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I have first hand experience with James Stump the Restitution Ministies. HENCE why God impressed to read Electronic Bible these days in Hebrew

HOWEVER the church does not accept Hebrew studies much...they are afraid of independent Bible Studies

redva why you call them off shoots? are they teaching contrary to the word of God?

Leslie Ann, you are assuming our Church is even following our own faith correctly?

Do we really assume our own Church will lead us without faults into the National Sunday Law?

For example our own Sabbath School Pamphlets with errors?

Even today in our own church, some still have a hard time accepting salvation by faith alone, that God’s grace, through Christ, saves us, apart from our works. What’s behind the hesitancy of some to accept this crucial truth?  This is a direct quote from our Lesson 5 a few weeks ago....

Is the term "faith alone" correct in the terms of this question ?

Holy Spirit of Prophecy study of “faith alone

The eye of faith alone can look beyond the things of time to …. the eternal riches. {AA 575.2}

I have frequently seen that the children of the Lord neglect prayer, especially secret prayer, altogether too much; that many do not exercise that faith which it is their privilege and duty to exercise, often waiting for that feeling which faith alone can bring. Feeling is not faith; the two are distinct. Faith is ours to exercise, but joyful feeling and the blessing are God's to give. {CET 126.1}

Without faith, an angel host could not help. Living faith alone will make them invincible and enable them to stand in the evil day, steadfast, unmovable, holding the beginning of their confidence firm unto the end. {CT 182.4}

Salvation is through faith in Jesus Christ alone. {FW 18.1}

The opposite and no less dangerous error is that belief in Christ releases men from keeping the law of God; that since by faith alone we become partakers of the grace of Christ, our works have nothing to do with our redemption. {FLB 93.5} ... . . If the law is written in the heart, will it not shape the life? . . . Instead of releasing man from obedience, it is faith, and faith only, that makes us partakers of the grace of Christ, which enables us to render obedience. . . . {AG 137.4}

The sanctification now gaining prominence in the religious world, carries with it a spirit of self-exaltation, and a disregard for the law of God, that mark it as foreign to the religion of the Bible. Its advocates teach that sanctification is an instantaneous work, by which, through faith alone, they attain to perfect holiness. “Only believe,” say they, “and the blessing is yours.” {GC88 471.3}

Christ emphatically impressed upon them the fact that they could see the Father by faith alone. God cannot be seen in external form by any human being. Christ alone can represent the Father to humanity. This representation the disciples had been privileged to behold for over three years. {5BC 1141.13}

Truth is onward. Truth is upward. On the other hand, those who claim that their faith alone will save them, are trusting to a rope of sand; for faith is strengthened and made perfect by works only. {3SP 331.1}

Said the angel: "God will sustain him. His faith must be made perfect by works, for faith alone is dead. It must be sustained by works. A living faith is always manifested by works.'' {1T 619.2}

Faith and works must be united. We should advance with the light given us. If God brings us into connection with those who have received truth substantiated by his Word, we should accept this truth with joy. Those who claim that faith alone will save them, are trusting to a rope of sand; for faith is made perfect by good works. {RH, April 13, 1911 par. 14}

Let not the fallacies of Satan deceive you; you are justified by faith alone, but faith in Christ does not absolve you from obligation to keep God's unchangeable law, which is as sacred as his throne. Faith is essential, but genuine faith will enable its possessor to bring forth the fruits of the Spirit. {ST, March 24, 1890 par. 1}

On the other hand, those who claim that their faith alone will save them, are trusting to a rope of sand; for faith is made perfect by good works. {ST, April 20, 1904 par. 6}

And here are all the SOP quotes on "faith alone" the reader be the judge....

How many of us read Scripture and SOP like this ? In my own Sabbath School class, nobody does...nobody has the electronic SOP software these days, nor does anybody read Hebrew in their Bibles....

When people read Scripture out loud, they struggle to read is sad, but true, most of us do not read Scripture daily,,,,,the words of life from Jesus....

As for the various off shoots, maybe we are sick and tire of theology spoon feeding that does not allow us to challenge their theories of faith.... yes, sadly my own church often says things that is against Scripture...this does not really worry me unduly, we all have different views of Scripture...even errors in the church do not worry me that much...its when we make the errors public, that I worry and speak out.... like this example in our SS pamphlet I suspect people will look and see O its me...and never read this comment, or comment, because we are all afraid of the truth and people who stand up for truth....

Please read things for yourself...become people of the word



I stopped studying quarterly a long time ago because anything with truth mixed with errors is still errors.

The organization is in apostacy we know this hence why members who are serious with the Lord feel the ned to come out and align themselves with others who is really studying.

I hardly go nominal church but when i do go there is nothing to gain no food so to speak.

I feel the same Leslie Ann... I also do not have a lesson pamphlet...others point the errors out to me...

I have enough public errors in the 28 fundamentals to deal with....


Wow, Leslie you stopped reading the Sabbath School quarterly? Can you list these errors? You also said that the organization is in apostasy, do you have the evidence?

You used the term ' norminal Churches', what do you understand by this phrase and what did Ellen White mean when she used this phrase? Was she referring to Adventist churches?

What church do you belong to now?

jason as always you ready for war....nevertheless i would try to answer your questions.

i do not study the quarterly because it has errors like for instance the trinity doctrine which was recent, in one quarterly in the book of hebrews it stated that Jesus went straight to the most Holy place, in another it stated that mary only had one child which is Jesus and others i cannot remember also there are a lot of extracts from mystic authors.

Well Jason if you are watching you would know that sda is envolved in the ecumenical movement, also they have opened the doors for lgbt with a transversite elder in the Glendale sda church, not to memtion practicing lesbian pastor, when they changed the three angels logo they also removed the message, there is catholic practices in the communion service with the eucurise (thr wafer) being given in  place of unleaven bread, and the list goeson and on.

Nominal simply means in name only

Idont belong to any church i go nominal sometimes, and meet bretheren by their home and study.

Can we identify you as an offshoot?

one is off shoot only when they go contrary to truth

One gay elder, a lesbian pastor who resigned etc and the church is in apostasy? We should be careful how we say what we say. If you said that there is apostasy in the church as apposed to 'the church is in apostasy' you would be correct.

Was the early church also in apostasy?

Leslie Ann wrote: "jason as always you ready for war....nevertheless i would try to answer your questions."

Lol.. Yes indeed, brother Jason is always ready... But his questions are good, because it's obvious you have some issues with some teachings and activities in the SDA Church, Which is ok, as long as its credible.

We can agree there are tares in the the Church, no doubt, and if there are tares, then I'm sure there are people in the SDA Church that are promoting something contrary to the Truth.

I believe Jason has issues with the logo as well, me personally I don't see it, and I especially don't agree that the change has removed the message.. How did it do that? The message remains with or without a logo.

In regards to using a wafer instead of unleavened bread, I don't think that's an alliance with the catholic c hurch.... But if the wafer isn't unleavened, then I agree we should go back to using unleavened bread.

We also agree there are people who are Seventh day Adventist in name only, sadly enough I could fall along those lines.. Being a true SDA means more than having right doctrine, we have a duty to spread the Gospel of Jesus and also having a close relationship with our Creator, showing the fruits of the Spirit. I can't just sit on the talent I've been given.

With that being said, there's nothing "nominal" about the teachings of the SDA Church. Those teachings are built on strong foundations, and the fundamentals we have as a Church today should be base on that. So when you talk about the word trinity, for me, I can't acknowledge a word that's not used in the Bible or the writings of EGW. That's why I stick to using the GODHEAD... The foundational fundamental teaching on the GODHEAD is the same now as back then.

Sorry sister, there is no need to come out of the SDA Church, yes, there are tares in the Church, but we know there is Wheat in the Church as well, they are working and praying for the good of GOD'S Seventh and last Church. But I understand having different views, a person would feel comfortable with people with similar beliefs.

Now, when you talk about the Church being in apostasy, I won't say your totally wrong, again, as long as tares are in the Church then it's possible for apostasy to take place. It's happen in the past, and in these last days the 144,000 will be praying for the people and for the sins happening in the Church. But they remain in the Church, and wait for GOD to shake the sinners out.

What makes you a true SDA is your beliefs... and from past discussions, some of your beliefs are contrary to the foundational fundamental teachings of the SDA Church and the writings of EGW, and most importantly the Bible. Your view on the GODHEAD isn't the same, and your view about 144,000 being the only saints on earth when Jesus comes isn't the same either.

If the things we teach are wrong and contrary to the Word, then that makes a person "nominal" as well. I hope I'm not coming off as bitter or anything, I say all of this out of love, I don't want war, I want peace. So let's reason together in the Spirit of Truth. :)


Reasoning you does pay real attention to my posts anyway my take is if you feel impressed to come out so be it and if you choose to stay so be it too. But if you stay you better be sighing and crying. Where two or three are gathered he is in the midst to bless. Personally I don't get anything from my local church absolutely nothing therefore I do not go every sabbath I meet with others and study and God is in the midst to bless.


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