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Shocking Youth Message - Paul Washer from I'll Be Honest on Vimeo.

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hmmm strange earlier this morning it was mt and now it is back that good!   I seen that video maybe 2 times already  and do you know it does not matter if He ha snot  yet seen the  full truths that be in the  bible for these days  w elive in and  I no  not why that it except Ihave heard before that God  has withheld  from some the full truth because if they  were to become Adventists and join the church as it is now  they would not remain

I cant prove it  so if someone has a reference to this quotation can u help a poor boy out?/  I use similar quotations as does this minister to show that we ourselves  do not follow what we been taught.. Remember  the truths we know of and yet  do not practise will we not be held more guilty then those that have not the knowledge,?

 AGAIN  an d again  I WILL  say the same thing  listen if u like or quote passage after passage something to refute what i say but what u are pasting has no bearing on what was said .  This man is teaching or telling it  str8 up and if we too blind to say it is me he is talking about we are being decieved.  It is true as a Southern Baptist he is teaching things that are not biblical but not in this aspect that in America and even  my beloved  Church 7th Day Adventist Church were not living up to the truth we have been given.

  We have a health message we refuse to follow and have been taught that immodesty is blatant sin not only against  God but by dressing in a immodest  fashion u also causing  your  brethern t o sin . we been told music we listen to is being  influenced by  secularists posing as  CHRISTIANS    but it makes us feel good when we listen and are so addicted to it we make excuses that it talks about God so it is ok,. This man i s talking to us in the church is he not?

I mean no disrespect to my church but take the blinders off for a minute  and see what is actually happening in our churches today ok?  Have u not heard what are children at our church talk about when they be together . Do   you not know the dangerous  drug we give our kids as if it was ok?   Cellphones with wifi connections are addictive to our kids just like  alcohol is  to anyone ...  Trust me here I am 60 years old  and  when I got married  iT Came with a 8 year old boy who now 10  ..  Do u know these kids today once shown how t o connect to the internet can find anything on it anywhere in just minutes where as I cant even get on a internet on the phone without  a headache  ?

 Hear me out here ok //?  the internet can take these kids to watching whatever is available whether it be  magic or fictious carttons  superhero fantacies. Harry Potter, Vampires and Werewolves ..    And  yes even porn wether it be soft porn or hard core we leave the door  open and trust  their word they wont go their ?/  As they get a bit older then what  ??  How u going to put out the flame   u allowed  to start  and these poor souls spend endless hours waatching  nothing  good for them  and still  u want them to be in Gods Kingdom while allowing them t o watch  movies that starangle out Gods  truths/ ? .

.   If we ourselves dress as the world and watch the things of the world  act like the world and have our money we been given to use  for Gods kingdom but it too is used for to get worldly goods and see  the worlds pleasure  How will that narrow path and  narrow  gate  lead us to Christ  if we enjoy the worldliness more that that which is true and noble? . IN this video it teelling us  in a simple fashion it going to take more thaan our  saying I love Jesus TO ENTER IN   but They that  be willing to sacrifice all   . meaning  all of self, mind , body and our actions that show our sincerity


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