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Not trying to bring politics into the forum. But I just cant help to see how these laws which seem beneficial and harmless, are but pushing us closer to the  national sunday  law.

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believe it is being "forced" on America are misinformed and uneducated as the purpose of the ACA.

I did not say that.  If I did not have insurance with my employer I would be forced to buy obomanation care.  The cheapest plan is not much better than being poked in the eye and a burden on the poor. 

Sarah,my dear, I feel so sad for you. You will see all this will backfire on all of those who place their confidence on these government programs and forced healthcare acts. You will get the shocker of your life. Just wait and see!
That's not correct. The insurance is for those who do not have insurance. If a person wants to "find their own", they should have by now.

 Reply by Sarah Sulton 34 minutes ago

That's not correct. The insurance is for those who do not have insurance. If a person wants to "find their own", they should have by now

No, what I said is correct. I do apologize if the way I phrased it was not clear.  Here is a link to the explanation of the fee so you can read and comprehend it yourself.  It's on the site so you know its authenticity.  

While I like the security of having health insurance I don't support the govt forcing individuals to get it in order to sneak a new tax in and enrich various healthcare organizations (just my view of it).  It's fine if you're ok with It and think others should be forced to get insurance. I won't argue your choice in the matter. I just don't agree with it regardless of if I have healthcare or not; I simply view it as the govt slowing expanding it's control over the founding principles that made this country what it is.   

I read it....and yes, it is for those who do not have insurance.

Sarah does not care about facts.  Its pointless to give them when it comes to the ACA. 

She doesn't understand the concept,@Bart.

I understand far better than you think....I simply do not agree with you.  Big difference.

O.K....the FACT is there are people who I know personally that are very HAPPY with ACA.  

It is also O.K. for you not to for you--I just ask that you sign up with an insurance company so those of us who support ACA don't and up paying for your medical bills--or your children end up only receiving services for medical help through the emergency room.  Better yet, an open call come to the church and Christian websites asking for financial help.  

Those are the facts.

@Sarah,The point here is that we are being "forced" to buy it whether you need it or not.

There are LOTS of people who love being taken care of by the government.

Many of us do not.

That is the major problem here. 

Freedoms are being whittled away little by little.

We must re-learn to depend on God for EVERYTHING, and quit looking to Babylon for our strength ~

I agree (while I do take issue with what you are calling Babylon)....Many need to get a job with benefits and/or position themselves to be able to comfortably take care of themselves and their families with the help of the Lord.  God's people should never be in a constant state of struggling and poverty.  Everyone has a season, but it should only be a season.  Our children should not have to go without and neither should our churches.


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