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ONE FOR THE LADIES - Foot washing with your feet covered, is this acceptable?

Wearing tights/stocking/pantyhose during foot washing service.

After a recent communion service, I have been moved to ask my sisters here, the question. I have long noted this over the years here in the UK, and I would like to ask if this is a practice else were amongst the women in our church - washing their feet at communion service with their feet 'technically' covered. When I do ask about this, the reason the ladies do give is never a strong enough one for me . . . if its cold you can always cover your legs afterwards.

Some may argue that the service is symbolic therefore the wearing of tights/pantyhose/stockings is ok, but for me I feel feet should be bare. Does it really matter? Please share your thoughts on this.

God Bless



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I think you'd have to ask the person covering their feet to really know the answer to this.

Men's socks are usually a lot thicker aren't they?  Generally they are here in the States where I am from. 

I also wanted to mention that it seems a lot sexier for a woman to be pealing off socks or tights [even ankle or knee high] then it is for a man to do so.  Just saying.  Women have a more fluid and smooth movement that attracts attention and admiration, whether of men or women.  

Just saying.  :)

It would be great!  

Hello Shaz, would you prefer that this discussion remain "one or the ladies"? To me that would be entirely appropriate, if this is your preference.

would it be okay if Jesus hang on the cross without him having to be pierced in his hands head side, and feet? Why go all the way... Normally in our church things like that are planned in time. So why not prepare? So i think the heart and mind and soul should be in it. The acts will also be right. Many of us worry about what will i appear before Man. Why not worry about how will it appear before GOD? If it was Jesus washing your feet, how would you do it? What would be important? Its the same things with the socks of men. There are thick and slim ones. So i think the traditional way is better. No socks, no stalking...

I can't picture the disciples taking off socks [and especially trouser socks] so Jesus could wash off [the] dust.  Jesus did something needful and practical [when he washed dust of them].  

I understand that Jesus forgives [when] in humility.  As we consider what He did, his attitude, we can realize He wants us to have the same attitude.  If we are humble, our attitudes are 'low', we may picture ourselves as if we were poor and destitute, "low lifes", lowest of the low, undeserving, not respectable.

Ever heard the saying, to put ourselves 'in their shoes'?

Yet Jesus seem to identify with these people, especially the socially rejected ones [for whatever reason - high and mighty, friend of the enemy government officials, or crippled, blind and diseased and poor.  Not only did He identify with them (put Himself in their shoes) He forgave them, AND HELPED them.  Isn't this the true attitude of what Jesus wants us to do for others?  It may be an extreme that we should fuss and complain about particulars of HOW we do it [when we meet in church]; in our focus to these particulars our minds cannot remember so easily what relationship and attitude we should have (the mind of Christ) so filled with pity and love for damed people that we simply DON'T CARE what other's think when we 'stoop' to help them.  

Most people in society say we "throw our money away" when we give to beggars standing on the street corners, or let a dirty, smelly person in our car; people will even say "Oh no! Don't do that.. it's not safe!"  But maybe we should let God's spirit wash over us, AND TRUST his spirit will also warn us if this particular person is not safe.. [and therefore not to hesitate if we sense we should leave [or even RUN] for our safety..]  

But that is beside the point, what is important here, it seems, is it that we have the mind of Christ; right?  And let his love wash over us and flow through us and be a blessing to others?  

Having bare feet or feet encased in 10 denier Pretty Polly does NOT indicate a heart that is closer or more distant from God. This is a non-issue created out of silly traditions and the teachings of (wo)men.  

Insisting on covering feet with hosiery for communion is a nonsense that grew out of the British sense of propriety and moralistic behaviour. Remember, this is a country that during the Victorian age would place little ruffled sleeves around the legs of pianos and other items of furniture so that their 'limbs' would not be on show as even a mere glimpse of an ankle was considered incredibly rude...!

The custom of using hosiery is not based in anything Biblical, when bare, dusty feet were the norm. Nor is it universally practiced throughout the church. Here in Latin America it's generally too hot to bother with hosiery, and most of those who do wear it purposely remove it for foot washing.

(Born and brought up in Britain. Lived, travelled and worked in 17 different countries. Have learned we need to focus on Christ, not on differences in dress!)

Happy Sabbath and Happy New Year to you too sweetie! How are you holding up in life?



Thanx for raising that issue. Am originally from Zimbabwe and i recently moved  to the UK. On my first communion service just recently, i went to the bathroom to remove my pantyhose only to return to find nearly all the ladies done with the footwwashing with their stockings andd pantyhose still on. am sttill confused upto now about this type of behaviour coz really u can never feel warm in anythingg wet on. don't know if i am wrong but i thought some people couldn't be bothered washing someone's feet for hygenic reasons but it's not meant ot be like that really

I'm new to Adventism and have been to several services where the women washed one another's feet.  Since I wear stockings (hose) to services it's just not practical to remove them for feet washing.  Besides, I think the intention (meaning) behind the washing of feet is more important than whether feet are covered or not.  JAP

I didn't get that from your original post, sorry.  Please read Tafadzwa's comment above. Again, it's just not always practical.  Small churches, late services, crowded gyms, long lines and waiting come into play, hygenic preferences among other factors.  As far as your statment about "good intentions have to be followed by sound action" that's great.  My sound action is to not miss out on the service worrying about hose.  The act and meaning behind the washing of feet is my intention. I prefer to focus on the spiritual aspects of this matter rather than debate the issue further. This is getting a little silly for me now, so I will stop here, lol. 


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