monopolies Shut Out Smaller Insurers—You Will Probably Lose Your Private Plan: Millions Lose Coverage.

Socially engineering soiciety to engage in commerce is socialist—but it great for the banks who own the major insurance companies.

Blaylock, Russell L. M.D. *8/15/2009). National Health Insurance: A Socialist Nightmare. Retrieved from

Obama promised repeatedly that if you liked your doctor or your plan you could keep your plan and doctor, “period.” He lied.

The fact is 80-100 million or more Americans will lose their current plans.

This is so the favored companies can come in and create a government sanctioned monopoly:

HHS Secretary Kathlene Sebelius bullied insurance companies not to discuss the impact of Obamacare on their insurance coverage with their clients during the debate on Obamacare.

I have not talked to a single doctor yet that is in favor of this health care-less.

As you say, this is classic penalization of the responsible in favor of the irresponsible. Everything is designed to excuse and facilitate sin. Success is punished and excess is rewarded.

I thought he won--Twice

The Supreme Court has already ruled that the Affordable Care Act is constitutional.

POINT 1:  They have ruled that yes, but they have also violated the Consttution in several ways and broken their oath of office by doing so which is TREASON:

US Constitution  Article 1 Secton: 10"No State shall. . . Pass any. . . Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts"

This means I have the unlimited right to contract with whomsoever I choose and Big Brother cannot force me to contract with an insurance company or any other company to buy their services, and regardless of that clause, it is a common sense violation of Liberty, and Natural Law to use color of law to engage in business.  This is WAY outside the scope of the role and purpose of gov't.  It's both fascist and Marxist

It also violated precedent law regarding natural and God given Rights of Contract, as well as the Due Process clause as found in Lochner v. New York.

"the Court established that the 'freedom, or liberty of contract was a basic, fundemental right protected by the liberty and property provisions of the Due Process Clause of the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment.' As a natural right, freedom of contract recieved the greatest judicial protection by the Constitution." --p 108

POINT 2:  This tax is unconstitutional.  Taxes must be apportioned which means that if California has 40% of the population then they must pay 40% of all the taxes collected.

Article 1 Section 2:  "Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective Numbers."

And the 16th Amendment was never lawfully ratified and is a fraud so the original article still stands.

There will be death panels soon.. . . Think I'm nuts?

You are skeptical and objective Jason but when it comes to Obama and his government that all flies out the window? What does SOP say about the USA and who is the dear leader of the USA? Hello!

If you don't ,you can be fined. Seems like we're being forced. I don't like that feeling either.

I have signed up.  I will have health insurance that I can afford for the first time since March of 2010.  I will now be able to afford to see a doctor or specialist.  I find this a great relief.

A refreshing voice that doesn't "catch the notes of the baying of the wolves."  (DA 353)

I am glad for you Jeanne.

I think anything that encourages civil disobedience, when such disobedience is not necessary, is not right.

"We are to recognize human government as an ordinance of divine appointment, and teach obedience to it as a sacred duty, within its legitimate sphere." (Acts of the Apostles p.68)


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