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any one please ,can help me to find in SOP a quote that says "who eat meat,is forbidden to receive wage from tithes"!

I have some difficult to find this quote!

thanks everybody!



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but more judgmental towards people. :)

why is it that way?
be judgmental has two sides!
people want to do everything, because no one will be able to judge them, because they are sinners too!
also, a mere criticism is not meant judgement! in my opinion, judging means when some action is not clear in front of the law or the rules! but on the reason, because the person does it, is to judge!
one action, how to work Saturday for example, and no trial because there is no doubt about what is wrong or not! work in this day and wrong: there is no need to judge!
Another more serious problem that will arise because the eople are too sensitive! everything hurts! not exist maturity! not to mention the fact that it was explained to the person before and be baptized, if she slipped, would be disciplined by the church !
I would like to understand this immature reactions a little better! but I am limited by my humanity!
long time ago,in USA the did experince in prison,and conclude that vegan diet had put the prisioners more pacific than the meat eaters!
I have a dream to make me a vegetarian ,but this dream not will including to judge whom still "in Egypt"!
Maybe this will be of interest Tony. I think it is well put. (By Mr. AT Jones)

"The leading thing, the great thing, that God intends health reform to do, is to prepare His people for translation. But we have to go through the seven last plagues before we are translated, and if a man's blood is impure and full of gross material will he be able to pass through that time, when the air is sick with pestilence? Indeed he cannot." (February 1, 1893 ATJones, GCDB 88)
thanks brother!be careful about to be stoned here!
I was before!
Can I ask the page that this quote is on? I'm searching and can't find it....
Go and find the quote my friend..God will guide and show you the light...", Just pray that He will lead you there. Just perfectly believe that.
Stephanie Joy, Tony asked for help to find the thought in Mrs. White's writings. But I am doubtful that there is anything that expressly forbids workers who are meat-eaters being paid by tithe. I think the closest we will come to it is the thought in Volume 9 of the Testimonies, pages 159-160.
And better a fattened calf where there is love than a meal of vegetables with hatred. :)
I was wondering in the OT, the priests were told to eat of certain meats offered as offerings.( Lev 6). Not a theologian here, can anyone comment on this? I can understand E.G.W.'s thoughts regarding health and a nonmeat diet being more consistent with this. But how would one interpret God commisioning the priests to eat of the sacrifice? (vs. 26, 29)
I think that the meat issue is one for the end of times.....anyone ever seen the movie Food, Inc.? LOL
John, I personally have no problem with eating meat...well, certain meats, atleast. If it was good enough for the priests, and they were paid that way back in the early biblical days, it's good enough for me! :) It's the fat and the blood G-d finds exception with....


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