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Not trying to bring politics into the forum. But I just cant help to see how these laws which seem beneficial and harmless, are but pushing us closer to the  national sunday  law.

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Whether something is good or bad,  is not as important as the issue of enforcement and mandates.  I think we all know where this is headed. God help us!

Thank you brother Robert. I wonder if you should post under the FLU SHOT forum for other to view this?

As we can see, not all Seventh Day Adventist believe in the Health Message.

So, if a person does not believe your version or interpretation of what makes a person a Seventh-day Adventist, they aren't?  

I didn't say that. Read carefully  before commenting. I said: NOT ALL SEVTENTH DAY ADVENTIST BELIEVE IN THE HEALTH MESSAGE. And it is obvious, that after reading brother Robert's posting about how "some"  SDA's are having a FLU shot campaign, that makes it obvious, don't you agree? That is only referring to the majority of those SDA's who do not believe is staying away from certain vaccines and other toxic drugs as instructed by the writings of EGW on the health messages.


,It is not my intention to offend  anyone whom have had these vaccinations. It is more about bringing awareness . I understand that we all have the desire to stay healthy. But it is the misrepresentation of these pharmaceutical companies that are misleading us. No one wants to be sick. We all want to be healthy. But we should, whenever making a decision on whether or not to accept these new experimental drugs that come into the market whether mandated or not, refer to the guidance of the SOP.

Hey I'm with you.. In fact you may enjoy this.. He is not the most entertaining man, but his gives a solid case against vaccination, weather one is christian or not.

I am just so disappointed that SDA Physicians gave into the use of these  toxins and poisonous agents to be administered to the elderly and to our children, that is, to our community in general.

 The church will appear to fall. 

 It is interesting that the Democrats were having a fit and accusing Cruze of being a terrorist because he and others were trying to get a 12 month delay on implementing  Obamacare. Now they are proposing that very thing two weeks later. The left hand has no idea what the left hand is doing and to make matters worse  many on the right have become left handed and double handed.

I guess we're beginning to see.

My grandpaws whole side of the family lives in Canada, and everyone I have ever meet from there (many) come to the US for healthcare, because by the time they would be done waiting in line for their heart surgery (just for one example) they would be dead.. The only reason everyone there is fine, is because they use lots of silver for a home remedy, and the border is easy to cross from Canada.

And many of the other country's you mentioned are even worse off.. In many of those country's, women can't even give birth in hospitals now, but have to go to birthing pools.. Many never get any kind of pain meds...ect.. Or at least that is what I have been reading in world news over the past several years..

Did you forget about the other countries Canadians fly to for health care?

And the fact that the ones who come to us are those who have serious medical issues and can't get any help in time there...

And if those statistics were put out by any government institution I wouldn't trust them any way..

All governments are corrupt.. The country makes no difference..


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