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Ellen White and other Early Adventist borrowed their ideology about health from this Preacher. Unfortunately; he is unknown to most Adventist.  Most of his ideas about health are reflected in Ellen Whites guidance on health.

USA: 19th Century
Sylvester Graham (1795-1851)

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Inventor of graham flour and the graham cracker

Sylvester Graham was an American Presbyterian minister (ordained in 1826) who preached on temperance and stressed whole-wheat flour and vegetarian diets. He was known for his graham crackers. His Graham Journal of Health and Longevity preached his principles of good health. He compared people physiologically to orangutans, and concluded that vegetarian food was natural for both primates.

Graham had many devoted followers, known as Grahamites, who slavishly followed his principles, which included temperance, sexual restraint, and baths, in addition to vegetarianism. He was so famous that his lectures on proper living were attended by thousands, and he was able to hold his audiences spellbound. He had many disciples who also worked diligently to further the vegetarian cause. When the British Vegetarian Society was founded in 1847, he helped found a similar group in America (see American Vegetarian Society ).
- Richard Schwartz

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In 1831 and 1832, at the invitation of New York's temperance leadership, Philadelphia activist Sylvester Graham delivered lectures on the relationship between diet and disease. New Yorkers, Graham argued, had been fatally weakened in their ability to resist epidemics by the improper eating habits spawned by big-city life. Graham opposed the use of stimulants--not only liquor, wine, and cider but tea, coffee, and tobacco too. He advocated vegetarianism. He denounced urban bakers who used 'refined' flour--stripped of husks and dark oleaginous germ and whitened with 'chemical agents'--because it baked more quickly than traditional bread, even though the result was an almost crustless loaf without granular texture or nutritional value. He railed, too, against marketplace milk, much of which came from cows fed on leftover distillery mash (swill), with the anemic, liquor-inflected product made presentable by the addition of chalk, plaster of Paris, and molasses.
from Burrows, Edwin G. and Mike Wallace, _Gotham: A History of New York City to 1898_; New York and Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1999

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Thar war brother Raymond was between God and Satan. In this life man make choices base on the experiences he or she have encountered. However, the responses are base on what is rationalize in the brain. So the battle is there. One will be bombarded with information,but how do you deal with it is the question. People will say things, but how you deal with is the question. However, my encouragement for Christian growth is to understand that one, two, confess to God that I have such and such bad experience, for whatever it God if someone press me too, hmm, Father, and three ask Him for help and work diligently on improving yourself. With God you can make it people. You can make. Jesus is coming after the three and half year of persecution, so work on your spiritual life with him. purpose to be a vessel of honor and a vessel He can use. Pray for this assembly of believers and for their ways that turn people away, Pray for the administration, General Conference. Pray for yourself and others. Seek God, Obey Him and you are safe

Who invented or originated vegetarianism or other elements of the health message ? Does it really matter ? The fact that God gave EG White the insight to collate pertenent health information in an age where much of this material was scattered or even unheard of and in an age when norms and practices contradicted the health message. This is beside the fact that much of the information came to her directly from God. Only a prophet of God could achieve that.  To think that this inspired women cannot be accepted as an ordained minister of God by some Adventist is unimaginable. 

Yes ZJ it matters to Leon because he is out to prove EGW is a false prophet. He claims she stole it from others and was not given by God that is what the argument is about. besides I detest his sneaky and underhand ways. 


The facts are the facts, but you don’t deal with facts. Facts for you only get in the way of the truth.

It doesn’t take much to find out that EGW received her vision from other people, and then she impressed it upon the SDA church.  The reality is, God did not give her this information; maybe God inspired her to bring it into the SDA church, and obviously the SDA church has done some good work with it.

Early history

The Vegetarian Society has its roots in the reforming spirit of the early 19th century. The backdrop of health reform, the temperance movement, and the rise of philanthropy set the scene for the convergence of groups that eventually formed the vegetarian movement… Historically the idea of abstinence from flesh had always had some currency amongst the educated (see World History) and the idea had appealed, throughout history, to people who questioned the majority view on social and religious issues.

From the turn of the 19th century, many individuals in Britain were developing ideas that involved adopting a meat-free diet. The contexts in which these individuals came together as groups were quite different. The first long-term modern organization to abandon meat eating was the Bible Christian Church, led by the Reverend William Cowherd in Salford, near Manchester.

Back in 1809, Cowherd famously advanced the principle of abstinence from the consumption of flesh to his congregation. His reforming spirit, which encouraged temperance and self-improvement through education, won favour with local people through the practical support he gave them in the form of warm food, medical help, and unusually for the time, free burial. The Rev Cowherd's emphasis on vegetarianism was that it was good for health and that meat eating was unnatural and likely to engender aggression. Later he is reputed to have said “If God had meant us to eat meat then it would have come to us in edible form, as is the ripened fruit".

This is perhaps the origin of vegetarianism in the SDA church, not some mysterious dreams and visions.  Read more:

These posts are ridiculous and offensive and if the moderators don't put a stop to them, I and many others will abandon this site.

They are here for this very purpose. There is a battle going on.. .

There’s no battle going on Jason. Some people actually wants to separate truth from fable, and some people don’t.

Thomas…Thomas…Thomas, stop your crying, put on the whole armour of God! What’s so offensive about facts and truth? No one is making anything up, it’s a historical recorded. My study on this subject has led me to this conclusion. I believe EGW learned this from other, and brought this into the SDA church. This is obvious, people were teaching this before her.


So you are telling us like Leon that EGW was Lying when she said that she was  inspired to share the health message with the church? Maybe some had a message on health before her that is not of any importance. The important thing here is if EGW was lying, and in that way being a false Prophet. 

I know WWCOG does not subscribe to EGW, but we do as SDA.



What I’m telling you is I can’t attest to her vision, and nor can I validated them in the word of God. So accepting this is something I would have to accept on faith of her word; I’m not willing to do that.

 I am willing to accept that God inspired her; through other people, this is what I see.  I don’t know if she was lying, she’s a human being with human faults. Whether she’s a false prophet is a conclusion you have to come to.

Gene All prophets was Human and had human weakness. EGW was no different. Have you read any of her works? To me  they could only be inspired by The Holy Spirit, as we consider she only had a 3rd grade education. 

This particular thread is slamming EGW because there existed elsewhere on the Earth vegetarians therefore EGW is false. And normal logical people are supposed to accept this as a valid argument rather than an attempt to slander? I think not.


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