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Not trying to bring politics into the forum. But I just cant help to see how these laws which seem beneficial and harmless, are but pushing us closer to the  national sunday  law.

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so you enjoyed this ?  would you shake his hands ? 

Deflecting?  What about the war question?  1620 U.S. deaths in Afghanistan not to mention others who died, but we have Obama care. Whooo whoo!!

what about it? You are missing the point. We are not approving everything he does but we should pay respect where respect is due? Why can't SDAs act like Adventists? 

The government does what they think should be done. Very soon a nuclear bomb will explode in NY and the following week the NSL will be implemented. The lamb will become very fierce and will leave a path of destruction. The whole world will tremble with feat and follow him. We Adventists,- the true Sabbath keepers- will be hated but we should not hate the government. We are told not to hate our enemies and do good to those who persecute us. 

have you been reading the bible lately?

this earth is not our home and therefore if they hated Christ they will hate us also. We should not be the ones hating.  this is evil  

"Have you been reading the Bible lately?

This earth is not our home and therefore if they hated Christ, they will hate us also. We should not be the ones hating.  this is evil "

That begs the question, why are you then so pro Obama if it does not matter?   

Do not say I hate.  Pray for the man Obama he seems to be a very flawed person.    

North America is a huge mission field of unbelievers, but we have people like you and Sarah, who are cheerleaders for a political leader who is for abortion and war because he gives welfare benefits.  If time is short and it is why not focus on what matters.  Stand against war.  Forget about the government helping the poor. Do it yourself, I do.  How do government goodies bring Christ to the Lost?

why do you say i am pro Obama and cheerleaders for this government? 

Past posts, calling people extremist when all they do disagree with a law. 

so based on this bit of info you call me pro Obama and Obama cheerleader ?  I did not call anyone extremist for disagreeing with a low. Get the facts straight 

To quote Raymond.. "Deflecting?"

BTW. when I said I have done that move. I meant the awkward hand raising freak thing. I must say it is messed up that you would assume the worst..

 Very well said Raymond. We respect the position of the president of the United States. However the man himself must be worthy of respect.

Jason, are you in favor of forcing American people to purchase high priced goverment health care plans ? Do you think people should be receiving letters telling them that their current policy is illegal ? That is what was happening in many instances until the people rose up and the president backed this off for one year. Are you in favor of a president who tried to pass a law to where Us citizens could be struck with drones ? What have you got against the people of the United States? People who have funded with their taxes assistance to Central America.

O .            .          .         k

No matter who the President may be,we ought to respect him.

All this just tells me,we must pray for our nation.

God be with us.

Come on Jason, it could not be more evident !


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