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This is a petition to keep Adventist Online.

I vow to never again injure another person on this forum through putting down a person in words. I understand that it is fine to kindly debate topics, but the subject matter must be separated from individuals. It is against the 6th commandment to kill people with our words. I will think and write only the good aspects of others, even those I disagree with.

Please post your name below if you agree or if you have any amendments to this petition. If we do not respond, it appears that Adventist Online will be shut down.

I would also like to challenge people to carry this offline to your spouses and family members; also to your friends and foes. IT IS SIN TO SPEAK BAD OF PEOPLE AND GOD TAKES IS SERIOUSLY. Never, ever should an evil word be spoken. Not once. Practice this with your spouse, then you will quickly master Christlike speech. It is not hard. Just put on Christ.

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Ricky Bokovoy

Amen. lets all look at Jesus and see how He interacted with people. Lets let Him be your example.

I can put my name to that.

I'm adding my name as well.

Please do not shut down this site. I am borrowing this from Nez and it fits well here too. 

The Perfect Church

If you should find the perfect church
Without one fault or smear,
For goodness sake! Don't join that church
You'd spoil the atmosphere.
If you should find the perfect church
Where all anxieties cease,
Then pass it by, lest joining it
You mar the masterpiece.
If you should find the perfect church
Then don't you ever dare
To tread upon holy ground
You'd be a misfit there.
But since no perfect church exists
Made of imperfect men,
Then let's cease looking for that church
And love the church we're in.
Let's keep working in our church,
Until the Resurrection,
And when we each will join God's church
Without an imperfection.

Cris Alflen.....

but this is no excuse to break the 6th Commandment.

Not saying that at all :)

ok, that's good

Clark P

I take this pledge.  I'll also add to it.  If I ever harm someone with my words, I will apologize to them in the same venue where I did harm.  If on a public forum, I will apologize on that same public forum.  I will know I did harm because the offended person told me I did harm.  I will take their word as truth that I was being offensive.  Nothing should come between the brothers and sisters in the family of God.

I will sign my name to that Clark. thank you Cris Alflen. We must humble ourselves when we have done wrong.

I'm still with this group.  I like what you added, Clark.


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