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After Publishing this article in our InspireNATION Magazine, we got a lot of feedback from christians worldwide about the topic.  Read the Article and let us know what you think about the topic of Oral Sex.  Is it Sodomy like some christians believe or is it enhanced sexual pleasure between consenting husband and wife.  What does the Bible say about Oral Sex?  Share your views.


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Hi Colleen:
Thank you for replying. As with all our articles, we always like to give our readers concrete supplement to our views; especially from the Biblical perspective. We have been looking for a scripture to supplement. Do you know any?
Wow...I'll bet a lot of people wish they could answer annoimously...
Dear InspireNation,

These practices of oral sex and other sexual practices between husband and wife have nothing to do whether they are consenting or not. It has nothing to do whether they are Christians or not: it has to do with the very nature of the reproductive system as the Creator made us. What happens when certain fluids penetrate areas of the body and these areas are unprotected whether it be at the digestive system level in the stomach, intestines, liver, such as alcohol does, or at the respiratory system level in the lungs, such as cigarettes does? This is just a comparison as to what happens when man seminal fluid enters certain parts of the body where it does not belong - where physiologically, not religiously or morally, it can be proven, it will affect the organs it reaches such as the lung, stomach, liver, etc..

Do I need to go in any further details as to the damage caused by these unclean practices at the physical and physiological levels alone? The Word of God and the sciences of Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology are very clear on these practices and it has nothing to do whatsoever whether the person consents or not to give herself or himself to them and even less whether they are Christian or not: these practices are unclean and therefore unholy - cause is always followed by effect.

Although not explained as clearly in the Bible as in sciences, the Word gives the warning, sciences gives the explanation. I am including this research I made on the reproduction system simply to demonstrate how wonderfully the Creator has made us. How when man and woman copulate according to His way, they are protected by an antibiotic called ''seminalplasmin'' produced by man seminal fluid, and that antibiotic is activated in the proper environment of the woman's body and protects both partners against the many bacterias found in the genital parts of both genders and allows life to be protected and reproduced. What happens then for same genders male and male - they have no protection against diseases such as Aids and lungs problems, shorter lifespan and more. Female with female - although not involving male seminal fluid, they run the same risk of bacterias and sexual transmitted diseases.

Surely ''My people are dying for a lack of knowledge, saith the LORD.'' Besides all the sexually transmitted diseases the partners are putting themselves at risk by these practices: they may face impotency, infertility as nature is being abused beside lowering their moral values and esteem of each other. In today`s society with all its propaganda at all levels, people in general and Christians in particular have wanted to enhanced their sexual pleasure and are paying the price

The Victorian era is looked upon as so decadent and passé. Yet Queen Victoria and her husband were known to be very much in love and had a beautiful family without ever uncovering each other nudity. My grand-mother who had 16 kids, and with whom I was very closed, admitted to me she never saw my grand-father naked. She died in her sleep, in 1987 at the age of 87. She told me not to cry when she would die because a few month before she had asked Jesus to put her to sleep that way. She had no disease, she just missed my grand-father who died 2 years before her. That is sweet love.

Hope this will make sense: the counsel is not to abstain seeing the nakedness of husband and wife, but to abstain of any practices declared unclean and forbidden by the Creator. It is also a common practice for woman to have sexual intercourse while having her periods or soon after having had a baby. I also included a research on the physiological dangers for both partners on these practices.

Please read on:
Lev. 15:1-33 "And the LORD spoke unto Moses and to Aaron, saying, "Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them, ''When any man hath a running issue out of his flesh, because of his issue he is unclean. v. 1-3

And if any man's seed of copulation go out from him, then he shall wash all his flesh in water and be unclean until the evening. v. 16

And if a woman have an issue and her issue from her flesh be blood, she shall be put apart seven days; and whosoever toucheth her shall be unclean until the evening. v. 19

And if a woman have an issue of her blood many days out of the time of her separation, or if it run beyond the time of her separation, all the days of the issue of her uncleanness shall be as the days of her separation; she shall be unclean. v. 25

Thus shall ye separate the children of Israel from their uncleanness, that they die not in their uncleanness when they defile My tabernacle that is among them. v. 31

This is the law of him that hath an issue, and of him whose seed goeth from him and is defiled therewith." v. 33

"Be fruitful and multiplied" Gen. 1:28.
"Obey and live, disobey and die."

"Reproduction is the mechanism by which the thread of life is sustained. In one sense, reproduction is the process by which a single cell duplicate its genetic material, allowing an organism to grow and repair itself; thus, reproduction maintains the life of the individual. But reproduction is also the process by which genetic material is passed from generation to generation. In this regard, reproduction maintains the continuation of the species"

Principles of Anatomy and Physiology, Harper Collins Publishers, p. 879

"The male seminal fluid is a mixture of sperm and secretion of the seminal vesicles, prostate gland, and bulbourethal glands. The average volume of semen for each ejaculation range is 2.5 to 5 ml, and the average range of spermatozoa ejaculated is 50 to 150 million/ml. When the number of spermatozoa falls below 20 million/ml, the male is likely to be infertile...

Semen has a slightly alkaline pH of 7.20 to 7.60. The prostatic secretion gives semen a milky appearance and fluids from the seminal vesicles and bulbourethal glands give it a mucoid consistency {mucus like}. Semen provides spermatozoa with a transportation medium and nutrients. It neutralizes the acid environment of the male urethra and the female vagina. It also contains enzymes that activate sperm after ejaculation.

Semen contains an antibiotic, seminalplasmin, that has the ability to destroy a number of bacteria. Since both semen and the lower female reproductive tract contain bacteria, the antibiotic activity of seminalplasmin may keep these bacteria under control to help ensure fertilization.

Once ejaculated into the vagina liquid semen coagulated rapidly because of a clothing enzyme produced by the prostate gland that acts on a substance produces by the seminal vesicle. This clot liquefies in about 5 to 20 minutes because of another enzymes produced by the prostrate gland. Abnormal or delayed liquefaction of coagulated semen may cause complete or partial immobilization of spermatozoa, thus inhibiting their movement through the cervix of the uterus." p. 890, 891

"The vagina serves as a passageway for spermatozoa and the menstrual flow. It is also the receptacle for the penis during coitus, or sexual intercourse, and the lower portion of the birth canal... The mucosa of the vagina contains large amount of glycogen, which upon decomposition produces organic acids. These acids create a low pH environment that retards microbial growth. However, the acidity is also injurious to sperm cells. Semen neutralizes the acidity of the vagina to ensure survival of the sperm." p. 905, 906.

"The general term sexually transmitted disease (STD) is applies to any of the large group of diseases that can be spread by sexual contact. The group includes conditions traditionally specified as venereal diseases (VD)... such as gonorrhea, syphilis, and genital herpes, and several other conditions that are contracted sexually, or may be contracted otherwise, but are transmitted to a sexual partner." p. 917.

"We are not ignorant of the fall of Sodom because of the corruption of its inhabitants. The prophet has here [Eze.16:49] specified the particular evils which led to dissolute morals. We see the very sins now existing in the world which were in Sodom and which brought upon her the wrath of God, even to her utter destruction." 4 Bible Commentary p. 1161.

"The vagina serves as a passageway for spermatozoa and the menstrual flow. It is also the receptacle for the penis during coitus, or sexual intercourse, and the lower portion of the birth canal. The mucosa of the vagina contains large amount of glycogen, which upon decomposition produces organic acids. These acids create a low pH environment that retards microbial growth. However, the acidity is also injurious to sperm cells. Semen neutralizes the acidity of the vagina to ensure survival of the sperm."

Few women or men know exactly what menstruation represents, its mechanism and what occurs in the uterus at that point. Since they unfortunately do not know, they do not see why they should not enjoy each other for several days a month, especially when there is a widespread belief that it is "safe" to do so - i.e. there is no danger of pregnancy and therefore no need to take the usual contraceptive precautions. Indeed, this preconceived idea and freedom cause some couples to experience overwhelming sexual desire at this specific time. Since desire has become the yardstick of their morality - I want it, therefore it's OK - they consider the increase in libido to be proof that their need is legitimate: it has to be satisfied or they will become frustrated. Menstruation is the flow of blood from the uterus, resulting in a loss of approximately 100 cubic centimeters of blood/mucous matter and cell debris caused by uterine and vaginal shedding.

The prohibition on men having intercourse with women during menstruation is not some taboo or negative categorical command. Ignoring this ban may cause various disorders in the woman, including sterility. As we have seen, vessels rupture during menstruation allowing the woman's blood to come into contact with a foreign substance: her partner's sperm. She may produce sperm antibodies, resulting in intractable and very often irreversible sterility. The sperm passes into the blood, causing a defensive reaction on the part of the host system and the secretion of antibodies not only in the cervix but throughout the body as a whole.

Menstrual flow changes the vaginal pH, which is normally very acid (around 4). Acidity is maintained by the fact that glycogen, deposited in the upper cell layers by the action of estrogens, converts to lactic acid. The acidity forms a physiological barrier against pathogens which can readily invade the feminine genital system because the vaginal opening provides easy access. If the barrier is breached - and it is every time menstruation takes place, because menstrual blood alkalinizes the vagina - pathogens responsible for genital. infections can propagate within the uterus and fallopian tubes, reaching as far as the peritoneal cavity. This will result in acute complications and, in many cases, irreversible sterility. Intercourse during menstruation therefore carries a very high risk of contamination by a sexually transmissible disease. It is estimated that when the vaginal pH changes and becomes more alkaline - which happens with birth control pills as well as during menses - a woman's risk of contracting gonorrhea, for example, can climb from 30% to 90% after just one sexual encounter with an infected man. Today, when gonorrhea, herpes and AIDS are becoming endemic rather than epidemic, intercourse during menstruation is nothing short of suicidal.
Principles of Anatomy and Physiology, Harper Collins Publishers, p. 905, 906.

"For Mediterranean women {whether Jewish, Arab or Christian}, the normal lack of menstruation protects her from a whole array of related ills, and her scrupulous respect of rules of hygiene when they do occur allows her to avoid another series of painful complaints, which have unfortunately become more and more common since the liberated women of our civilization have found themselves increasingly obliged to be "full-time" sexual partners.

For Mediterranean women, menstrual periods last seven days, during which they abstain completely from sexual relations. In actual fact, this statement is not totally accurate and the nuance deserves our close attention. It is the Mediterranean man who will abstain from intercourse with his wife during this period. Their religious code stipulates that it is the man who must not approach a woman while she is unclean to discover her nakedness. It is the man who is responsible for respecting his wife's privacy during this time and, to paraphrase the prophet Ezekiel, a man who is 'just and does that which is lawful and right" does not "come near to a menstruous woman."

Several scientific authorities of our time have studied the principles of hygiene codified by Moses in the Pentateuch and assert that they form part of preventive medicine "in harmony with the most modern tenets of medicine. The prohibition on intercourse during menstruation, which is considered to be seven full days, is a very important factor in preventing female sterility, the transmission of infection and therefore cervical cancer, endometriosis, etc."

The rule of abstaining from sexual relations during menstruation should obviously also apply during the postpartum period, when the genital organs have to revert to their pre-pregnancy status, lactation has to start and the mother must regain her physical and emotional stamina."
Menopause A New Approach, Daniele Starenkyj, Orion Publications, p. 52-60

File 19 - The Sanctuary and the Statutes - Page 7, Law of the Statutes and check section 10 on the Law of Uncleanness of Man and Woman and section 12: Law of Unlawful liaisons: Homosexuality and Bestiality.

With His love,

The medical community don't follow the Biblical principle, in term of the unclean. They go by pathogens and mechanism and treatments, usually invasive. It's nice to see the biblical prevention approach. And in the health field arena, God's approach combine w/ medical approach is the best way to approach these topics. Thanks for sharing.
Dear William,

This is so true regarding the medical world: we are like missing the legs or the arms when we only treat the body - and ministers of the Gospel are encountering the same problems when they are not knowledgeable of the Health Message and attempt to treat the mind and soul without treating the body.

This is part of the Latter Rain message that will bring true righteousness by teaching His statutes and judgments: Obey and live, Disobey and die. But how would we know unless we learn it and teach it?

Although this generation has invented computers, cell phone, and gadgets of all kinds to facilitate life, we are so far behind in many ways in putting it altogether. By the way, my generation is the one who has come out with these discoveries, the after war generation. Your generation, I hate talking like this, it makes me feel old but it is a fact, your generation must educate or should I say re-educate young and old. 2 important deaths have occurred in the past 40 years (1 generation) - they are COMMON SENSE and ABSTINENCE. They need to be brought back to life otherwise your generation William will not make it and what will happen to the next one if the LORD shall tarry.

As I said in another reply, prayer and fasting are needed right now more than ever along with the practice of abstinence and the 8 laws of health. - and victory is assured because it is not just a physical problem that can be treated with medications and voila! It is both physical and spiritual.

With His love,

Dear MsMs,

Let me tell you a secret. I have been instructed and trained by a doctor of Loma Linda to teach this subject and more than once, he would usually teach the men while I would teach the women. It is a very touchy subject and must be taught with the proper wordings otherwise people take offense. It is interesting how many practice it behind closed door as they say, but find it such a taboo subject because of upbringing maybe or education - or may I say lack of it! However it is an important subject, which brings me to answer indirectly what I read tonight after coming home, on AO. The subject of reaching in our community, doing His work, etc.

I believe as long as we have unclean hands, behind closed door, how do we expect Heavenly Father to use us bring the lost in His church. There are many other uncleanness for which the Catholic Church is paying a dire price right now, but it exists in our midst as well. What does Ezekiel cries about in chapter 9 of his book? Alcohol, drugs, incest, fornication, babies being born out of wedlock are rampant in our Church and we are hoping to bring them in, bring them in, to What? so they can see our nakedness, poverty and how wretched we are. Good, let it come out into the open.

Lately, the forums have been very interesting, with some making rules for others how long the posts should be, where it should be posted, how argumentative we are as SDA, and the latest, we should go and reach out instead or perhaps at the same time I do not know, of discussing these things.

How many of us feed the street people, tutor young kids and teach them the wrong of masturbation with Scriptural explanation even if they are not SDA? How many of us work for the sick, alcoholics, drug addicts, marriage counseling, perform major operations to save lives? How many do Bible studies and have 100`s of baptisms a year?

I know quite a bit of all of those and would like to include myself into it since I am a trained medical missionary and Lifestyle Educator. But what difference does it make if there are areas in our lives that are kept behind closed door? I wonder if these man and woman, man and man, woman and woman and all the consenting and non-consenting (some women I met and taught this, hate what their partners are asking them to perform for them), I wonder if they pray and ask God blessing before they perform the greatest act Heavenly Father has ever thought of, and has been so perverted by man and woman, the act of pro-creation.

Lucifer was jealous of Christ but also of man, because according to a doctor of Loma Linda, angels cannot pro-create and he was jealous of us, the highest form of creation Elohim ever performed when He created man to pro-create.

Again Lucifer has been able to counteract Heavenly Father`s plan and remove its beauty and purity.

I will tell you why we are not ready for Christ to return? It is not for the big sin of alcoholism and drug addictions in our midst - I am not talking prison here, I am talking in Adventism - it is not because we have not preached the message everywhere, it is because of the sins committed behind closed doors by consenting adults - although many times one consent - the other one submit or simply follow.

These are deep subjects you would never speak about at Sabbath School because we have to go from Sunday to Friday (at least in the Sabbath School class I belong) and cannot deviate subjects. But the work of judgment is going on - some sins are not even forsaken, never mind repented and confessed - and we are hoping to receive the latter rain and recognize it when it falls.

I am so glad I am not an older lady that has never married. I was married for 7 years, in 1970. In those days, educated by the nuns, you were taught the sacred reserved the SOP talks about, so I was a virgin. Now, some young Christians ladies and gentlemen think it is so tacky, so Victorian, but these were the good old days, and interestingly enough, in all the years of College and University I went to, I never had a girlfriend getting pregnant out of wedlock because, in those days, we went to school, got some education, worked, got married with a man, had a house, a car, then we had babies - I had one.

Now this is the way to go:
You go to school, go out with a guy or guys, get sexually involved, get pregnant, get a baby, remain single, go back to school to get an education to support the baby, which you got for life now and if you are lucky, then you find a husband or 'fiance' - some remain fiance for the rest of their life because they do not marry, even in the Church, then they may get a house, a car, etc.

What is the big deal? We could have all done that! You do not need a Master Degree or a PHD to figure that out. However, we were taught abstinence. Yes, I got my education, got to work, got married, got the house, got the baby, and unhappily got divorced. And all the education we are talking about here, so I know and I am glad 2 years after the divorce I was converted and got my first Bible, and when I read the statutes of Leviticus, I call my ex who was re-married already (30 days after the separation - he was 'fiance' already with his present wife) and I told him if I would have known what the Bible says, I would never have submitted to his ideas.... That is why when I saw this post tonight, I had to speak, I was prepared because I know it is wrong and praying before performing these vile actions, does not make holy. It is not blessed of heaven.

Another post I thought was interesting was Having sex on Sabbath - Does not the Bible say to abstain from having our own pleasure on His Holy Day? I hope those who practice sex on the Sabbath are practicing the proper way, nevertheless, according to Lev. they are unclean anyway from a physical point of view, so just this should be sufficient to abstain in order to obey His statutes and dwell upon His Word on His day.

My people are dying for a lack of knowledge. Yes, we should talk and argue less - I call it sharing and instructing, and go out and help others to overcome, that is the secret of overcoming - idle hands....

However, pastors and Bible instructors would do well to open up the Word to their own flock and teach them how to clean their own home before trying to clean the world which is so much under these impure practices. Now what would they say if they knew we are doing the same behind closed door between consenting adults? You hypocrites, remove the beam from your life, before you remove the speck in mine. God forbids, some will be and are able to speak because they have learn the hard way and now can instruct and teach good old mother ABSTINENCE. before, yes, but also after marriage.

With His love,

Dear MsMs,

And like the kids I worked with in prison would say:

''If it taste good, eat it; if you want it, take it.''

Just like it was in the time of Noah and Sodom and Gomorrah.

The sins of Sodom was homosexuality since Lot offered to give his daughters to be abused instead of the visiting angels and they refuse them, they wanted the angels. ''I have two daughters which have not known man, let me, I pray you bring them out unto you, and do ye to them as is good in your eyes: only unto these men do nothing...'' Gen 19: 8.

And when it comes to children, I know deliverance should be soon because, the firstborn of the enemy were killed when Heavenly Father performed His deliverance on the behalf of Israel. When the Savior was born as a man, the children were killed again. Besides abortion that kills them physically, what is the best way but to kill and destroyed the mind and soul through the breach of His statutes.

This is part of the Latter Rain and I thank this post and the one who posted it to open a subject that is very difficult to present yet so necessary.

With His love,

I am single, but I would like everybody know that this idea is not a good scene in a Christian life.
Dear brother Noel,

Being single is the best time to learn these things and teach them to others. The human body is to be offered a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto Him. This message must be passed on and obeyed otherwise, we could still be here another generation because of insubordination. Teach the statutes on health.  Teach others the statutes. ''My people are dying for a lack of knowledge.

I was in the Philippines on the island of Mindoro in 2002, and as you know in this beautiful country, it is very easy to open up a clinic, and start giving health counsels and care for the mom and babies as they come to hear what you have to say. I was so glad for the Biblical Statutes of Leviticus chapter 12 as I encountered mothers in need of counsels after they had their babies and were suffering physically because of not waiting the time prescribed when having a baby boy (40 days) or a baby girl (80 days) and all the other counsels given in the SOP and what the medical studies demonstrate.

We are a people of the health message combined with the sanctuary. We exist as a Church because of the sanctuary; other denominations keep the 7day Sabbath, but none teach the sanctuary and the health message combined. This is what will finish the work as the judgment is soon to pass to the living. Whether in Canada, USA or the Philippines, people need to hear this message in its completeness and then He will have a holy, clean people, without wrinkles or without spots - at all levels.

With His love,

Sister Odetta........:>) that was beautiful.......I will be copy and pasting that one for my health information.....a little long, but very good........

Thank you Sis.
Sorry...I don't mean to get off subject, but just one comment.....

These are deep subjects you would never speak about at Sabbath School because we have to go from Sunday to Friday (at least in the Sabbath School class I belong) and cannot deviate subjects. But the work of judgment is going on - some sins are not even forsaken, never mind repented and confessed - and we are hoping to receive the latter rain and recognize it when it falls.
That's too bad...In the Sabbath School Class that I teach, if nessacary, we can deviat. Sis White has consel on this, she said it should not be. Bring fresh information/ideas to class as you read the lesson all week.

That's the key, reading the lesson ALL WEEK. For those that do not read, well they are the ones that wants to go from day to day......boring
Dear Anthony,

Maybe I should come to your class next week! The sciences of anatomy and physiology are not really understood by our people yet we are told to teach it. The book of Anatomy and Physiology I give as reference is a version for those who are interested in learning the 11 systems of the body the simplest way. It is a book that teaches pathology as well thus making the student aware of the results of violation of the laws of health.

Dr. Kellogg and the Alpha of apostasy in the early 1900's has caused much more damages to our Church than anyone would be able to assess except the Heavenly Father. By separating our medical institutions from the ministry of the Gospel, he has separated the body from the mind and soul, the Biblical sanctuary from the body temple.

That is why today, the medical world cannot care for the body as a whole. Except for a few doctors in our Church, so few know how to reach the suffering mind and soul and treat only the symptoms. And yet the Word says: ''Do you know you are the temple of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit wants to dwell in you'' 1Cor. 3:16, 2 Cor. 6:16.

One of the big revolution of the SOP is that it brings the medical world together with the spiritual world, the health message is the right arm of the 3 Angels message, because it treats the body, mind and soul and prepares His people both physically and spiritually to be the ''fit'' man of Lev. 16:21.

For those who are in need of deliverance with these practices in their life, along with pornography, this is the best medicine given by the Word to get rid of these demons of sensuality - they hate that remedy but it works once a woman wants to see her husband delivered from this power, it works for mother who are aware of their sons and daughters practicing self-abuse. Here it is: ''This kind go not out but by PRAYER and FASTING.'' Matt. 17:21.

I would say these are the twin sisters of victory against any practices that violate the body, mind and soul. If the person controlled by the enemy cannot gain victory, another person should pray and fast for that person. Once a week is good practice and if the need be, abstain for 2 or 3 days until victory is won. It works and if we care about this corporate body that we are, we should all pray and fast for one another: mothers, fathers, children. The enemy knows his time is short and he is going around like a roaring lion to destroy as many souls as he can. If it is not with drugs and alcohol, he will offer other means to attract the body and soul.

Some people cannot fast without food, so take milkshake, or booster juices. Others cannot fast because they have never fasted. It is not dangerous to fast for a day or so. Prolonged fast is not recommended and is not often necessary. Complete victory through combined sexual abstinence and in the case of pornography, complete abstinence of the eyes, will bring victory within a few days. I have seen it with 13 years old kids: it works.

I was told also when you fast and pray for someone, tell them. It is amazing when the person knows how it brings relief to that person and quick victory. What will they do, get mad because you pray and fast for them? Submission of the will to Him who has died for us is the secret. We need to bring them to the altar of burnt offering and help them submit their will by faith to Him. It is not hypnosis or auto-suggestion based. It is spiritual and powerful. The Holy Spirit is more than willing to guide souls that are willing to submit to Him and be guided to complete victory like He does for alcoholics, drug addicts and any other addictions. Sensual matters are a form of addiction, it is physical, mental and spiritual. Again abstinence is required at the highest level and healing is assured.

With His love,



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