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Do you think it is worth it to date online whether it be christian or non-christian?

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 hello shelley .  it is not a yes or no type of question u ask here ok Online dating can work out gr8 and then again it may not for online some can pretend to be just whatever they like and in real life are not nowhere near who they imply they are to  you online ok?..   I guess what I be saying is walk carefully and listen intentavely to the person  who is online that has a interest in you ok?

Ask questions and  if  u do not mind my saying  this   do not let emotions  overrule good judgement plz . You know in todays worl we often to bz in our own lifes occupation  and circle of friends too  that will enable us to meet a special person of interest  .   Let me say this too online dating is very  very hard and Ihave said in here that u must ask questions too  and listen  as well .   It also helps that u talk with  them with others so the ytoo can  advice u  if this person  is real or not . Many times we hear a voice and  wether it be of God or the  Devil Icant say for sure because it depends ..  God seldom actually talks audibly  in a way that is clearly heard to those that do not have a real close walk and are accustomed to  taking time to talk and  listen to HIM speak to them Daily..

 God can impress us and we be too bz or faint hearted to really listen going about our day sort of  like  well a  custom , we do every day this same hing or  occassionally change are   HABIT . //  u CAN HAVE DAILY WORSHIP DAY AND EVENING REPEAT MEMORY VERSES  TOO BY THE DCORES AND STILL BE FAR DISTANT FROM  THE lORD  IN actually doing  His will. TRY   hard this coming  Sabbath to do something out of your comfort  zone and see wether or  noy u hear Gods  Holy   Spirit  a little  clearer    ..  IT is at this time    u will be able to know clearer too if the person u talk to online is actually  genuine .. 


 ME     ?? I can be a real nut sometimes especially in at work so Iam different  at home and up front an personal  and sometimes my    little one we all have different aspects in our character and has need of a loving touch  to  correct a few of our faults and help remove some rough edges we all have ok?/  GOD  Bless and I hope to have added just a little tidbit of information that has helped u too.

Thank you uncle Murray for the advice. I appreciate that. I myself is trying to work on my connection with God, becase i realize that unless you have a personal relationship with God you cant hear Him speak. So I try daily to surrender my life to him. And I pray and hope that By Gods grace I will listen to God speak to me so I will be able to listen to others. Best of Luck God bless.

With God everything is possible. If it is by God's calling then why not? Its a matter of applying faith..then the rest as we wait on the Lord for His plans as in Jeremiah 29:11. Unless otherwise.

Thanks for a beautiful post sister Shelly.

I certainly agree Deacon Keneth

I see it works for some people  and they even married now but think one should be very cautious when doing this. i

Should be very cautious indeed.

it worked for me so it could for you too. :)

just like Lyneth mentioned " have to be cautious. "

and always pray about it for He knows your heart.


Shelly, this is how i would answer your question.

for women it should be no problem, but just be cautious whom you talk to online.You should not blindly fall for a man who seem too good to be true. you should cautiously entertain your thoughts and feelings. as your relationship with the man deepens and as you get to know him more online, talk to your parents and friends about your online friend. they may help to guide you, and don't be too arrogant and try to defend your online relationship when they give suggestions that goes against what you would like. don't be blinded by love, value all circumstances, and prayerfully decide what to do.  

for men, if you are financially established then it should be no problem for you as long you treat the woman you talk to online right and most importantly Jesus should be in the center of your relationship. you should send her gifts (I can not overemphasis this because you may loose her) , call her often, and plan to to make several trips to visit her and her family and friends.

But if you are a guy who is trying to make ends meet (like me), and struggling day after day, I would advice you to take it easy with the girl and treat her just as another common friend or sister-in-Christ from another country. you should not give her false hope. do not be selfish by dating her online just to satisfy your loneliness. she needs love, and love should be backed by actions rather than just sweet words.So, when you see a girl online and fall for her, just swallow your emotions and do her justice by leaving her alone. but if your dare to push on and date her, despite your limitations, nothing is impossible, go for it brother. You maybe lucky  to find a girl who may still be willing to wait for you despite the distance, lack of physical presence, your financial limitations and other shortfalls. If you do find such a girl, just hope you have really found your woman, and let that hope drive you to go an take your woman from her parents.

I really appreciate your response "Bird of Paradise". It was truely indept and you mention things in all three paragraphs that I have paid serious attention to and I am happy that you post this response. God bless you and happy Sabbath.


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