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This is a petition to keep Adventist Online.

I vow to never again injure another person on this forum through putting down a person in words. I understand that it is fine to kindly debate topics, but the subject matter must be separated from individuals. It is against the 6th commandment to kill people with our words. I will think and write only the good aspects of others, even those I disagree with.

Please post your name below if you agree or if you have any amendments to this petition. If we do not respond, it appears that Adventist Online will be shut down.

I would also like to challenge people to carry this offline to your spouses and family members; also to your friends and foes. IT IS SIN TO SPEAK BAD OF PEOPLE AND GOD TAKES IS SERIOUSLY. Never, ever should an evil word be spoken. Not once. Practice this with your spouse, then you will quickly master Christlike speech. It is not hard. Just put on Christ.

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Sibiziwe Jiyana

am asking plzz not to close this site, everyone is my family here

when i want spiritual support this is where i come.may god speak

with u to find another way of dealing with this case.. god bless you....

please keep this site going.

hey lets eachone of us treat each other the way we expect to be treated.when one person believes in something out of how most of us or i understand and he/she is kindly n correcly corrected,if he chooses to accept well n good,if he doesnot accept it we should not force in our/my beliefs to people.for example the discussion concerning gayism,i think its better for those who believe its okay to let them maintain that  and those that see it as sin aganist God continue to do so,such topics depends on self belief and i think this is one reason that has made people to disrespect others as each one tries to impose his/her views on others.Its better as we discuss lets uphold the Bible and the fundamental beliefs and the teachings of the SDA church.

i support AO to remain



To The Administrator Of this Site Clark P. & All Associated Parties

I Totally Agree with all of the Statements mentioned & I think that “ Developing A Special New Membership Agreement Statement “ that Clearly Outlines Strict Guidelines Form should be implemented for " All Old Members & also the New Members "  that clearly states that if there is any form of Un-Christ like behavior Or any Topic or Thing that May Present it self as being " Offensive In Nature " ,  considering every persons right & Free will of Choice, taking place on this Site, the Member(s) Associated with these matters should be Administratively Remove from Usage of this Very Nice Adventist Forum Site.

we vote. And if we vote you out, then you go.

Reply by teresa yesterday

Paul, you did not address the thought of the posts to which you replied.  There was no mention of members being able to gang up and vote others off the board.  Not in the post I was responding to, nor in my response.  (Unless, of course, being able to vote people off ClarkP's board, that he pays for, was discussed by some behind the scenes?)


I was responding to all people. not to you. But you took it personally. which is fine by me.

Teresa said:

Secondly, do you see that this is a personal comment aimed directly at me and that it  hurts?  Was that your intention, to deliberately hurt me?  To deliberately show me how bad you think I am?

No, it is not aimed at you. I am sorry if you feel that way, i love you as a person. i mean it....

Paul with all due respect this is a Christian forum, not survivor, we don't have tribal council here;p

 Reply by Timbertwo yesterday

Paul with all due respect this is a Christian forum, not survivor, we don't have tribal council here;p


Am i not allowed to have my thoughts on a matter? It was just a thought,.

I like you, please lets not go there....

WOW!  Really?  *drops the mic carefully...for now. Muy paciente*

 Reply by teresa 9 hours ago

Hmmm, I see no response nor amends, just the usual hit-and-run.  And just as deadly.


Is this directed to me, If so then...

Teresa, I respect everyone, more especially kids, youth and adults. But for you to tell me that this is hit and run is Improper. Me run away, NOT POSSIBLE! 

I face my life with energy my friend. If i was convinced that i am in error, then i was going to apologise. You can all gang up on me... but that does not scare me.

Now are you actually calling me a killer?

I have emotions, but i wonder if you do... You blow things out of propotion. I would like to tell you many things, but that would be very bad.



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