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I will like to know the order of sequence in which these things shall happen the sealing of the 144000. the loud cry, the shaking, it is finished.

please use bible and SOP 

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Amazing Facts has a new, interactive resource that is a biblical timeline of events.  Check it out here:

thanks for the reply i will check it out however i dont agree with doug on some things.

You are welcome.  From all that the members will post here in response to your question, I trust you will get the answers you seek.  :)


I always thought that the sealing was to happen before the loud cry but know i am thinking otherwise.

Order of sequence , SOP and bible refs provided.

The Shaking:

I asked the meaning of the shaking I had seen, and was shown that it would be caused by the straight testimony called forth by the counsel of the True Witness to the Laodiceans. This will have its effect upon the heart of the receiver, and will lead him to exalt the standard and pour forth the straight truth. Some will not bear this straight testimony. They will rise up against it, and this is what will cause a shaking among God’s people. {CET 176.1}

National Sunday Law (sealing begins)

The Sabbath will be the great test of loyalty; for it is the point of truth especially controverted. When the final test shall be brought to bear upon men, then the line of distinction will be drawn between those who serve God and those who serve him not. While the observance of the false sabbath in compliance with the law of the State, contrary to the fourth commandment, will be an avowal of allegiance to a power that is in opposition to God, the keeping of the true Sabbath, in obedience to God’s law, is an evidence of loyalty to the Creator. While one class, by accepting the sign of submission to earthly powers, receive the mark of the beast, the other, choosing the token of allegiance to divine authority, receive the seal of God. [See Appendix, note 13.] {GC88 605.2}

Sealing begins with the church

     1 Peter 4:17

For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?
Eze 9:6
Slay utterly old and young, both maids, and little children, and women: but come not near any man upon whom is the mark; and begin at my sanctuary. Then they began at the ancient men which were before the house.
We are amid the perils of the last days, the time will soon come when the prophecy of Ezekiel 9 will be fulfilled;that prophecy should be carefully studied, for it will be fulfilled to the very letter. {1888 1303.1}
Latter Rain followed by Loud Cry:
The angel who unites in the proclamation of the third message is to lighten the whole earth with his glory. A work of world-wide extent and unwonted power is here brought to view. The Advent movement of 1840-44 was a glorious manifestation of the power of God; the first message was carried to every missionary station in the world, and in this country there was the greatest religious interest which has been witnessed in any land since the Reformation of the sixteenth century; but these are to be far exceeded by the mighty movement under the loud cry of the third message. The work will be similar to that of the day of Pentecost. Servants of God, with their faces lighted up and shining with holy consecration, hasten from place to place to proclaim the warning from Heaven. By thousands of voices, all over the earth, the message will be given. Miracles are wrought, the sick are healed, and signs and wonders follow the believers. Satan also works with lying wonders, even bringing down fire from heaven in the sight of men. Thus the inhabitants of the earth are brought to take their stand. {4SP 429.2}
 It is important to note that before the latter rain, a large class of SDA members have already apostatized because they did not live the truth.
As the storm approaches, a large class who have professed faith in the third message, but have not been sanctified through it, abandon their position, and take refuge under the banner of the powers of darkness. By uniting with the world and partaking of its spirit, they come to view matters in nearly the same light; and when the test is brought, they are prepared to choose the easy, popular side. Men of talent and pleasing address, who once rejoiced in the truth, employ their powers to deceive and mislead souls. They become the most bitter enemies of their former brethren. When Sabbath-keepers are brought before the courts to answer for their faith, these apostates are the most efficient agents of Satan to misrepresent and accuse them, and by false reports and insinuations to stir up the rulers against them. {4SP 426.1}

BTW, it is important to note that events in our eschatology overlap.  For example, the shaking begins before NSL and ends just before the time of the latter rain.  The sealing begins at NSL and ends at the close of probation.  In fact, NSL we are told is the other instrument that contributes to the shaking amongst Gods people.

thanks jay just a few questions 

are you saying ezekeil 9 is indeed a literal slaughter and this is how god is going to separate the wheat from the tares.

next revelation 7 says that the angels are holding back the winds of strife until the servants are sealed then i am seeing after the sealing is only strife so then the latter rain have to take place before.

Great questions.  Ezekiel 9 is not a literal slaughter--some offshoots believe this.  It is symbolic of the sealing process.  The sealing begins at the sanctuary, representing his remnant church, and then ends with the world. 

Revelation 7 indeed shows us that the winds of strife will not be released (see Daniel 12:1-2) until ALL the servants are sealed. The Loud Cry has to occur before the time of trouble or before the winds of strife are released upon the earth, you are absolutely correct.  It is important to know that only:

1.) those who have the latter rain can give the loud cry.

2.) those who have the seal of God can receive the latter rain.  

It may help to understand that the sealing is not a one day process, the sealing has an order based on when the participant becomes eligible to take the test and no one becomes eligible until all the facts surrounding the case have been presented in the best possible light to them.  The condition of their heart will determine if they make the right decision and get the seal of God or if they choose their own preference and take the Mark of the Beast.  I hope this helps!   God bless.

Actually a literal slaughter is depicted in Ezekiel 9.

Here are some more Ellen White comments on Ezekiel 9 to support this view.

"Slay utterly old and young, both maids, and little children, and women; but come not near any man upon whom is the mark; and begin at my sanctuary." Says the prophet, "They began at the ancient men which were before the house." [Ezekiel 9:6] The work of destruction begins among those who profess to be the spiritual guardians of the people. The false shepherds are the first to fall. There are none to pity or to spare. Men, women, maidens, and little children perish together. {4SP 473.1}

The false watchman are the first to fall. There are none to pity or to spare. Men, women, maidens, and little children perish together. {GC88 656.2}

Here we see that the church--the Lord's sanctuary--was the first to feel the stroke of the wrath of God. The ancient men [Ezekiel 9:6], those to whom God had given great light and who had stood as guardians of the spiritual interests of the people, had betrayed their trust. 5T 211 (1882). {LDE 248.1}

Hot rod ? 

Are you referencing the "Hot Rod of Iron", the weapon, maybe?



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