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Not trying to bring politics into the forum. But I just cant help to see how these laws which seem beneficial and harmless, are but pushing us closer to the  national sunday  law.

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1620 U.S. Deaths in Afghanistan (not to mention all the others) under Obamas watch and Jasons answer: "what about it?"  

I though the great commission was about bringing the gospel to the lost, not getting them signed up for food stamps and health care. 

And a doubling of the deficit during his watch when he said that he would not run after his first watch if he did not turn things around. 

that's a lot of money for one man to spend. 

I did not say he spent it all. He promised to bring the solution and never in the history of our nation has the deficit jumped up 8 trillion in less than two terms.

What this man says seems to matter not. What kind of mental hold does he have on you ? He can say one thing on tape, in public one day and say exactly the opposite on tape  in public the next and many seem not to care. Truth matters not to people anymore.

It is very easy to spend alot of money. It is as simple as adding zeros to the number on the check.

Today the president spoke at the presidential prayer breakfast. He spoke of liberty and freedom in the USA while laws are being broken in the forcing of people to pay for gov't mandated health care that is not good and not wanted by tax payers.

Colporteur! Are you getting excited over politics!? I've been looking at this discussion and you are right in on it! You let me have it over the issue of politics. It's cool though; you are still my Adventist brother and I still love ya. But you've been caught!

Thought you all may be interested in this...

"People who grow their own food labeled ‘extremist’ by Dept. of Defense


by J. D. HEYES

extreme sq2If the founding fathers were reincarnated today, they’d probably start another revolution, this time to break away from an American government that has become far too imperial for its own good.


And as such, they’d be labeled “extremists” by those who mean to rule us.


In fact, the nation’s founders are considered extremists by the Pentagon, according to a new “training manual” that explicitly labels the framers as such.


Discovered by legal watchdog Judicial Watch via a Freedom of Information Act request, the manual was part of 133 documents provided by the Air Force. The January 2013 Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute “student guide” is entitled “Extremism.” The document says that it is “for training purposes only” and “do not use on the job.”


Believe in freedom? You’re an extremist…

The manual defines an “extremist” as “a person who advocates the use of force or violence; advocates supremacist causes based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, or national origin; or otherwise engages to illegally deprive individuals or groups of their civil rights.”


In addition, it says, “Nowadays, instead of dressing in sheets or publicly espousing hate messages, many extremists will talk of individual liberties, states’ rights, and how to make the world a better place.”


So, if ye love liberty and freedom more than ye love a big, powerful central government that has grown well beyond its constitutional boundaries, you’re an extremist. If ye dare to take care of yourself, to be an individual who grows his own food (weren’t there a number of farmers and plantation owners in the group of founding fathers?) ye are an enemy of the state.


Under the section, “Extremist Ideologies,” the manual states, “In U.S. history, there are many examples of extremist ideologies and movements. The colonists who sought to free themselves from British rule and the Confederate states who sought to secede from the Northern states are just two examples.”


Though the document released today by Judicial Watch was obtained from the Air Force, it originated in a DOD office and is, therefore, thought to likely be used in other agency components, said Judicial Watch.


“The Obama administration has a nasty habit of equating basic conservative values with terrorism. And now, in a document full of claptrap, its Defense Department suggests that the Founding Fathers, and many conservative Americans, would not be welcome in today’s military,” long-serving JW president Tom Fitton said.


“And it is striking that some [of] the language in this new document echoes the IRS targeting language of conservative and Tea Party investigations. After reviewing this document, one can’t help but worry for the future and morale of our nation’s armed forces,” he added.


This isn’t the first time the federal government, one of its agencies or some other “official” source has equated freedom-loving Americans who have an originalist view of the Constitution and its meaning with extremists.


Irreconcilable violence ahead?

Per InfoWars:

In 2009, Infowars obtained the “law enforcement sensitive” contents of a Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) report entitled “The Modern Militia Movement” which listed supporters of presidential candidates Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, and Bob Barr as potential “militia” influenced terrorists.

Also, in July 2012 Infowars blew the lid on a Department of Homeland Security-funded study, produced by the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism at the University of Maryland, that characterized Americans who are “suspicious of centralized federal authority,” and “reverent of individual liberty” as “extreme right-wing” terrorists.


In the past couple of decades it became clear that the federal government has become increasingly hostile towards anyone or any political movement that seeks to curb its power. Constitutionalists are portrayed as kooks and psychos, while the ruling class is portrayed as righteous, forthright and proper.


This is dangerous, for not only has it made dialogue next to impossible, but it has also created a climate of irreconcilability that could someday lead to violence."

Sounds like someone on the forum. 

Thanks for sharing.

Obamacare deadline is March 31,2014.

What will you do?

Zowi, we are in a bit of a quandary. The law says you have to have health insurance. We do at the moment. But what happens when the boss quits offering it and we have to buy it on the exchange. Here in Oregon where not even ONE person has bought on the exchange yet (gone through the process and paid) the closest thing to what my wife and I have is right at 1000 a month. That is four times the 248 we currently pay. Here's the real "touchy" part of it. We live in a union state. We don't pay dues because we are exempt by our religious convictions. What would be dues goes to a charity. But the union contract has us locked in at what we pay now for the next year. After that who knows what is going be? Anyway here are the two options we have. Either pay for insurance because the law mandates we purchase it or don't buy it and be lawbreakers. We don't have a grand laying around each month for health insurance. So we have got our passports, are trying to sell off our assets and we are going to leave the country. We are actually considering going to a country over in Africa to work at an Adventist hospital. My wife is an OR nurse and I have a CNA license. We are pretty convinced that as the end draws near we may have to leave the country simply because the US government is as corrupt as any other and they will make life here unaffordable or attractive. You can go to the site and see how ridiculous insurance is here.


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