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any one please ,can help me to find in SOP a quote that says "who eat meat,is forbidden to receive wage from tithes"!

I have some difficult to find this quote!

thanks everybody!



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That is very good news Pastor Parker. Praise God. Now I am going to go out and have a nice juicy New York Steak with lots of salt. :)
to Parker:
sorry ! dont make the SOP sound ridiculous!its from God,if you not realise!
are you a pastor?
I don't believe that anything was changed from the beginning of the bible to the end. If it was good enough for the priests of the OT, it's good enough for the pastors of today. (I'm speaking of clean meats without fat or blood, of course)
To discount ANY part of the bible is to discount ALL of it.
Nowhere does it say: Bible:Revisions to what we told you in the OT ;)
exactly Stephanie! just in 2100! so far not worries!
Am I to assume you are saying that we have no worries about eating meat until 2100?
our behaviour means that the end come just in 2100 or 3100!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maybe the women were such good leaders that they didn't need any advice... :)
Yes. I do confess that women are the more intelligent among the genders. :) (according to the latest studies.)
IN THE TIME OF NOAH was their not a particular message given to get in the ark? . Has THE LORD the right in these last days to tell His people TO stop practising the eating of rotted flesh for nutrition or they wont be able to stand in times of trouble?.
WE all know the reason meat was given to eat in the first place to shorten the life span of humans and in these last days with vile diseases being wide spread in both the seas and the land would it not be more sensible to heed the message of Health reform?
Time after time after time we see in america and other countries that disease related to our intake of flesh foods IS WRECKING HAVOC ON THE GENERAL population and we can resonably conclude it is still blessed by GOD? .
God gives messages to his PEOPLE BY special servant s , the PROPHETS for times of trouble An then employs them to instill this into the people in these times sooo AM I making this up oR is what Im saying actually true?
Jesus ate meat. That's good enough for me.


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