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This is a petition to keep Adventist Online.

I vow to never again injure another person on this forum through putting down a person in words. I understand that it is fine to kindly debate topics, but the subject matter must be separated from individuals. It is against the 6th commandment to kill people with our words. I will think and write only the good aspects of others, even those I disagree with.

Please post your name below if you agree or if you have any amendments to this petition. If we do not respond, it appears that Adventist Online will be shut down.

I would also like to challenge people to carry this offline to your spouses and family members; also to your friends and foes. IT IS SIN TO SPEAK BAD OF PEOPLE AND GOD TAKES IS SERIOUSLY. Never, ever should an evil word be spoken. Not once. Practice this with your spouse, then you will quickly master Christlike speech. It is not hard. Just put on Christ.

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please do not close down

i appeal to the administration

and people you out there in the forums please do not attack one another

it is not what jesus would do

just my two cents

(leh sobbing)

please let the site continue to run

thank you


count me in...:)


I hope the site is not shut down.  For some of us, this site is about the only contact I have with other adventists.  I would hate to see it shut down.  I hope that I have not offended anyone with my speech or opinions.  If so, I apologize.  I do try to consider how I word things but I also realize that sometimes what I have written may have come across differently to the person reading.  Maybe we all need to allow ourselves a moment to think before posting and also we need to be grownups.  Just because someone said something negative about our post or our attitude doesn't mean you have to respond.  Just skip that person's comment and go back to the subject at hand.  Don't get offended if someone doesn't respond to your post.  Maybe they can't find a way to respond without being personal.


Stephanie Saint Fleur

Some of the stuff that was said in the comment was hurtful to me, but because of the Christian I am, I am, not angry at that person becomes I know they are sinners just like I am.

We are living in the last days and if you read Revelations 12:17, this is exactly what the devil wants, are we going to let him win by shutting down this site. How can we stand when persecution starts.

I'm sure there are other people who would like to see this site disappear by creating a profile to cause destruction, if it happens in churches it can surely happen here.

Our God is a God of organization just like how the Adventist church was found, the person or persons that make obscene comments might not know their comments is unwanted, only way they can learn, is if they are disciplined in accordance with Adventist online rules.

I would not like to see Adventist online shutdown please save this site. This site have been a lighthouse for many others and a source of encouragement especially for me being paralyzed from the neck down, I am not as  mobile like most folks to mingle with other people.

So let the Holy Spirit guide whoever will have to make this decision.

I  am  so   sorry  that you  were  hurt here   MOSTIN.  YOU  HAVE  BEEN    THROUGH  A   LOT.


I  am  asking you  to save  this   site  not  for  myself,  forget me . It  is  for people  like  MOSTIN and  OTHERS  WHO  are  immobile, they  find  comfort  and  solace here.  For  they  can meet  people like  me  and  talk   too, thus  have  a  sense  of  normalency. Thus   sharing  GOD'S  LOVE.  In  doing  that  you are  helping  them.

Stacy that is what I love about this site. Unlike Facebook I can talk about my faith with others whose beliefs are the same as mine. I find comfort here. It would be a shame for this site to be shut down.

Clark P.,

Please dont shut this site down. Im very very very much thankful I discovered AO thru Google a year ago and met my future husband here so it means a lot to me. Im thinking there could be many others who will find their lifetime partners here. Aside from that, this is the only site where I can share my thoughts about being an Adventist freely and people understand because they share the same faith as I do. And for those people who intentionally or unintentionally hurt others, maybe the moderators could communicate with them through private msg that what they did was not good, hurtful or offensive and that it must be corrected. We are Adventists but we are not perfect. Sometimes we hurt others but we forgive. God bless you all.

Ricky and Clark

It is easy to see the negative aspects of the discussions and the give and take that has transpired on AOL.  Anyone who can read can see that.  However, that is only what is on the surface.  When a rock hound finds some "interesting stones" he placed them in a rotating drum with some sand or other grit and lets them tumble and turn for quite a while.  When all of the tumbling, which at times including pouring some water over the process, is done, then he pours them out.  What were just "interesting stones" become beautiful treasures.  Their real beauty would never have been seen except for the tumbling and polishing.


This is one reason why God has allowed sin to continue so long, to polish the saints.  The process is most unpleasant, both for the one being polished, as well as the one watching.  Someone has likened the process to the purification of gold ore.  The process is complete when all of the dross is burned away and the Master can see His reflection perfectly repoduced in the molten metal.

May I suggest that instead of "pulling the plug," that we use this as a water bath and demonstrate just how much we have grown in a knowledge of God as well as learning more of the weaknesses in ourselves.  Maybe the changes that it has brought into our lives has been inpreceptable.  But, no one who has participated in this discussion is the same person that they were when they came to this forum.  IT is often the most discouraging pathways that we walk which produce the greatest blessing. 

In fact, the snide remarks that some apparently have made about this site may in fact be Satan trying to stop the tumbling and polishing of these rough stones who are part of this forum.  It is always easier to be a critic then a participant who adds value to something.  God is always trying to chip off the rough corners of our life, IF we will let Him.  Let's not avoid that process, for it is needful to our sanctification.

So, hold the course, it is always darkest just before the dawn.  May God guide in the future of AOL.  I for one would like to see it continue, as it has been much more of a positive blessing then the way apparently some have seen it.  Yes, those who refuse to change may indeed leave or criticize it.  However, there are many more who are growing.  Don't forget them in making the decision.

Maranatha :)

please, dont close it. We are so proud here in South Africa about this website. Lets all learn to tell the truth in love.


plz do not close this site it help members to interact with each other from all over the globe


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